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Something Positive for Positive People

A Health and Sexuality podcast

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Something Positive for Positive People is a podcast where people living with STDs share their experience with their condition. There's a lot of goals for this podcast, as it started out as a tool to prove a point that there are plenty of people living normal lives with herpes. We just don't hear from them because they've decided to not allow it to negatively affect their lives. For updates on the show, follow it on Twitter and Instagram @HonMyChest

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This episode highlights River. River is living with HSV and had a rough time getting the medical guidance she needed after her diagnosis. Being diagnosed with herpes is one thing but not having an idea of the 'next steps' can make for a more horrific experience. Fortunately for River, she had a str...

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You should listen to this episode if you're nervous about disclosing. Luna gave me confidence to share my story with those close to me. If she didn't, not near as many people would know about this podcast so I know she'd be encouraging to you. I had the pleasure of getting Luna AKA @Herbslut to mee...

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"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except herpes, that happens everywhere". - Christine Seyk AKA RunnerGirl Advocate for HSV and HPV. I think it's important to share the stories of individuals who are more open about their sexual health. Not saying anyone has to rock a herpes shirt by any means...


Dr. Allison Mathews represents 2BeatHIV which is a research project based at UNC’s Institute for Global Health and Infectious Disease and Department of Social Medicine. We are part of a 5 year, NIH funded grant called searcHIV, focused on examining the social and ethical aspects of research on curi...


The most important takeaway from this episode depends on your own personal experiences and how you can relate. Kim shares her story having an 11 month marriage with a man who had lived with HIV for more than 8 years. Kim found out about his diagnosis when her late husband was literally on his death...

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