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A Religion, Spirituality and Health podcast featuring Robert Ohotto
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Creating Abundance by Giving Your Soul Financial Currency
Are you struggling financially? Have you been having trouble monetizing your passion and gifts? Are you afraid to ask for that raise at work or to be paid for your talents? Do you feel undervalued, underappreciated, overworked, and in a holistic state of lack? If you're tired of month-to-month living, not being resourced for what you give, and being financially strapped you can't afford to miss this show as Robert explains the key may be giving your Soul financial value! Find out what this looks like and how you can begin creating newfound holistic abundance today on this groundbreaking show! To have Robert assess your financial woes dial 818.495.6927.
Talking to the Dead with Psychic Medium Thomas John!
Have you ever received a message from someone on the other side? Can those who've passed on really communicate with us? How can we hear them? Join Robert as he welcomes special guest renowned psychic medium Thomas John to SCR! It's going to be a night of intuitive readings and mediumship you won't want to miss!
The Soul of Money
What is the 'Soul of Money'? How can you use your finances as intuitive guidance toward living your Destiny? Have you been unconsciously creating more financial blocks and lack in your life through a shadow loyalty to poverty? Break free and unleash the financial flow you most want on this paradigm shattering show!
How to Get Unstuck from Negative Patterns
Are you stuck in negative patterns and can’t seem to get out? Could you be missing an essential shift in focus that can change everything? Listen to this podcast as Robert teaches you a new intuitive insight on getting unstuck!
The Powerful Evolutionary Difference of 'In Spite of' vs. 'In Compassion to'
Could you be losing personal power with each choice you make and not even know it? Are you being called to mystically evolve to a different way to approach intentionality and choice? Join Robert for this thought provoking show as he teaches a NEW paradigm of how to make empowered choices in a way you've never thought of before!
Releasing 'Destiny-Paralysis' and Moving On to New Potential!
Do you want your life to change, but can't seem to get traction? Does it seem like you are trying but nothing is working? Do you feel like your Destiny is paralyzed in a rut? Tune into this life animating show as Robert identifies the one thing that just might have you stuck, and how to get moving!
How to Use the Power of Intention!
Is there a difference between 'intention', free will, and your everyday thoughts? Why is Intention different from simply 'making a choice'. How can you intuitively recognize conscious and unconscious intentions? What's a 'Soul Contract Intention?' Ready to really co-create your life? Then don't miss this MIND BLOWING show as Robert explores the 'Anatomy of Intention' and how you can harness its power!
The New Science of Activating Your Holographic Co-Creative Power!
What does it take to move from one dimension of reality to another? Why is it now essential for us to understand our reality as a holographic field in order to activate and work with the quantum and archetypal power of co-creation? Robert is back with NEW revolutionary teachings that will have you activating a new dimension of your potential in no time! Redefine your Dark Nights and discover the new frontier Robert is pioneering with his latest work in this groundbreaking podcast.
Retrogrades: How New Archetypes Activate in Your Soul Contract via HoloKompass Astrology
Got some things going haywire in your life right now? Feeling triggered? Is your Self-Sabotage catching up to you? That might be because of the two current Planetary Retrograde Cycles that Robert addresses in this podcast! Get ready for the 'Retrograde Storm Season' over the next 5 months by learning how all Planetary Cycles fundamentally bring new Archetypes online in your Life in two distinct ways. Discover why knowing this can change your Shadow Archetypes into Empowered Forces of Light!
Holographic Intuition - Mastering the Power of Clarity!
In this special podcast Robert offers an entirely new teaching that redefines the nature of Intuition! Move on from fragmented intuition and find out what it means to develop what Ohotto calls 'Holographic Intuition'. Discover the 7 levels of intuitive development and why Holographic Intuition is essential when it comes to optimal loving, finances, making clear choices, setting boundaries, and navigating the differences between Image, Archetype, and your Soul Contracts/Soul Connections.
When Are You Trying Too Hard? Self Effort vs. Grace
How do you know you are trying too hard? When should you let 'Jesus' take the wheel? Don't miss this guiding show as Robert riffs around on one of his favorite topics: Self Effort vs. Grace. Learn how you can recognize when you need to let go, relax, and let the Universe do its thing! AND when you need to effort to manifest your Destiny. Robert will also announce the first winners from Cycle One in his AIDS/LifeCycle Raffle fundraiser!
What CAN You Do? Identifying Your First Moves Towards Destiny
Are you overwhelmed with your life's challenges and feel paralyzed? Do you look at the state of the world and say 'why bother, it's all to messed up'? Do you feel too powerless to find your calling and be of service? DON'T MISS THIS SHOW! Robert has a soul-ution that will change everything, literally!
Paying the 'Debt of Non-Presence' Part I
What happens to your energetic system, psyche, and body when you leave the present moment for too long? Find out why Ohotto says if you leave for too long through patterns that time-warp your system, you will go into the 'Debt of Non-Presence'. Discover how this can manifest in your life so you can recognize it and the price you might have to pay before you can come back into present time! This show is so powerful that there will be a Part II! Find out how you can download it for free in this podcast!
Robert's HoloKompass Astrological Forecast for 2018
Find out what the 'Psychic Weather Patterns' hold for you in 2018 as Robert brings his HoloKompass Astrological game to this podcast! Discover why Robert is calling 2018 a Fate & Destiny Year, and how you can best prepare for the cycle changes ahead that will affect your life. Fasten your seat belts!
The Best Way to Get Through Tough Times!
Got a challenge facing you right now? Challenging times come for all of us, yet often the advice we're given on how to get through them just makes it worse! Tune into this show for Robert's ultimate intuitive guide on how to overcome tough times and kick some ass!
Courage, Confidence, and Esteem
Is there a difference between courage, confidence, and esteem? If so, do they all link together and why is each essential to living a destined life? If you've been struggling with courage, confidence, and esteem you simply can't afford to miss this show as Robert explains what it takes to effectively cultivate each so you can take the risks necessary to move your life forward! Call Robert at 818.495.6927 and get an intuitive reading on how this show applies to your life!
Intuitive Readings, Questions, and Coaching Only!
Be sure to check out this show with an open format during which Robert answers all of your questions and gives live intuitive readings/advice to callers. No topic is off limits! He'll also talk about what's currently on his mind, answer your Facebook questions. Tune in as the synchronicity of this show is sure to speak to you!
Relationships and the Law of Attraction Lie
In the 'Law of Attraction' philosophy it's said that everyone we encounter in life we 'attract' - but is this really true? If we encounter addicts, narcissists, and haters did we 'attract' them? Find out why Robert says this is an all out shame based lie. Discover how, at the Soul Contract level, the principle 'mirroring and triggering' in your relationships really works. Get schooled so you can experience more loving relationships free of this shame based LOA BS!
How Prayers Are Answered via Your Intuitive Guidance System!
Find out why Prayers are always answered and how the answers speak through your Intuition. Learn how to discern whether the Universe is giving you a 'no, yes, maybe, yes - but not yet, or 'you can't know the answer to that' answer! Find out the difference between 'Process Guidance vs. Revelation Guidance' and how both are connected and activated via Prayer. Discover why 'Wounded Ego' prayers lack the power to move your Guidance Team into action on your behalf and how to pray like a Co-Creator in this powerful podcast!
How to Love Your Inner Dragons
So often in our perfectionist shame driven culture we are taught to consider our inner issues to be mean dark dragons that we need to slay. But what would happen if we learned to love these darker parts of ourselves instead? And what does that really look like? To find out don't miss this compassionate show as Robert gives you practical ways to accept and love your addictions, self-sabotage, traumas, perfectionism, and shame in ways you never thought you could. Find out why this is the true medicine that yields the buried treasure inside of you and can make you a 'Mother of Dragons'! To discuss your Dragons with Robert dial 818.495.6927!
Are you Co-dependent?
Do you find yourself constantly worrying about others: what they think, how they feel, what they need, the choices they’re making, do they love you? Does this worry hijack your ability to focus on and manage your own life? If you said yes, you may be co-dependent and this is the show for you! Listen in as Robert describes what it means to be co-dependent and how to heal this compulsive pattern in your life.
Owning the Awesome Side of Your 'Flawesomeness'!
To be Flawesome means: To embrace your Shadow and Light as Equally loveable, allowing all of yourself to show up! But too often we can get so focused on Shadow Work that we forget to embrace our Light! Join Robert on this illuminating show as he teaches you how to own the AWESOME in FLAWESOME!
How to Create and Use the Energy of Abundance
When we think of abundance we often fail to realize that it's actually an ENERGY! How can we truly create this energy in our lives? And once you create this amazing energy, how do you bring it into your creativity, relationships, and work in ways that work? Get ready as Robert keeps it too real and goes to the heart of what 'abundance' really is while giving you practical strategies on how to create it in your life! Abundance, get ready to be redefined!
What are 'Soul Contracts', Do You Have One?
What are Soul Contracts? Do you have one? How can you recognize what yours is? What about your Soul Contracts to others? Do you have a Soul Contract with organizations, animals, or even with the Earth? Want to find out? Then don't miss this revealing show as Ohotto teaches you how to know your Soul Contracts!
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