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Episode 4: Star Trek Voyager, Court Martial, and the Death of Tuvix

Released Tuesday, 14th May 2019
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On this episode, the original dysfunctional duo Adam and Greg, cover Tuvix (May 6, 1996) and whether Captain Janeway would be up for a court-martial when she extra-judicially killed the new being Tuvix that has all the intelligence of Tuvok and all the charm that Neelix lacked. This episode has long been in the can so please forgive the terrible editing; if I could fire me I would.

Featuring an amazing cover of the Voyager Theme by
A Tea Daze
(Feb 1, 2017) Star Trek: Voyager - Main Theme (SNES Remix)
and our theme song Space Lawyers by Dr. G (Greg Melchin 2017) and Unidentified Funk Object 

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