Episode from the podcastStarcalled

Book 1, Chapter 1: The Frontier

Released Sunday, 13th May 2018
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Six cycles after the war, the Colony seeks to re-establish itself as a galactic power. Lieutenant Saranus Kron and Dr. Elona Zoren, young officers in the Colonial Fleet, find themselves in a desperate fight at the edge of the civilized galaxy, where the specter of war threatens to cast itself again...

Sean Moran as Lt. Saranus Kron
Jill Baumgarner as Dr. Elona Zoren
Ben Valdmets as Cpt. Mor Landris
Colton Kidd as Cmdr. Strakker Tygg, Larus
Claudine Lucena as Rider
Miles Ledbetter as Flight Officer Drejen
Mark Stelter as Communications Officer Delerev
Max Robertson as Oddie Konidarian
Nathaniel Hailu as Corvan, Additional Voices
Aurelio Aguirre as Colonial Soldier, Additional Voices
Gabriel Alvarez as Narrator, Ben Osborn, Dorgo Konidarian, Senator Oo'than, Additional Voices
Executive Producers: Rachel Weiss, Greg Schiurring
Written by: Gabriel Alvarez
Directed by: Gabriel Alvarez
Sound Design by: Gabriel Alvarez
Music by: Gabriel Alvarez
Produced by: Gabriel Alvarez
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