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Episodes of Sprint to Success

You may have noticed that people kind of say the same thing over and over. They have one message with different versions for different audiences, and that consistency is a big part of their influence. But being consistent on social media doesn’
Just about everyone believes that the way we do education needs to change. We know the why, so I’m focusing on the how. In this episode, I talk about two different frameworks that can help educators get through the first step.    Click here fo
“The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.“ This quote by William Gibson resonates with me so much. Most of the time when we talk about the future, we talk about things that are going to happen. But if you look around
The struggle never ends. You solve one problem, just to find a different one later one. But finding the right problem is a huge part of finding the right solution. So no matter what struggle I’m facing, I always remember that cultures of innova
If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, you probably know that it started off as an extension of my dissertation, which was a deep dive into the work of Design39Campus. Design39Campus is a collaborative community focused on changin
In this follow-up episode, Luke tells us where the idea for his curriculum came from. He also talks about his three steps to solving a problem: 1. Finding the problem, 2. Solving the problem, and 3. Creating a prototype.   Click here for the f
We can’t teach students how to solve every problem. We just can’t. We don’t even know what the major problems in the future will be. So instead, we need to teach students methods to solve problems by breaking them down! That is why today’s gues
Let’s face it. The American Education System could definitely use a makeover. We don’t teach students how to be leaders and problem-solve and think for themselves. Instead, they learn how to be a part of a whole, how to get hired by a corporati
Nancy Bosnoian is a sleep activist and the founder and executive director of End No Sleep, Inc., a youth-led, nonprofit committed to providing sleep resources to vulnerable communities through education, awareness, and direct service. In this e
In this follow-up episode, Diana and Kandis share some advice with new graduates. They talk about finding opportunities to practice your passion, connecting with people from all over the world, building your network, and being creative.   Clic
“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” This Japanese proverb explains that before you can act, you must plan, and before you can plan, you must have a vision. Diana Ying Liu and Kandis O'Brien agree. Diana
One thing that isn’t talked about enough is the importance of collaboration in an organization. The leaders, staff, interns, volunteers, must be able to talk, debate ideas, and share their hearts in a safe way, or they won’t share at all. And w
Alex Jamieson and Bob Gower have been helping leaders align their teams for the past two decades. They founded The Alignment Company and have worked with clients like Zoom, GE, and Foot Locker. One thing they see often in this line of work is i
One of the biggest problems with our education system today is that it takes a very narrow approach to learning. We should be measuring students’ progress in typical subjects like math and language, but we should also be taking the time to paus
What does the future look like? The truth is no one knows. So, how do we prepare for the future, if we have no idea what it will be? The answer isn’t simple or easy, but it has to do with having the right mindset to thrive in the unknown. In th
Today’s guest is Dan Faill, speaker, facilitator, and expert in failure and impostor syndrome. If there is one thing he would want everyone to take from his message, it would be to unlearn negative self-talk and comparison and to acknowledge ou
This follow-up episode is all about Clubhouse, an audio-only social experience where communities from all over the world can come together to share ideas, experiences, and education. It is an inclusive space that allows everyone to have a voice
I’ve been having a lot of conversions with people lately, and I’m discovering how many adults struggle with confidence, how many adults don’t think they’re good enough. And, I can’t help but wonder how much that has to do with our current gradi
When we hear the term “personal branding,” we tend to think it’s all about you, the person building the brand, right? But, it’s so much more than that. Good personal branding has a balance between the brand (who you are and the strengths that y
It is 2021 and social media apps like clubhouse are leveling the playing field in terms of who you can have access to. Brittany Krystle, the personal branding and growth expert, has some great ideas about how you can use these tools to build re
What is your passion? Whether it’s music, or working with children, or organizing the chaos in other people’s lives, Jeremy and Angie’s advice would be to find your passion and live in it. Don’t be afraid to try new things and draw close to wha
Jeremy Austin and Angie Villa are luxury travel content creators with over a million followers across their social media platforms. They get paid to travel all over the world and stay in the most luxurious hotels and resorts. They are influence
In this follow-up episode, Brant shares a powerful story about a time where he had to rely on emotion because he hadn’t yet defined his Black Sheep Values, explaining why these non-negotiables are so important.  To complement the summer series
What does authentic change look like? According to Brant Menswar, it looks like Pittsburgh, the “City of Bridges.” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is home to over 400 bridges that play a huge role in the city’s transportation system, connecting a seri
Brian’s mantra “Press the damn button!” is a call to action for everyone who is doing great things in the world. Yes, social media can be overwhelming, but it can also be a tool to let your audience in and give them access to you, your story, a
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