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Something To Say With Roland Reyes

A weekly Society, Culture and Personal Journals podcast
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Episodes of Something To Say With Roland Reyes

Breaking up is never easy, even if you’re the one initiating the end of the relationship.First, there are a range of emotions to contend with, some of which may last longer than others. There are also short-term and long-term steps you can take
Are dreams real? What if they come from God? In this bonus episode more dreams were compiled from different people from different parts of the world, but all have one thing in common..... The same dream about the month of October 2020! What kin
Compiled Dreams and Visions pertaining to future of America. I would never claim dates/times but these events are ABSOLUTELY being seen simultaneously via dreams and visions all over America. God does nothing without warning His servants the pr
Therapy dogs are dogs who go with their owners to volunteer in settings such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. From working with a child who is learning to read to visiting a senior in assisted living, therapy dogs and their owners work
Sometimes as men we can get out of control. Trust me I know. Generational curses will affect anybody in general. As men we need to pin point the things that affect us from the past that affect those we love in our present. Hidden scars, when go
A late conversation with a great friend about Anxiety, Depression, and Panic Attacks! These are some of the few issues that many are suffering with during this pandemic. We also know that suicide and abuse are on the rise, which is affecting th
Sex Offenders, Pedophiles, Human Trafficking, Its ALL the same thing! We are living in a new America due to the changes in our world. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, so much evil has come to the light! Hashtags from BLM, ALM, to Save Our Chil
In this episode we talk about future episodes and interviews concerning UFOs. Ever since I was a kid i have been interested in finding out more about UFOs since I've experienced it as a teen. What secrets are kept at Area 51? Do aliens really e
In this episode I share my thoughts with you as far as wearing a mask goes. Should we wear one? Can one get sick if he doesn't? Should those sick be the ones wearing them? Come join me!Support the show (https://cash.app/$RolandGReyes)
Frustrations! Why are they trying to strip us from our rights? Why aren't the protesters aiming for the real problem? Why should I have to wear a mask because of your fear? We are definitely living in the "End Games" Tune in now!Support the sho
Young Pharaoh breaks down the Masonic truth about police brutality, riots, & The New World order agenda. Tune InSupport the show (https://cash.app/$RolandGReyes)
Harvey Weinstein is an American former film producer and a convicted sex offender. Many celebrities are coming out and speaking on the on going offenses. The co-founder of Miramax is currently doing his long over due time. Boxer David Rodriguez
Accused of sexually abusing teen girls, Jeffrey Epstein and many other celebrities, politicians, and people of great power victimized young teens. In this episode the victims speak out against Epstein, but why did the government didn't do anyth
In this episode, Paul Cortez, The Crypt Keeper reads to you a chilling story experienced in the 1940's by Russian researchers who kept five people awake for fifteen days using an experimental gas based stimulant. Support the show (https://cash.
Something To Say, a podcast where nothing is written in stone. Here you will find us talking about crimes, news updates, ghost haunting, ghost stories, murders or whatever topic that comes to mind............Anything goesSupport the show (https
Extraterrestrial life is hypothetical life which may occur outside of Earth and which did not originate on Earth. Such life might range from simple prokaryotes to beings with civilizations far more advanced than humanity. The Drake equation spe
In this episode we hear from Dr. Nepute speak is thoughts on Covid-19 along with the fake news media. Are we being fed lies? Are our rights being stripped away from us? Many Dr's are finally speaking out on real information that the government
In This special episode an employee speaks on her concerns about the virus including the 5G towers. Are we as a people spreading more lies? Is this the rehearsal for a New World Order? Chime in and share your thoughts..Support the show (https:/
In this episode I share my theory in it's beginning stages as to what really can be going on with Covid-19. What are your thoughts in a new world ran by a police state? Messages and comments can be sent to www.facebook.com/theofficalstsand your
In this episode: Why are restaurants still opened? Well the drive-thru anyways. #StayHome is real important and is the only way to help prevent anymore spreads of Covid-19 Support the show (https://cash.app/$RolandGReyes)
What is everybody doing during this Corona crisis? Are you keeping yourself occupied, spending time with family, enjoying work from home? Come hang out with me and let's talk!Support the show (https://cash.app/$RolandGReyes)
With all that's going on in the world today we as humans have to stick together. We need to reunite with loved ones and makes the best out of our current situation... At the end of the day God is still in control. Let's show this virus what Ame
In this episode I walk inside in am abandoned home in the Schertz area which was introduced by a friend of mine. He's mentioned that the house had an eerie feel to it. Well I decided to go alone because my friend didn't want to experience or ex
In this episode Paul shines light on the 10 most terrifying stories on the internet. Tune in, if you dare!!!Support the show (https://cash.app/$RolandGReyes)
1.The puppy in the basement 2. Nun Chuck's 3. There's someone under the bed 4. The Chair 5. The Ghost At Home 6. Super, Super Short Ghost StoriesSupport the show (https://cash.app/$RolandGReyes)
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