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The Lordz begin by breaking down the new season of Making A Murderer. Could the 1991 Braves be involved. Then they tip their caps to the Red Sox World Series win, and the Golden State Warriors win vs. Fergie and Josh Duhamel. Then, they discuss the state of commercials on TV and are joined by surprised guest, Larry Culpepper Jr. And as always, chumps get dabbed on.
This week, your Sports Lordz discuss the future, as well as college football, and watch the World Series live while recording. Also, did Sam Malone ever have AIDS on Cheers? You might be surprised...or maybe not. Later, Hollywood icon Jack Nicholson stops by to chat with the Lordz. And as always, chumps get dabbed on!
The Lordz recap a tough college football weekend for Jimmy, and a great one for Diego and Kevin. Dixieland Delight returns to Bama, and MLB playoff slogans are analyzed. Brothers Tim and Robbie Tebow stop by to discuss and promote their upcoming film, Run The Race, in theaters February 22, 2019. And of course, chumps get dabbed on.
Kevin returns from his travels abroad and joins Diego and Jimmy in the Sports Lordz Sportatorium Studio for another #problematic episode. The Lordz are joined by Raw Take correspondent, Luke Mayeux, and discuss Kevin's travels, Big Boi, a big weekend in Atlanta, the Braves clinching, Instagram, and of course DAB! #FalconsHireEricReid
Quick primer to get you prepped for Sports Lordz
The Sports Lordz discuss the unwritten rules of baseball and of life. Also dropping by the Sports Lordz Sportatorium Studio is football wunderkind and University of Texas recruit, Bryce Montana.
The world might be hell right, but your Sports Lordz are back with another new episode. This week as we're all quarantined in our respective homes, Diego is joined by Sports Lordette, Caitlin Steitzer. They discuss life in quarantine together, the cancellation of sports, NBA players getting sick, and some of the moves made in the NFL. We also hear from Kevin and Jimmy about how they're doing and get a round of DABS!This episode is brought to you by Shawn Kemp's Coffin Warehouse. Let "the rainman" put you in the grave, man. Follow us on twitter and Instagram @sportslordz
Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is upon us and so is a brand-new episode of Sports Lordz! This week, Diego returns and fills us in on some of his experiences in the Pacific Northwest. We then get into looking back at a very busy sports week, starting with college football. We look back at rivalry week including a crazy Iron Bowl, Ohio State’s yearly win over Michigan, and the crazy finish to the Egg Bowl down in Mississippi. We then look ahead to Championship weekend that will determine who makes the college football playoff and we of course primarily focus on the SEC Championship game as Jimmy tells us how he’s feeling leading up to the big showdown between his Georgia Bulldogs and the undefeated LSU Tigers. It’s gonna be a BIG Saturday around the country! Diego then takes a moment to celebrate the strong finish for his beloved Vols and recaps the controversial hiring of Greg Schiano by Rutgers. We then move to the NFL and look back at some of the Thanksgiving games and the big and stories of the weekend, including our beloved Falcons losing yet again, Lamar Jackson dominating, Tom Brady looking old, Ron Rivera losing his job and more. We then wrap up the week in sports by discussing the crazy Papa John interview and we say goodbye to Charlie Culberson. Later (57:06) we are joined by both UGA head coach, Kirby Smart, and LSU head coach Ed Orgeron before they face off against each other this weekend in Atlanta. We learn about their backgrounds and personal lives, what SEC coaches do in the off season, and what they plan on doing while in New York City. This classic episode concludes the same way all classic episodes do with a round of DABS (1:20:46)!This episode is brought to you by Abraham’s Holiday Fusion Decorations. Follow us on twitter and Instagram @SportsLordz 
This week your Sports Lordz are down a Jimmy, but we still got a banger of an episode for you. We start out with some potential controversy as Kevin got his hands on a Popeye’s chicken sandwich and he gives us his thoughts which leads to an extended discussion about fried chicken sandwiches. Once the chicken dust settles, we look back at the BIG game from the weekend as LSU knocked off Alabama to cement their top spot in college football. We talk Coach O, Joe Burrow, the potential fall of Bama’s dynasty, Minnesota knocking off Penn State, if coaches have fun and the very bad week for the NCAA. We then switch gears to the NFL and look back at the incredible Seahawks-49ers Monday Night Football game and the Falcons killing the Who Dats last Sunday. Before wrapping up the segment we get into some odds and ends including Don Cherry getting fired, Dion Waiters being unable to handle edibles, and the boring MLB off season. Later, we’re joined by LSU alum, the “Ragin’ Cajun” himself, James Carville! Mr. Carville discusses LSU’s big win, hanging with his famous pals, what show he wishes he had been cast in, his prediction for the college football playoff and more! With or without our boy Jimmy, we wrap up this classic episode with some DABS!This episode is brought to you by Capital One Cafes. Yum, yum, coffee. Yum, yum, banking. Follow us on twitter and Instagram @SportsLordz 
October is here and your Sports Lordz are bringing you a new and stranger episode. This week Jimmy makes his triumphant return after missing last week, AND we are joined by guest host and friend of the show, Randy Havens (Stranger Things, Godzilla: King of the Monsters)! Randy joins us to talk about how his beloved Atlanta Falcons have let him down, tells us about an upcoming plot line for his character Mr. Clarke, and maybe reveals how the whole dang show will end?! We also talk about NFL happenings, a hero in Philadelphia trolling the Eagles, and what we all would do if we went on rumspringa. Then we get into stories of the things we stole in high school as well as a little MLB playoff talk, add some more fun names to our all-college fun name list and more. Later, we are joined by special guest and stylist to the athletic stars, Chance Sclarrone. Chance tells us of his most proud stylings, what he has in store for the future, and what he would do to make over on Kevin, Jimmy, and Diego. The show ends in a less than strange manner with a round of DABS!  This episode is sponsored by Sopranos Con: The only convention based on the hit TV show The Sopranos. Come out and meet all your favorite living stars from Sopranos, see!Follow us on twitter and Instagram @SportsLordz and follow Randy @MrRandyHavens on both those social medias as well!
Alright, alright, alright. Your Sports Lordz are back with a sexy, new episode. This week, we take a look at Major League Baseball and the rapidly approaching playoffs. Our beloved Atlanta Braves continue their march into the post season, the wild card races in both leagues continue to heat up, we discuss if the Dodgers are still the best team in the NL, and if anyone can beat the Astros. Then, we get into the Antonio Brown saga and his exit from Oakland as he goes on to join the Patriots. We stick with the NFL and recap a wild week one including Dolphins players wanting to quit, the Jets doing Jet things, the Browns looking like browntown, our Falcons blowing it, and Saints fans being annoying, amongst many other things. Then we shift to college fartball and review what was a mildly entertaining week two with Clemson’s domination of Texas A&M, LSU’s huge win over the Texas Longhorns, and Kevin also has an update on his list of funny college football player names. Later we are joined by Academy Award winning actor and Texas alumnus, Matthew McConaughey who tells us about his ranch, what it’s like to be a chillfa, and gives us his prediction for the rest of the College Football season. This super sexy episode wraps up with another round of sexy-ass DABS! This episode is brought to you by ESPN Fantasy Cricket! Get all your mates and draft the best players in the sport! Follow us on twitter and Instagram @SportsLordz
Due to illness and other factors, we're unable to bring you a regular classic episode, but in order to not let our beloved Sports Serfs down, here's a minisode to keep you up to date. In this minisode, Diego is joined by Sports Lordette, Caitlin Steitzer. We discuss the week in sports including: Atlanta United pulling an "Atlanta", the World Series, Caitlin's new found interest in sports and fantasy football, a college football review and more! We then get some DABS in from Caitlin and all of the Lordz. Check out Caitlin's podcast Work It Out and follow them on Instagram @workitoutpodcast.Follow Jimmy's pissy cats on Instagram @rickandfranny.Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SportsLordz.
We survived the heatwave from last week and are back with a new episode! This week, we start out discussing Dana Carvey movies and how this political hell world we live in has produced “great” comedy much like many dummies predicted. Then we all get excited at the idea of college football coming back into our lives soon, talk about how adding “-Vegas” to the end of SEC college towns is condescending, and Jim Harbaugh is already talking before the start his next disappointing season. We shift to talk about the NFL and their complete failure and cowardice as an organization to properly punish players of wrongdoing. We then lighten the mood as we figure out who we’d want to kick in the nards, the Mets getting Chik-Fil-A foul poles, and robot umpires. Then we investigate Greg Maddux and uncover the disgusting monster he truly was as a player. Later, we are joined once again by American icon, Regis Philbin. Regis fills us in on what he’s been up to since his last visit to the Sportatorium, how he’s handled the heat wave, his love of the Yankees, and shares some of his favorite pranks. We don’t pull any pranks or punches and end the show with a new round of DABS! This episode is sponsored by Jordan Pickford’s Sunburn Lotion and Sexual Lubricant. It’ll save your skin…and your love life! Follow us on twitter @SportsLordz
It’s been a tough week but your Sports Lordz are here to offer you a new episode. We open the show in a somber mood by discussing the tragic accident that took the life of Kobe Bryant and 8 other people. We reflect on Kobe and his legacy and the impact he has had on sports. We then get back to our usual brand of douchebaggery and shift gears to the NFL and the “Big Game” that’s going down this Sunday between the Chiefs and 49ers. We make our picks and discuss how coaches should look like the cities they coach in, long for old school team music videos, and share an important PSA for all the “sports ball” people before they make asses of themselves this Sunday. We then look at a couple of controversial stories involving Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty and the New Orleans Saints front office getting mixed up with the Catholic Church and their indiscretions. Not good, folks! We wrap up the first segment by discussing Eli Manning’s retirement, a college coach competing to be the dumbest person alive, and how MLB umps will wear mics this upcoming season. What could go wrong? Later (53:51) we are joined by returning guest and good friend of the show, who is indeed still alive, Tony Soprano! Tony is heading down to Miami for the “Big Game” and tells us what he plans on doing while in Miami, who he’s rooting for, what he’s been up to and much, much more! We end this classic episode with another championship round of DABS (1:13:36)! This episode is sponsored by Jimmy Garoppolo’s Cannoli Shack. Cannolis so good, they’ll make you say “marone”! Follow us on twitter and Instagram @SportsLordz
It’s 2020 and your Sports Lordz are back in our second decade of service with a brand-new episode! We start things off by looking back at Bowl season and the College Football Semifinals, where the LSU Tigers destroyed the Oklahoma Sooners, and the Clemson Tigers defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes in controversial fashion. We break down both games and discuss some of the iffy calls, but the all-tiger championship game is set for January 13th, regardless of how Buckeye fans feel about it, and we give out always reliable predictions for which Tiger will reign supreme. We then look back at a few other bowl games including Jimmy’s Bulldogs taking care of Baylor in the All State Sugar Bowl, Diego’s Vols finding a way to rip victory from the jaws of defeat in the TaxSlayer Gator Bowl, and Kevin’s Fighting Irish dominant performance over Iowa St. in the Camping World Bowl. We also add to our list of fun names and say goodbye to Tua Tagovailoa who is smartly heading to the NFL Draft. We then level up to the NFL and look back at Wild Card Weekend, which truly lived up to its name as three of the four road teams won. We’re especially thankful the Aints lost in painful fashion once again. You love to see it and we love to see it. We then wrap the week in sports with an update from Papa John who has been very active on Instagram and has set a new challenge for himself. Later, we’re joined in the Sportatorium by head coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick and Patriots safeties coach, Steve Belichick for one of the most unsettling interviews ever (53:45). We learn all about their relationship as father and son, what the Belichick household, and get some predictions from two genius football minds. We continue our tradition into 2020 of wrapping up another classic episode with a nice round of DABS (1:15:23)! This episode is sponsored by Booger McFarland’s Yolo Froyo! There's a little Booger in every bite.! Follow us on twitter and Instagram @SportsLordz
Today, the Sports Lordz are joined by comedian, TV editor, Cadillac owner, and good friend of the show, Eli Itzkowitz. We get to meet Eli and his relationship with sports before diving into the NBA Finals. Should Kevin Durant have been allowed to play in Game 5? Are Raptors fans true dirtbags after their reaction to KD’s injury? Who’s going to win it all? Did Paul Pierce really poop his pants in a game? The Sports Lordz try to answer all these questions and more. Then we shift gears to discuss the Major Leagues, the Braves finally spending some money, and juiced balls making baseball more fun. Speaking of fun, the USWNT had a ton of fun during their first game at the World Cup. Later, the Sports Lordz and Eli recreate an episode of the classic comedy show, Cheers, solely based on the title. Find out if they got it right. To close, the Lordz introduce Eli to the art of the DAB! Today’s sponsor is John Kruk’s Cadillac Dealership in Columbus Missouri. Follow us on Twitter @SportsLordz
This week on a very special episode of Sports Lordz, Jimmy opens up and shares his harrowing tale of being a survivor of a disease that primarily affects babies and Diego explains his newly formed real-life twitter feud with a member of the infamous Wahlberg clan. The Lordz then get into sports and discuss the NBA Finals, including Drake’s antics in Toronto and the injuries affecting the fancy boy Warriors. The conversation shifts to Cadillacs, Buicks and Liverpool winning the Champions League Final. Then the Lordz look at the potential for alcohol sales in the SEC and talk some MLB and the Bash Brothers. Later, Liverpool supporter and sometime rock star, Sir Paul McCartney finally gets his sit-down interview with the Sports Lordz, only to be interrupted by ESPN NHL analyst, Barry Melrose. Barry educates everyone on the Stanley Cup Finals, his time in Tampa Bay, and what it was like growing up in Saskatchewan. The show comes to an end as they all do, with some DABS! This episode is brought to you by Follow us on twitter @SportsLordz
After once again being selected #1 overall, the Sports Lordz are back with a brand-new episode. This week, Kevin and Jimmy recap their tough start to a new softball season. Then, the Lordz break down the NBA Draft and what the future might hold for their beloved Atlanta Hawks as well as other NBA teams. They also look back at failed alternative football leagues and Diego gives a recap of ABC and Steph Curry’s new summer show, Holey Moley. The Lordz also discuss the USWNT and their upcoming match against France in the World Cup and as promised, name their All-Slob baseball team (#AlphaSlobs #HunkyChunkers). Later, the Sports Lordz are joined by Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders who tells us of his history of sports, how he would fix the Mets, and growing up in Brooklyn. Let us be clear, the show concludes with a typical dose of DABS! This episode is sponsored by Pride Month Brought to You By Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs, always on the right side for the right reasons! Follow us on twitter @SportsLordz
It’s March Madness baby, and the Sports Lordz have got you covered! Good friend of the show Luke Mayeux stops by the Sportatorium to help break down the brackets and nickname several of the head coaches in the field the way a true asshole would. Then, your Sports Lordz discuss Zion Williamson’s shoe situation, give you their picks for the madness, and discuss some of the happenings in Major League Baseball. Later, the king of college basketball himself Dick Vitale stops by to talk March Madness, his life in the movies, and much more. The episode wraps up with one shining moment of DABS. Follow us on twitter @SportsLordz
The Sports Lordz are back and this week Kevin, Jimmy, and Diego are joined by friend of the show and guest co-host Luke Mayeux. The boys breakdown NBA All Star Weekend and Jimmy gets serious for a moment to discuss his fight against stinkism and being #fartpositive. Kevin discovers NASCAR and we find out if he actually likes it or not. Then, the Lordz rank Charlotte amongst other cities in North Carolina and Luke gets into the MLB “hot stove” breaking down the Manny Machado deal to the Padres. Later, the eldest brother of Steph and Seth Curry, Craigory Curry drops by the Sportatorium to let us know who he is and what he’s up to in his life. Of course, it would be an episode of Sports Lordz without some DABS! Follow us on twitter @SportsLordz
This week, the Sports Lordz welcome friend of the show Jack Daly to The Sportatorium. Jack sets the record straight regarding his brief appearance on the minisode live at Red Bull Arena back in November and reminisces about being Kevin’s teammate in J.V. football. The Lordz land a major sponsor and talk some college and NBA basketball and also give their Super Bowl predictions. Later, the Sports Lordz take a dip into the exciting world of e-sports as Kevin and Jack play a heated game of Mario Baseball live on the air. Of course, no episode is complete without dabbing on some chumps! #dabonem Follow us on Twitter @SportsLordz
The quarantine keeps going and so do you Sports Lordz! This week, we are joined by returning guest and friend/enemy of the pod, Jack Daly! We catch up with Jack and find out more about his recent engagement and get some quarantine updates from everyone. We then get some updates from the unofficial Sports Lordz MLB The Show video game league, which you can watch on Twitch. We then talk about the controversy surrounding the NBA’s 2K league, gambling, and how NASCAR tried the virtual gaming and was bitten in the tush by Kyle Larson’s choice of mic testing. We then discuss how Vince McMahon is going to help save us all, despite the XFL folding and the WWE continuing on despite Covid-19 reports amongst the employees. We then switch over to entertainment and discuss Zoom SNL, Zoom tv shows, and how companies show they care about us with their ads. We then get some dispatches from the Gallagher brothers in Manchester and end the show with some random quarantine/pandemic/Italian spacemen talk. Keep stayig indoors folks, and stay safe!This episode is brought to you by Peggy’s Engagement Pegs! Use promo code “Jack” for a discount. Follow us on twitter, Instagram and Twitch @SportsLordz 
It’s week “whatever” in quarantine, and your Sports Lordz continue to release new content. This week, we begin by discussing the closing of the Upright Citizen’s Brigade theater here in New York as we learn of the news just as we begin to record and reflect on some of our thoughts and our experiences there. We then discuss Kevin’s new quarantine song about the show Bar Rescue, and we get into some discussion about the show and give some updates from our time in quarantine. Spoiler alert: we miss sports. We then get into some football talk as the NFL draft is this week, and we discuss one of the new plans being discussed for the future of college football. From there, we get into some baseball rumors, Dana White’s private fighting island plan, we pitch a new Disney movie idea (no stealing!) and discuss Tom Brady’s odd park incident. Later, we discuss the first two episodes of the ESPN docuseries, The Last Dance and boy does it make us miss sports some more. Then, Kevin and Jimmy update us on the MLB The Show Twitch stream on our own Twitch channel, we take on the city of Chicago and are left to wonder if the Cubs are the ones actually responsible for the Hellworld that we are living, so you’ll have to listen to find out the truth! Stay safe and stay indoors serfs!This episode is brought to you by Herb Nerdsworth’s Announcing classes at the UCB Theater in New York! These classes are so good, they’ll likely be offered forever!Follow us on twitter, Instagram and Twitch @SportsLordz 
The quarantine continues as do the new episodes of Sports Lordz! This week we give our weekly quarantine updates, including the “jokerization” of Diego as he finally saw Joker and got twisted. We then discuss racist white ladies in Central Park, Memorial Day, and rant about commercials as we tend to do often. (*CORRECTION: During this discussion Diego, like the true dumbass he is, says the Mr. Show crew sings “I’m Fat” when in reality the song that is sung is “Eat It”.) We then get into actual sports discussing the Bundesliga, the various plans the NBA has for a potential return and playoffs, MLB’s latest plan and how they are running out of time to start the 2020 season, could a return for leagues be bad P.R. , and we wish Patrick Ewing a speedy recovery. We then switch gears to share some Hellworld stories from Brooklyn, Kevin riding the subway for the first time in months, rich guys playing golf, and some college and pro football updates. We wrap the show by getting into everyone’s favorite segment, MLB The Show video game league updates, wherein Jimmy made some history last week. Stay safe everyone, and remember to be good to each other and the pandemic is not over yet no matter how nice the weather gets. This episode is sponsored by CC Sabathia’s Tiny Homes. CC knows tiny!Be sure to check out Nashville Tour Stop, a new podcast all about music and the people making it, starting in July.Follow us on twitter, Instagram and Twitch @SportsLordz 
Your Sports Lordz are back with a new, jam-packed episode! This week we waste no time and are immediately joined by “The Sports Guy” himself, Bill Simmons. Bill joins us to respond to the recent criticism he’s faced, he tells us if he hates his son, defends the various media he’s invented, explains his Trae Young hate and throws down the hottest takes as only a rich, white Connecticut sports guy can. Then we are joined by returning guest and good friend of the show, Luke Mayeux! We start by taking Covid-19, we give a White Water update after last week’s show, and get into some Premier League talk. Then, Kevin admits to taking performance enhancing drugs during the MLB The Show playoffs against Luke, we discuss “full kit wankers” and the idea of wearing your favorite team’s full uniform. Later we get into some baseball talk as players are dropping out and testing positive, should sports be cancelled, the WWE blowing it, restaurant stories, the Hawks doing the right thing, Tom Brady being a tool, and much more! Please remember to tell people about the pod, and keep wearing masks and wash your hands. Corona is spiking everywhere and the pandemic is not over! Stay alive, sports serfs! This episode is brought to you by Rico’s Drive Through Spaghetti’s new “No eye contact delivery”! Get Rico’s delivered to your home and you’ll say, “Yum! Yum! Good slop!”Follow us on twitter, Instagram and Twitch @SportsLordz 
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