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You are clear on your mission, and pieces are starting to come together. You’ve got a plan, and it's exciting. The reality hits: this might take a while...  And it will. As time goes by with little results to show, you begin to get more and more frustrated... and the pressure mounts. You know you need to be “patient”, but it's hard to get to the right headspace.  In this episode, I break down the reasons for this (and more importantly) how to strike that correct balance between pressure and patience.  Time Stamps: (1:22) Preface for today's episode (5:50) Invest in your infrastructure (7:41) Set yearly and quarterly goals (8:49) Set realistic time frames (10:38) Well detailed, goal-oriented weekly planning (11:21) Ruthless self-evaluation (14:22) Spend more time with "killas" (17:22)
Sometimes life deals you a hand that humbles you, and leads to a dark and emotional place.   In this episode, I detail my approach to dealing with these emotional storms, and how to pull yourself out of them without harming yourself or others.   (0:00) (1:53) What to expect in today's episode (6:19) Greg Kuhn's, "Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail" (7:13) Emotions are in relation to what you want (12:44) Building your beliefs (17:00) Self care: Stop the bleeding (21:09) Self care: Separating from the emotion (25:05) Self care: Re-clarify your intentions (26:50) Self care: Move (27:33) Self care: Build real, authentic humility (29:47) Self care: Share your knowledge with others (33:00) Will you follow-through with this system during your dark times?
Is it normal to feel insecure with competition? How do you deal with it?   What if you've got someone chasing your spot.... and it just happens to be a friend or a teammate? What do you do in this situation?   In this episode, I break down how to deal with situations like these, and come out on top.   (1:53) The inspiration behind today's episode - shoutout to Stan! @stanrybarz (4:38) Competition can cause insecurity (6:00) A reality check and reminder that we are as human as the greatest sports legends (12:45) #1: Embrace the feelings of insecurity (13:54) #2: Clearly define your process for mastery (14:45) #3: Invest deeper into your process (15:31) #4: Vent, often (22:08) #5: Embrace opportunities that you need to compete (24:08)
It can be difficult to accumulate a few wins, without starting to "eat the cheese"...This means feeling complacent, and letting your foot off the gas so you can feel "comfortable". This is dangerous, and in this episode, I break down how to consistently win, and still feel hungry and motivated.
If you are living your life pursuing goals and working a job that you don’t want to, you are in the ZOO. This entire movement is about showing you how to life, full-time, in the Jungle.    The question becomes... How do I transition out of living in the zoo, to enter the jungle life? In what ways do I need to be prepared?   In this episode, I tell you exactly what you NEED to hear.   Time Stamps: (1:22) You may have missed some gems from the past... The only way around your fear, is through it (8:57) Are you hesitating to make that leap? (14:53) You DON'T know how much time you have left. (18:46) Breaking down the obvious (20:27) Obvious action #1: Identify the numbers. Take control of your money. (21:25) Obvious action #2: Get your significant other on board with your vision, goals, strategy... (24:09) Obvious action #3: Have a business infrastructure established. (29:36) A reality check on anticipation and endurance (33:17) Get ready for the not-so obvious actions that you must take (33:58) Not-so-obvious action #1: Ruthlessly and aggressively invest. (44:14) Not-so-obvious action #2: Build your circle. (45:28) Not-so-obvious action #3: Enter "death-ground". (47:23) How I pushed myself "off the ledge", and how YOU can do it too. (52:15) Here's how I can tell if you aren't ready for this (57:34) In conclusion...
In this episode I break down an excerpt from a classic book by Sun Tzu, "The Art of War". Too many of us try to go for the “Kill”, when we should be taking advantage of each win, particularly the easy wins. Doing this ensures momentum; and with momentum, we become unstoppable. #BARS
You've boldly taken on so're a leader, responsible for results, and a true lion in the jungle. You’ve given up the security so many crave so that you can be truly free...the problem is that right now, you are overwhelmed with the amount of things that are simply outside of your control. People, circumstances, makes you feel hopeless and helpless, and these feelings are leading you to turn to vices, procrastinate, and even shirk your responsibilities. Your challenge is giving up the childish need to control the wrong things, and instead focus on complete self mastery... the ultimate high and feeling of control that is elusive to so many. You must take real control, and condition these feelings until every cell of your body stands at attention to you... your body is a slave to your mind, and your mind becomes the fearless captain.   (0:00) Welcome to the G-Code (0:55) Introduction to "Control" (2:03) Hypnosis Track (6:45) "Control" Affirmation Track (13:18) Killer Instinct     Want to work with me? Want to build supreme confidence and execute and perform with the Killer Instinct?
Success won't always do for you what you thought it would. Sometimes you will win, yet you'll feel more lost, depressed, and uncertain. How do you handle these emotions? What does this mean? How can we get ourselves to feel good, no matter the wins or losses? Listen into today's episode, where I break this down in a special feature from a Killer Instinct Q+A call.
We all need motivation. This Jungle Motivation episode is dedicated to Tommy H., from Los Angeles, CA!   Everyday we motivated.
We all need motivation. This Jungle Motivation is dedicated to Rachel L., from Maine!   Everyday we motivated.
In this episode I break down a simple, yet profound lyric, from Bay Area's own: Larry June.   The track is called "Matcha wit Harry"
In this episode, I share the very framework of the meeting that my wife and I have every week. It serves the purpose of clarifying our goals and objectives, unifying our energy, and enlisting the support of one another.   Begin implementing this framework asap if you want to align with your spouse on an entirely different level, and take your relationship to new heights. #UpOnGame
I notice there are a lot of so-called "Lions" in the jungle, who look more like helpless deer about to get snatched up out here in the jungle....   If that's you, today is for you. No more being weak and helpless. Now is the time to take back control and be the Killa that you are.   Listen to this episode to get your mind right, and share it with someone who needs it.   #GetYaMindRight
Sam Demma is an alumni of the Top 35 under 35 global change-maker award, the founder of the high performing student, and a 20-year-old keynote speaker. He has delivered two TEDx Talks, and He is the youngest member of CAPS – Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.   In this interview, he shares his powerful story that includes a tragic ending to his promising soccer career, dropping out of university to pursue his new dream, to speaking on stage in front of thousands and releasing his brand new "High Performing Student" course.   Time Stamps: (1:22) Welcome Sam! (3:23) Sam's incredible journey (10:58) Ownership: Sam's foundation of hard work-ethic (13:18) Small, consistent actions // Painful emotions: Impatience, uncertainty & imposter syndrome (18:21) Knocking the "Imposter Syndrome" (22:22) Sam's athlete background: How to upgrade your mindset (24:26) How to raise your standards (27:58) Advice for those who are afraid of pressure (29:58) How to move on from major setbacks (33:46) Sam's tactical tips: Early exercise, weekly set-up, and accountability (37:37) Dealing with resistance from close friends and family (44:21) How to navigate through, and lean into, FEAR (47:58) Sam's "High Performing Student" course (52:52) Sam's top books (53:45) How to connect with Sam   Visit Sam's website:   Check out Sam's online course:   Watch Sam's video: "Dear Class of 2020 (The Commencement Speech You Never Had)"   Follow Sam on Instagram: @sam_demma   Connect with Sam on LinkedIn   Sam's Top 3 Books: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill "How to Win Friends and Influence People" Dale Carnegie "The Way of the Superior Man" by David Deida   Sign up for the Killer Instinct course:
Are you a competitive athlete who also struggles to align their belief and commitment to Christ? In this episode, I share the podcast and movement of John Hollinger and his "A Footballer's Faith" podcast, designed to help Christian soccer athletes dominate in their sport while also glorifying God.   Subscribe to his podcast here:
Another mixtape installment of the popular GYMR series "Mental Reps".   Use this as a powerful mental conditioning tool to build confidence, belief and certainty, at any time.   Mental Reps Mixtape Vol. 4 Tracklist: "Stop Thinking (Just Go)" "I'm So Ready" "Can't Stop (Call Me Diddy)" "Gains (No Maintaining)" "Pain Into Aggression" "I'm A Champion" "In The Jungle" "I Ain't Stoppin'"
Have you had mornings where you've felt a lack of motivation? All it takes is a mentality shift. Tell yourself you deserve this right here. As a matter of fact, SCREAM IT. Believe that you're good enough, then act like it. Who's ready? Let's GO!
Are you a lion in the jungle, or are you a lion in the zoo? Do you wish things were different, or do you go out and make things the way you want them? It's 2016. If you want success, you have to go out and get it. Nothing is guaranteed, there are no handouts. Get ya mind right!
What is it that you value the MOST in life? Think about it for a second... Based on your thoughts and actions, what is it specifically, that leads you to your decision-making? Let's break the chain. It's never too late to knock bad habits and negative beliefs. Today's episode is all about optimizing your values to establish a mindset of pure dominance. Who's ready to DOMINATE? Today's blog post can be found here: Episode #70 Blog As always, if you're diggin' the podcast, please subscribe and rate the show! Blog posts for ALL podcast episodes can be found here: IMNOTYOU.COM/PODCAST Thanks for listening to another IMNOTYOU Sports Motivation Podcast! Much love! *BONUS* For 3 FREE videos on developing a DOMINANT MINDSET delivered straight to your inbox, click HERE!
How hard do you train? Do you save it? Do you try to conserve energy? If you do, you're losing. You're preventing yourself from explosive growth...Being uncomfortable is how you grow. Find out how Ray Allen became the best three point shooter in the league.. Get ya mind right!
In today's episode, I provide you important tricks to maintain your habits to set you up for success. If you let doubt cloud your vision, 'success' can be an overwhelming thought. However, with strong habits to back you up, I promise you... You will not be stopped! Value what you want more than anything. Keep a steady eye on tracking your habits. Replace the good with the bad. Get what you deserve.  Key Points: Setting up your environment to succeed Establishing accountability partners Knowing what you value the most in life Creating "anchor habits" As always, if you're diggin' the podcast, please subscribe and rate the show on iTunes! Blog posts for ALL podcast episodes can be found here: IMNOTYOU.COM/PODCAST Thanks for listening to another IMNOTYOU Sports Motivation Podcast! Much love!  
What's a challenge you can create for yourself that would scare you today? What's a way you can test your resolve under pressure? Don't be afraid of looking weak...Instead, be afraid of BEING weak by ignoring challenges and settling low goals. Get Ya Mind Right.
What could you accomplish with more confidence? Today I share a POWERFUL and valuable gift with you...The gift of bulletproof confidence.  I am gifting you the opportunity to use one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal, and that is what I call "Primetime" visualisation.  It's a guided visualization technique designed to prime feelings of confidence and get you to take next level action.  This is a part of my Ultimate Confidence system, a step by step system help you to build bulletproof confidence, perform with a swagger and edge, and achieve your wildest goals and dreams.  Go to to learn more and register before it shuts down on this Friday, May 27th at 7pm pacific.  Enjoy....and take action!
Due to popular demand, I'm bringing y'all the issue of confidence, and why you deserve to improve yours. Take it as an introduction, or a sneak peek as I will be releasing something special by the end of the week. Stay tuned!
It's Monday, it's go-time... Today's all YOU got! Approach it like it's your last. What emotion would I have to feel today, to absolutely CRUSH it? whatever it may be, make your emotion a reality. Get ya mind right and let's GO!
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