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Something Positive for Positive People

A Health and Sexuality podcast

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Something Positive for Positive People is a podcast where people living with STDs share their experience with their condition. There's a lot of goals for this podcast, as it started out as a tool to prove a point that there are plenty of people living normal lives with herpes. We just don't hear from them because they've decided to not allow it to negatively affect their lives. For updates on the show, follow it on Twitter and Instagram @HonMyChest

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61 year old Theresa, retired nurse/Salisbury, NC resident was diagnosed with HSV-1 and 2 after discovering her husband of 32 years' infidelity with men. That, on top of her diagnosis was the catalyst that led her to leaving that marriage where according to him, she 'had gotten what she deserved'. Th...

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*Trigger Warning* In this episode of Something Positive for Positive People, 26 year old Katie talks about her experience with HSV-2 which she contracted 3 years ago from a sexual assault. At 2:00 into the episode it is first mentioned. At 6:00 into the episode, Katie tells the story of her sexual a...

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The majority of this episode, we discussed the secret communities/groups that can be found on social media for individuals living with hpv/hsv. We talk about the good and bad of these communities and how they relate to the stigma. (I immersed myself into these and found myself through this, but ever...

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So we've decided to refer to herpes as an STS(v) Skin to skin Virus rather than an std since the herpes virus is transmitted through more menas than just sexual contact. Angela Johnson of www.projectaccept.org shares with us her experience with cold sores since she was 10 years old. Now 51 years of ...

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Cassie, 29 year old St. Louis resident, food service working, heterosexual HPV & HSV2 Positive female . . . . There, I think I covered it all in a half-assed sentence (lol) shares her personal experience living with HSV2 after being diagnosed at age 17. IT, the Clown, is a perfect analogy for what s...

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