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Welcome back to the show! Today's episode is a little different. I realized I didn't really have any episodes about my journey to being passionate about mental health, self development and spirituality -- so, today is the day! This is part one
It has been officially been 1 year since my first interview with Sarah Salinas! I wanted to catch up with her, reflecting back on 2019, and what's to come in 2020 for her and @thehdbee community. Sarah is a Human Design reader from Texas, and t
Loves, today is the last episode of this Chakra Series and we are ending it with a BANG and the Crown Chakra. In this episode I discuss what is associated with the Crown Chakra, imbalances that can occur as well as and how we can navigate and s
Wow! We are already onto the Third Eye Chakra - the chakra that embodies intuition, connection to our inner wisdom, insight, inspiration and creativity, as well as access to psychic abilities. Tune into today's episode to understand the imbalan
Speaking our truth. Self expression. Communication. Listening. Creativity. Tapping into our purpose + sharing wisdom and experiences.  We are getting into the Throat Chakra today to continue our series on balancing and healing the chakra system
I am so in LOVE with this week's chakra. The Heart Chakra. Love, peace, relationships, freindships, self love. My heart SINGS when I think and feel into this chakra.  Listen on through to understand what the Heart Chakra embodies, how we can te
Happy New Years Eve, loves! In this episode we are continuing the chakra series with the Solar Plexus. I struggled with the Solar Plexus for many years of my life, in which you will hear on this episode. Along with that, we will discuss how we
We are in week 2 of chakra work! In this episode we focus on the Sacral Chakra, what energy it governs, imbalances that may occur with an under or over active Sacral Chakra, how we can balance it, crystals, essential oils and food associated wi
Welcome back! In this episode we focus ENTIRELY on the root chakra. What it means when we are imbalanced in this area, how we can get grounded, crystals, essential oils and foods that help balance our root chakras, as well as affirmations assoc
Chakras!!! I love this energy system, and in this episode I dive into each chakra: The Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye, and Crown chakras. Where they are located in the body, and how we can notice imbalanced or blocked chakras in c
How do we ask the Universe for guidance or signs? In this episode I share the steps that have help me TREMENDOUSLY on my journey to spiritual connecting, as well as learning to trust my Highest Self on the way there.   Connect with Soul Curious
Today's episode is special. Episode 51 and I wanted to celebrate by sharing with you our MOST DOWNLOADED episode of the year! In this episode I'm taking you back when Sarah Salinas read my Human Design (Projector) and she is absolutely flawless
Happy Thanksgiving! (If you celebrate it) Today is allll about GRATITUDE. I talk about the book "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne, and how incredibly powerful having a gratitude practice is, and how it can ultimately change your life. "The Magic" - b
In this episode I asked my guides "What does the Soul Curious Podcast need to know most right now?" and that answer? STOP COMPARING YOURSELF hit me right in the gut. Why do we compare ourselves? Is it doing us any good? How can we STOP?   Conne
Connect with the Soul Curious Podcast: Facebook: Soul Curious Podcast Group Instagram: @soulcuriouspodcast @sammybingg Email: [email protected]
Where I've been the last few months.. & a reading from Rebecca Campbell's "Work Your Light" Oracle deck.   Facebook: @ Soul Curious Podcast Group Instagram: @sammybingg @soulcuriouspodcast Email: [email protected]
I'm back on the podcast today with Wendy Williams! Wendy is a Certified Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Author and Speaker. In this episode we get to continue our conversation on how she got onto her spiritual p
In today's episode I share my experience of spiritual guidance while vacationing on the beautiful island of Maui. After experiencing some anxiety and fear, I was guidance to visit The Sacred Garden. Here I experienced some spiritual insight, gu
Has anyone ever told you to be yourself? What does that mean? Who are you? Derek and I dive into this mini episode on what we feel it means to be yourself, and how you can start living in your truth right now, in this present moment. Connect wi
I am LOVING this episode and cannot wait for you to dive in!  In this episode I speak with Astrologer Haley and we dive deeep into everything you need to know about your Sun sign, Moon sign, Rising sign, what each individual zodiac sign represe
In this episode I dive into the basics of how to choose crystals, cleanse them, set intentions, and learning how to connect more with your crystals. Crystals are such a power tangible tool that we can use for healing and connecting more to ours
Robin Scott shares her blog (diary) on thediaryofanempath.com with a soul mission to help empaths like her, step into their calling. I loved this conversation so much with Robin, and resonated SO much in everything she shared about being an emp
Solo episode with me (Sammy) where I share a message from my guides! The oracle deck I use is "Work Your Light" by Rebecca Campbell and I absolutely love, love, love this deck. If you are feeling called to listen to this episode, I encourage yo
Bracha Goetz is a Children's book author and Harvard graduate. She is devoted to her work and message on the spiritual basis of addictions and how all souls are starving to find spiritual nourishment. Bracha talks about her experience with anor
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