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Dave and Megan lead off this week with the tense possession flick THE DARK AND THE WICKED (2:43). Appropriately, the next film on the docket is LEAP OF FAITH: WILLIAM FRIEDKIN ON THE EXORCIST (17:44), a fascinating documentary about the iconic possession film. Next they talk about TIME (32:34), a poignant documentary about a woman's fight to free her husband from prison. Finally, they discuss HAPPIEST SEASON (42:48), Clea DuVall's moving queer Christmas rom-com starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we have a blast covering James Cameron's sci-fi action flick ALIENS, which is Megan's all-time favorite movie.
This week we discuss the results of the election before the movies. We start with the 2020 Boston Jewish Film Festival at (7:32). Evan talks about the shorts, features, and documentaries he saw solo, before he and Megan dig into movies they've both seen like TAHARA (18:01), THE END OF LOVE (25:10), and SHIVA BABY (36:44). Then Megan and Dave discuss COME AWAY (43:48), a film that borrows from famous stories. And Evan and Megan wrap up with HIS HOUSE (53:07), a Netflix horror film about Sudanese refugees. And in this week's Patreon bonus audio, we discuss a Patron's choice, the 2014 German horror film DER SAMURAI.
After a plug for The Boston Jewish Film Festival, the episode starts with Nightstream, a collaborative event put on in part by The Boston Underground Film Festival. We talk LUCKY (5:16), PELICAN BLOOD (6:34), DARKNESS (9:00), and BLACK BEAR (11:08). Then it's films everyone saw at IFFBoston's Fall Focus this year. We talk NIGHT OF THE KINGS (15:38), MLK/FBI (18:49), ZAPPA (23:01), MINARI (31:57), FAREWELL AMOR (36:31), FREELAND (39:26), UNDINE (42:05), LITTLE FISH (45:03), and SOUND OF METAL (52:44). In our Patreon bonus audio this week we discuss a Patron's choice, Frank Gwo's 2019 sci-fi action flick THE WANDERING EARTH.
In this bonus episode, Evan chats on the phone with Ariana Cohen-Halberstam, Artistic Director of Boston Jewish Film. She reveals how the pandemic shaped this year's virtual Boston Jewish Film Festival and how her team is trying to go "beyond the screen" with classes and musical performances. She also talks about exciting filmmaker Q&As, important films in the lineup about Jews of color, and this year's Israeli TV binge, where viewers can watch an entire season of the show UNCHAINED. 
We kick off this week with OVER THE MOON (4:00), a Dreamworks animated musical on Netflix about a Chinese girl who travels to the moon. Next, we discuss the horror film COME PLAY (17:03) about a creepy monster that can get you through your electronic devices. Then, we dig into SCARE ME (30:42), a Shudder horror flick about two writers telling each other scary stories. Finally, we tackle Zoe Lister-Jones's film, THE CRAFT: LEGACY (42:27), the long-awaited sequel to the 1996 cult classic THE CRAFT. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we talk about our October poll winner, the 1986 horror film VAMP.
Pepperidge Farm cookies are the latest topic of food debate this week. Dave leads off the movies with the Borat sequel, BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM (2:32), by covering about how it stacks up to the original. Then everyone talks about Aaron Sorkin's timely Netflix courtroom drama THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 (8:35). After that it's onward to the drug-fueled sci-fi drama SYNCHRONIC (29:10), starring Anthony Mackie. And things heat up while discussing Justin Simien's Hulu horror film BAD HAIR (40:04). In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we review a Patron's selection, the 1996 cult classic THE CRAFT. 
This week we start with Evan and Dave reviewing THE MORTUARY COLLECTION (1:08), a horror anthology available on Shudder. Next, Megan and Evan cover NOCTURNE (13:54), a film about music and sibling rivalry from Amazon's Welcome to the Blumhouse series. Then, Dave and Megan discuss HONEST THIEF (26:59), Liam Neeson's latest action flick about a robber trying to go legit. Lastly, we dig into EVIL EYE (37:49), a thriller about an Indian mother trying to protect her daughter, also from Amazon's Welcome to the Blumhouse. In this week's Patreon exclusive audio, we review John Carl Buechler's 1986 film TROLL, by patron request.
Guest Charlie Nash returns for this week's show! The first films on the docket are BLACK BOX (3:36) and THE LIE (12:56), horrorish flicks from Amazon's Welcome to the Blumhouse series, which have varying success for each co-host. Next, everyone discusses the Netflix remake of the queer play/film THE BOYS IN THE BAND (26:31), by digging into its differences from the original, and debating whether its story is still vital. Then, they delve deep into POSSESSOR UNCUT (52:04), Brandon Cronenberg's graphic, psychological sci-fi horror. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we discuss KINDERGARTEN COP, which Charlie had never seen. Hilarity ensues.
This week we ponder what to do in case of a pants emergency before the movies. Evan kicks things off with A CALL TO SPY (2:42), which is a true story about women who spied on the Nazis during WWII. Next, everyone discusses the Netflix movie ENOLA HOLMES (13:09), the Millie Bobby Brown vehicle where she plays Sherlock Holmes's talented and charming teenage sister. The main event is Sofia Coppola's ON THE ROCKS (28:51), about a daughter (Rashida Jones) and father (Bill Murray) who reconnect in NYC. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we cover the winner of our September poll, the 1967 film TO SIR, WITH LOVE.
An old feminine hygiene commercial inspires a new band name before the movies this week. Megan and Evan lead with RESIDUE (2:48), a compelling commentary on racism and gentrification. Next, everyone discusses OTTOLENGHI AND THE CAKES OF VERSAILLES (15:18), a food documentary about a special project for The MET. Then they review THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME (29:23), a Netflix crime drama with Tom Holland. Lastly, they cover Miranda July's KAJILLIONAIRE (47:08), starring Evan Rachel Wood and Gina Rodriguez. In this week's Patreon bonus audio, we review a Patron's selection, John Carpenter's 1995 horror film IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS.
This week we ponder Werner Herzog's definition of a sandwich before the movies. Evan opens by spoilerpiecing the creepy queer horror film SPIRAL (3:20). Then he and Megan cover the enlightening documentary MR. SOUL! (13:09). Next, they delve into the controversial Netflix film CUTIES (21:59). After that Dave and Megan review the moving political documentary THE WAY I SEE IT (36:17). Megan and Evan close by discussing Sean Durkin's emotional family drama THE NEST (48:24), starring Jude Law and Carrie Coon. In our Patreon bonus audio, we review a Patron's choice, Alfred Hitchcock's 1948 film ROPE.
This week's show opens with everyone discussing their thoughts on the new representation and inclusion standards the Academy has established for Best Picture eligibility. Evan leads the movies with ROBIN'S WISH (8:00) the doc about Robin Williams' struggle with Lewy body dementia. Then Megan talks about MULAN (12:52), Disney's epic new live-action remake. Next, she and Dave review the psychological horror film RENT-A-PAL (22:23). Finally, they cover THE BROKEN HEARTS GALLERY (37:50), an NYC-based romcom. In our Patreon bonus audio this week, we discuss one of our all-time favorite films, BACK TO THE FUTURE.
It's all office sounds before we get into the show. Megan opens by talking about her guest appearance on the Screen Fix podcast. Next, we pay tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman by celebrating his best performances. Then Megan and Evan discuss Lingua Franca (21:38), a timely drama about a Filipina trans woman who's undocumented. Afterward, everyone reviews the bonkers documentary CLASS ACTION PARK (36:33). They wrap up the show with their thoughts on the long-awaited sequel BILL & TED FACE THE MUSIC (48:17). This week's Patreon bonus episode also honors Chadwick Boseman with a discussion about the Jackie Robinson biopic 42.
Dede Crimmins, the Alec Baldwin of Spoilerpiece, fills in for Dave this week, and a conversation about masks takes some unexpected turns. First, Dede recaps some of her favorite films from the Fantasia Festival so far (3:22). Then Evan and Megan join in to discuss the documentary YOU CANNOT KILL DAVID ARQUETTE (18:06). After that they all review CENTIGRADE (37:37), a subzero survival tale. They wrap up with GET DUKED! (47:54), a comedy about teens being hunted in the Scottish Highlands. In this week's exclusive Patreon audio, they discuss the winner of the August poll, the surfing documentary THE ENDLESS SUMMER.
This week we talk about the vibes we get from Teddie Peanut Butter before the movies. First, Evan reviews PRETENDING I'M A SUPERMAN: THE TONY HAWK VIDEO GAME STORY (3:09), a documentary about the Tony Hawk video game franchise. Then, Dave covers THE PALE DOOR (11:45), a Western with witches. Next Megan and Evan discuss CARMEN Y LOLA (23:27), a queer love story about two young Romani women. After that everyone covers the Netflix action flick PROJECT POWER (37:28). Finally, they dig into TESLA (50:52), a biopic about Nikola Tesla starring Ethan Hawke.
A karaoke conversation raises our ire for a specific 90s band this week. Megan and Dave start our movie reviews with the very timely pandemic tale BEFORE THE FIRE (3:10). After that everyone discusses the salty Seth Rogen HBO Max comedy AN AMERICAN PICKLE (17:44). Next, they cover the ultra-violent Jay Baruchel horror film RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE (27:38). Then they wrap up with the thought-provoking Russian sci-fi horror flick SPUTNIK (45:34). In this week's Patreon exclusive audio, they tackle one of their favorites, Joel Schumacher's 1987 film, THE LOST BOYS.
This week in COVIDville, we kick off the show with an email from one of our longtime listeners. She-Ra, anyone? Then it's off to the movies! Megan and Dave cover MADE IN ITALY (6:36), the Liam-Neeson-and-one-of-his-kids-starring flick about dealing with the death of a loved one. Then Megan and Evan discuss the Guatemalan horror film LA LLORONA (14:46), about, among other things, a former dictator on trial for genocide, ghosts, and a mysterious Indigenous housekeeper. The whole gang talks about I USED TO GO HERE (25:42), writer/director Kris Rey's feature about a maybe-failed novelist (Gillian Jacobs) revisiting her college and getting caught up in the lives of its students. Finally, it's Amy Seimetz's SHE DIES TOMORROW (38:25), a movie that defies categorization, starring Kate Lyn Sheil, Janes Adams, Chris Messina, and a blink-and-you'll-miss-her Michelle Rodriguez. Like what you hear here? Check out our Patreon page, throw us a few dollars a month and listen to exclusive audio, vote in polls, and even tell us which movies to watch. This week it's Brian Yuzna's Society, picked by one of our patrons. The movie ain't for the faint of heart, kids, but our conversation is for anyone who doesn't mind a few F-bombs.
Dessert means war at the outset of this week's episode. Megan and Evan start by reviewing the Netflix thriller FATAL AFFAIR (2:30). Then they move on to the celestial romance AROUND THE SUN (11:42), which Dave might be a little bit biased about. Next, everyone tackles IN SEARCH OF DARKNESS (25:48), the lengthy Shudder documentary about 80s horror films. Afterward they cover SUMMERLAND (46:47), a WWII era British queer romance, with some unexpected twists.
This week a conversation about pizza takes an unexpected turn before we dig into the movies. Evan and Megan start with Joko Anwar's IMPETIGORE (2:08), a creepy, but confusing Indonesian horror film on Shudder. Then they cover RADIOACTIVE (13:45), Marjane Satrapi's surreal Marie Curie biopic starring Rosamund Pike. Next, Dave joins in to talk about YES, GOD, YES (29:38), Karen Maine's heartwarming early 00s coming-of-age flick. Lastly, they discuss THE RENTAL (44:10), Dave Franco's tense directorial debut.
This week we stop briefly in Vegantown before Megan offers two quick reviews. First, MY SPY (2:32), a mediocre, but charming movie, and then IRRESISTIBLE (7:17), a disappointing Jon Stewart film. Next, Megan and Dave cover YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT (13:20), a terrible Kevin Bacon/Amanda Seyfried horror flick. Then, everyone applauds MISS JUNETEENTH (23:06), a heartwarming drama about a Black beauty pageant. Lastly, they praise DISCLOSURE (37:40), an incredible documentary on transgender representation in media. 
This week we discuss Lance Reddick on THE WIRE before we review movies. We start with 7500 (3:01), a tense plane hijacking film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt that sadly runs out of steam partway through. Then we discuss BABYTEETH (11:11), a divisive drama about a family grappling with a teenager's terminal illness. Next, we delve deep into Spike Lee's film DA 5 BLOODS (30:00), an ambitious and haunting story about Black Vietnam War veterans with A LOT to unpack.
This week it’s a Bohemian Rootbeersity before the movies. To continue amplifying Black voices in film, we start by discussing PREMATURE (3:01), a recent compelling Harlem-set coming-of-age picture. Then we talk about THE SURROGATE (24:45), a challenging movie about a surrogate for her gay best friends who faces some thorny decisions. Lastly, we review THE KING OF STATEN ISLAND (49:30), Judd Apatow’s latest comedy, starring Pete Davidson in a very autobiographical story.
Because we support Black Lives Matter, and we believe in amplifying Black voices, we open our show this week by discussing Coolidge Corner Theatre's anti-racist film list (5:44) and offering our own racial justice film recommendations. Then we talk about the brutally violent, wildly entertaining movie, BECKY (20:06), where Lulu Wilson fights a neo-Nazi played by Kevin James. Next, we cover the beautiful, psychological film SHIRLEY (39:33), where Elisabeth Moss plays a fictionalized Shirley Jackson.
This week we discuss obnoxious drink orders before we delve into our three movies. First, is the disappointing Netflix romcom/murder mystery THE LOVEBIRDS (2:31), which squanders Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani’s chemistry. Next is the entertaining dark comedy LUCKY GRANDMA (16:49), about a hilarious chain-smoking Chinese grandma (Tsai Chin). Then, we cover the sprawling Dakota Johnson/Tracee Ellis Ross music industry drama, THE HIGH NOTE (33:56), which divides our co-hosts.
This week is Cerealpiece Theatre before we talk about movies! First up is MILITARY WIVES (5:15), a cozy, yet predictable film about sparring military spouses (Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan) trying to manage a choir when their husbands are deployed. Next is THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF (18:47), a moving documentary about a painter and a thief's fascinating relationship. Then, it's THE TRIP TO GREECE (38:40), the funny, but somber final film in The TRIP series with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.
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