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Our guest on this episode of the Start with a Win podcast is Shane Torres, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Concepts out of Polk City, Iowa. Shane got into real estate in 2009 after beginning his career as a homebuilder and seeing his business dry up during the recession. He and his wife had to make a lot of tough decisions to take care of their family during that period, and while becoming a real estate agent was a long shot at the time, this career shift has proven to be for the best.Having gone from the brink of bankruptcy to $20 million in production within three years, Shane has a lot of insights to share with others in the real estate industry and in business in general. He has written a book on the topic and he also operates a coaching business called “The Road to $20 Million” to help his clients find their paths and avoid some of the mistakes that cost Shane precious time and money. He finds this work extremely fulfilling, being able to help his clients obtain a life balance, understanding the importance of both revenue and having a life that will let you enjoy it. One of his key points is to set upfront expectations and communicate honestly with your clients and loved ones about this balance.The biggest business challenges that Shane has faced and has walked his clients through are mostly related to mindset. If you adjust your mindset to reflect an attitude of abundance by being focused on your “why,” you can set and attain very high goals and set up systems to support you along the way. Shane tells his clients that it is important to work toward their goals one step at a time with consistent effort. Shane starts his days with a win by spending some time listening to podcasts and Bible studies, getting to the gym by 5:00am or 5:30am, answering a few emails, spending time with his family, and then getting his workday started. Shane ended his time with us by dropping a new classic truth bomb: Don’t stoop to stupid. Connect with Shane: Connect with Adam: 
The topic of this episode of the Start with a Win podcast is the 10 worst excuses that Adam has heard about why people can’t grow their businesses and why these excuses are not true. These excuses really come from a self-limiting mindset which will become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you don’t alter your thinking. “I’m an introvert.” – When it comes to marketing yourself, it doesn’t matter if you like talking in front of people and getting yourself out there; you have to do it in order to build your brand and establish rapport with your potential clients. If it helps, establish an alter ego that you assume when you need to talk in these settings and then relax, be happy, and talk. “I don’t have time!” – We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so if you feel that you don’t have time to build your business, you must be making poor time management choices. “My technology doesn’t work.” – With all of the advances in technology and the continual updates, chances are the issue you are having is human error. “There are no customers left in my market.” – There are plenty of customers to go around, so you must not be looking hard enough or in the right places. Take responsibility and put in the effort to find them. “I don’t do social media – I’m too private.” – Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach the most potential customers, so you need to be present. You can have boundaries around your usage, but you at least need to be active on one platform. “I need more leads.” – It is your responsibility to generate enough business for yourself and to take care of the leads you already have. Increasing your conversion rate is just as good as – if not better than – getting new leads. “They don’t want my product/service.” – Most of the time when you give this excuse, what the customers really don’t want is you. They are looking for the end result that can come from your product/service, so be genuine, tell your story, build relationships, and show them the result you can provide. “I can’t do it.” – This really means that you won’t do it. If it is important, you will find a way. “It’s too hard!” – If it is too hard for you right now, then go get the training needed for you to know how or outsource that task to an expert in the field. “I’ll get to it.” – Now you are just finding a passive-aggressive way to say “no.” Don’t tell people that you will get to it if you have no intention of doing so. Links:“The Alter Ego Effect” by Todd Herman: Connect with Adam: 
Show Notes:This impromptu conversation between Adam and Mark evolved into a Start with a Win podcast episode about helping others, and we hope that you are able to get a lot out of it to apply to your daily life. Helping people is all about genuinely caring for what is going on in their lives, either long-term or in the moment, and it provides value to you and the person you help. Adam has had a lot of memorable experiences helping people, from his time in law enforcement and now in real estate, and he has always tried to go out of his way to be kind, especially when people least expect it. RE/MAX has built this into their company culture by embodying the phrase “everyone carries the boxes”, meaning that no one is above helping out a colleague who is carrying boxes and it is expected that you will lend a hand. This idea of being aware of others’ needs and being 100% committed to those around you creates a cycle of positive human interaction that is contagious. Before you know it, your one small act of kindness could have a butterfly effect on your community, and you could take pride in knowing that you were a part of bringing out the best in humanity. This attitude will build relationships and eventually lead to success in business as well, but you shouldn’t use that as your motivation for doing good.So this week, be intentional about treating someone to a cup of coffee, letting someone into traffic, and just giving unconditionally. You will be surprised by the outcome.Links:(none that were referenced)Connect with Adam: 
On this episode of the Start with a Win podcast, Adam talks with Tarek El Moussa, star of HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” and real estate industry expert. At the age of 20, Tarek found himself without a degree, without a job, and without a plan for the future. Through the providential placement of an advertisement for real estate school, he enrolled and got his real estate license and within 90 days he had made $120,000. This drastic shift in his lifestyle was the starting point of his career, and when he was faced with the bottoming out of the real estate market in 2007-2008 with everyone else, he decided to stick it out and make it to the other side.In 2010, he pitched the idea of a television show about flipping houses to some production companies and before long, he had received a contract for 13 episodes. The problem was that he knew very little about flipping houses and now he was committed to flipping 13 within 10 months. Like many other things in his life, though, he figured it out and found a way to be very successful doing it. Tarek has flipped over 500 houses in the past 9 years, “Flip or Flop” is about to start its 9th season, and he has a couple of spin-off shows in the works as well.Tarek will be the first to tell you that nothing good comes without hard work, and he has had his fair share of 16-20 hour days trying to meet deadlines. This is exhausting for anyone, and Tarek’s biggest challenge through it all was not quitting when he felt like quitting. He has learned that if you refuse to quit, you never fail, and he lives this out day after day. In recent years, he has shifted his focus to helping other people find their way out of their current circumstances to take advantage of the opportunities in front of them, and he wants to use his platform to impact the world on a larger level. To real estate agents, Tarek’s advice is to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and just stick with it until you figure out the process. Everyone struggles, he says, but the work is worthwhile if you commit to it.Links:“The Section 8 Bible: Part I”:“The Section 8 Bible: Part II”: “The Miracle Morning”: Connect with Tarek: with Adam: Leave us a voicemail:888-581-4430
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When Benjamin Franklin was 20 years old, he wrote Thirteen Virtues for people to live by. Adam and Mark discuss these virtues, their relevance today, and how they relate to the world almost 300 years after Ben Franklin wrote them.Temperance – Not overindulging, but partaking of an optimal levelSilence – This emphasizes the importance of listening and recognizing that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason; You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with (and, consequently, listening to)Order – Have the right interests in mind for your self and your daily routineResolution – Do what you planned to doFrugality – Waste nothing and spend less than you makeIndustry – Time is money, so be generous and provide value to those around youSincerity – Think before you speak and speak the truth, particularly on social mediaJustice – Do what is right and recognize how your actions impact othersModeration – Be reasonable and consistent, seeking balance in all thingsCleanliness – Take care of yourself and your environmentTranquility – Don’t get upset about little things and do your best to be at peace with everyoneChastity – Be smart and carefulHumility – Keep your pride in check, be honest, be grateful, and imitate Jesus and SocratesLinks: with Adam: 
Todd Herman, entrepreneur and coach to performance athletes and CEOs, joins Adam for this episode of the Start with a Win podcast. Todd has developed tools to help unlock peak performance at the highest level, which he has recently outlined in his book “The Alter Ego Effect”. Growing up on a farming ranch outside of Calgary, Alberta, with two older brothers taught him an extraordinary amount of mental toughness, which he realized as a college athlete. He had found his mental exercises and tools so helpful that he began to volunteer with high school athletes to teach them about mental toughness as well. Soon, parents of some of those athletes were asking Todd to mentor their kids to further develop their resilience, and Todd knew that what he had was unique.He started speaking at every opportunity to any group who would have him, and when he had worked with enough clients to have a data set, he realized that the main barrier to mental toughness is people getting in their own way by believing they are not capable of more. Todd began building out the idea of a performance-based persona that people could adopt for competition, which would allow them to remain true to their everyday self while also providing them with an outlet to exponentially increase their capabilities.Todd is able to quickly achieve results with performance athletes and leaders by activating traits that already exist within them and helping them create a new identity to break down the barriers that they had put up for themselves. He wakes up every morning saying “come and get me” to any challenges and adversity because he knows that he has the mental toughness and grit within himself to face anything that comes his way.Connect with Todd: Connect with Adam:
Geoff McLennan, a highly-esteemed RE/MAX Advantage agent in New Westminster, Canada, joins Adam for this episode of the Start with a Win podcast. Geoff has been recognized as one of the top 10% of real estate agents in the Greater Vancouver area, was named a Bomb Bomb video influencer in 2018, and co-hosts the Multiple Offers podcast. Geoff grew up in real estate and got his license at age 25. Just one year later, the left side of his body suddenly went numb, and after a whirlwind of tests, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He went through a season of depression and has had to adjust his work schedule and processes as he experiences waves of exhaustion, but he experienced a mindset shift after reading the story of Michael J. Fox who chooses to be optimistic in the midst of his battle with Parkinson’s. Geoff has found that success is taking the challenges that come with MS in stride and not letting it define him or hold him back. Geoff is well-known for his creative videos posted on social media and integrated into digital communications, which he credits to MS. He was secretive about his diagnosis until he posted a video letting people know that he had MS, that he was raising money for the upcoming MS walk, and he would appreciate financial support for the MS Society. As a result of that video, he raised $6,000 for the cause, and he realized the effectiveness of the powerful tool that is video. He took a 2-day video bootcamp (link below) that further propelled him into using this media, and he has never looked back. He encourages others to do the same and remember that the key to effective videos is transparency and authentically connecting with your audience.Links:“Multiple Offers” podcast:“The 4-Hour Work Week” by Timothy Ferriss: “Lucky Man” by Michael J. Fox: Michael Thorne and Jesse Peters’ Video Bootcamp: Connect with Adam: 
On this episode of the Start with a Win podcast, Adam is joined by Denver mayor Michael Hancock, who shares with listeners his approach towards leadership. Coming from a challenged background, Mayor Hancock as a prevalent sense of empathy for the people he encounters, and he is also able to keep the right perspective on the privilege of serving the great people of Denver. Waking up every morning with a sense of appreciation and humility allows him to stay focused and grounded not matter the good or bad circumstances that may come his way.Throughout his life, Mayor Hancock has come to realize that the most important thing in everyone’s lives is their relationships, and the same is certainly true in his role as Mayor. Over the years, his version of being a leader has shifted from conceptual and structural, focused on setting up the right structure and then finding the right team, to practical and focused on the people, forming the structure around the people. This allows for a more organic give and take between him and his team with clearer expectations and goals guiding their mission for the project or broader environment. When Mayor Hancock is confronted with challenges, he leans on the people around him and systematically approaches the issue one small step at a time. He does not impulsively jump to conclusions or action, but rather relies on his internal fortitude and awareness of the variables at play to lead him forward. Mayor Hancock starts every day by praying for himself and his family to have the strength and grace to approach the day and then having his personal devotions before anything else. He prioritizes touching base with his children – both the human and canine ones – before getting to work. At lunch, he sets aside time to exercise and get geared up for the rest of the afternoon and evening.
Over the past two years, Bri White, a RE/MAX agent in Southeast Florida has seen 95% of her business come in directly through social media. What began as an attempt to maximize a low budget quickly became the keystone to Bri’s success, and she wants other agents to learn how to effectively use social media to their advantage as well.When it comes to Facebook, the more you post, the more likely your followers are to see your posts. If your posts have energy, attitude, and authenticity, those posts could garner higher levels of engagement, causing them to continue circulating in people’s feeds for several days. Another thing that Bri has noticed is Facebook’s emphasis on Groups, and the ability to find your “tribe” or community to build connections and show your personality. Bri’s final pieces of advice for Facebook are: make sure that your profession has public visibility on your personal page and make all posts related to your business visible to the public, even when you are posting from your personal page.On Instagram, Bri emphasizes the importance of authenticity and consistency. If you have a handful of pages that post appealing content, learn from them and try to apply some of their ideas or concepts to your own posts or stories. Bri has found that Instagram is a good way to connect with local businesses, and some local businesses are using Instagram’s Direct Messages as a way to connect with potential clients just like they would on LinkedIn.Links:Website: Facebook: Facebook:“The Slight Edge”: “Compound Effect”: 
Elisabeth Vezzani, CEO of Sugarwish, joins us on this episode of Start with a Win. Elisabeth and her co-founder noticed a paradigm shift in gift giving when sending e-gifts started to gain traction and the mentality switched from the giver choosing the gift to the receiver having the power to decide what they wanted. They started Sugarwish as a way to provide the receiver the joy and satisfaction of choosing their ideal candy box which has already been paid for by the giver, featuring over 80 different types of candy and over 50 types of popcorn to choose from.The magic of Sugarwish is that there are multiple touch points that feel magical to the receiver and that also serve the purpose of keeping the giver top-of-mind. Elisabeth says that 80% of Sugarwish’s clients are business professionals who are looking for a creative and fun way to send gifts to their own clients for various reasons. Many business professionals wonder if they are striking the right note in their interactions with customers and leads, but by sending them something from Sugarwish which they get to pick out themselves, you can rest assured that your interactions will always end memorably.Elisabeth speaks to building and maintaining a startup, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing your next tasks and steps, and realizing that you can’t do everything. She also talks about the impact of a good culture by investing in your human capital while your financial capital is still getting where you want it to be. Like many other successful people, Elisabeth starts her day with a win by making her bed and setting her mind on the priorities of the day. Connect with Elisabeth:  Connect with Adam: 
Connect with Adam: 
Dan Bertelson is the Director of Opportunities at RE/MAX Preferred in Monona, Wisconsin. His primary responsibilities are recruiting and retention and he leans heavily on being genuine, honest, and raw in his conversations with potential and current employees. Even though text and email would be the easiest communication methods for his line of work, Dan realizes the importance of breaking down barriers and conversing via video or in-person meetings, which just adds to his authenticity and desire to connect. Dan values transparency, humility, and truly caring for others, qualities instilled in him during his time serving in the military and law enforcement.Links:Dan Bertelson: Connect with Adam: 
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Is it time to hit the reset button? Learn a few tips and tricks on this weeks Quick Wins.
Settle in for this episode of Start With A Win and get ready to drink from the fire hose of Tom Ferry’s insights on real estate, reaching goals, and overcoming fear. Tom’s leadership experience started when he was six years old and his parents divorced. At that moment, he knew he needed to step up and lead in the best way he could. This mindset continued throughout elementary, middle, and high school where he was continually leading his peers into adventures, mischief, and revelry. When he was about 18, he started to steer his focus in a more productive direction, being mentored by the writings of business leaders and coaches who helped him realize that challenges lead to opportunities that lead to experiences.Instead of going to college, he chose to focus on his personal and professional development, joining his father’s company and delving into the new world of performance measurement and management. They realized that measuring performance and then sharing about that performance exponentially increased the likelihood of success and goal achievement, so they started focusing their efforts on this concept. In conjunction with performance measurement and accountability, Tom talks about the ways to attract more clients, increase your average sales price or commission, expand your business, and bring a new product or service to the market that solves a problem. One practical recommendation that he has for real estate agents today is to over-service your clients. This might look like having three assistants that handle different parts of the transaction with clients so you can focus on relationships and making the experience better for your clients. Links:“The Slight Edge” book: with Tom: Connect with Adam: Leave us a voicemail:888-581-4430
Do you know how to win? Prepare. To learn more check out this week's Quick Wins!
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Adam and Mark discuss the recent changes in our world as a result of the coronavirus and talk about ways that listeners can continue to start with a win even when everything seems so different than normal. The response mandated by health officials and governments all over the world is significantly more stringent than the typical response to influenza, and this is likely the only pandemic any of us have ever lived through. Everyone seems to be dealing with these changes and restrictions differently, ranging from crippling fear to careless abandon and anywhere in between.Adam’s advice is to listen to the doctors and government officials and see this as an opportunity to reconnect with your loved ones and be more intentional about spending quality time with them while practicing safe social distancing. He asserts that if you are stuck in a cycle of fear-mongering or doubt, take a step back and evaluate what you can do with what you have, doing everything you can to protect yourself and those around you. For business leaders, the most important thing you can do is be visible and available to your team. Send out daily emails, videos, or texts to encourage and check in on them.In the real estate realm, house showings are still feasible through virtual tours, and if you do meet with clients in person, don’t be afraid to ask them if they are feeling well or if they have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19. It is in everyone’s best interests if you are honest with yourself and others about how you are feeling and that you demonstrate good hygiene practices to those around you.Take heart that while the markets are rough right now, they will bounce back in time. Do what you can to support local businesses in your community by ordering takeout or patronizing them online when possible. With all of this unexpected free time, be active and create a healthy routine for yourself and your family. Pay attention to those around you and do what you can to reach out while practicing social distancing. We are all in this together.Connect with Adam: Leave us a voicemail:888-581-4430
Dermot Buffini and his five siblings grew up in Dublin in a home environment steeped in entrepreneurship and treating people the right way. Their parents taught them to take pride in their work and have high personal standards, constantly considering whether they would be confident in putting their names on the job they had completed. These values sparked Dermot’s entrepreneurial spirit as a young adult and were the catalyst for his brother, Brian, to start his own real estate coaching company over 20 years ago. After Brian had been running with Buffini and Company for some time, Dermot hopped on board and the rest is history.Dermot has learned many business and coaching lessons first-hand, first from his parents, then as the founder of his own company, and now as the CEO of Buffini and Company. When it comes to finding clients through sales and marketing, he has found that you will attract people who share your values, and if you consistently build trust and act with kindness towards them, you will find your business growing. Providing value to clients and consumers through hospitality and generosity is the best way to build this trust and nurture relationships.Leaders should be self-aware enough to take charge by casting the vision and delegating the workload rather than taking control and diminishing the people they have surrounded themselves with. Dermot says that leaders would be wise to consider what they really want before feeling pressured into taking action that might not serve their broader goals. Like Adam, Dermot is a big proponent of leaders being coachable, saying that it is better to be humble than to be humbled. Admitting that you don’t have all of the answers and building up a network of people who can support you along the way shows true character and will ultimately lead the company in the right direction.Connect with Dermot: Connect with Adam: Leave us a voicemail:888-581-4430
The topic of this episode of Start with a Win is the fear of people’s opinions and how this fear can hold you back from what you are capable of achieving. Everyone lives with some level of this fear, from being self-conscious of your appearance to a fear of public speaking to a hesitancy to be vulnerable. What you might not realize is that this fear of judgment is ingrained in your brain as a survival instinct as old as the earliest humans. When our ancestors assumed their roles in society as hunters and gatherers, they were aware that what they brought back to their communities at the end of each day made the difference between nourishment and starvation.Today, our fear of judgment from others is not a matter of life and death, but the genetic makeup of our brains does not accept this idea outright. In order to break free of this fear that is holding you back, it is important to have a level of self-awareness that releases you from this life and death mentality. Recognizing that stepping up on that stage or publishing that video on your social media profile will not cause you or those around you to starve is crucial to being able to get your message out there. Sure – it is scary to put yourself out there, but the more you practice and the more positive feedback you receive, the more confident you will feel in doing what you need to do. Smile through your presentation, learn from your mistakes, and have faith that people will listen to what you have to say without judging you as a person, and you will be fine.Links:“The Alter Ego Effect”: Connect with Adam: Leave us a voicemail:888-581-4430
Communicate and build community through video. Listen to today's Quick WIn to hear more.
On this episode of the Start with a Win podcast, our topic is relationships and their impacts on our world. Relationships are the basis for everything we do, and everything we do impacts our relationships, either by building up and investing in them or by losing from them. If you do not invest enough in your “relationship bank”, you wins will be minimal or nonexistent and you will not be able to reach your potential, no matter how hard you try.Dale Carnegie talked about the power of positive affirmation and giving honest and sincere appreciation to those around you. That is a lost art, especially at work. Showing appreciation to your employees or coworkers and giving them the recognition they deserve costs nothing, but people tend to lock it away like it costs everything they have. Those who find true success in their relationships are intentional about appreciating and engaging with their community, and they find that those things are often reciprocated back to them. Though it might not be an immediate reciprocity, the idea of paying it forward can have a powerful effect on society when it catches on. By giving unconditionally and letting go of the desire for instant gratification, we can accomplish anything.Your challenge after listening to this episode is to go do something great for somebody today.Links:“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie - by John Ruhlin - Connect with Adam:
Welcome to the Start with a Win podcast! We are so glad that you have found your way here and we hope that you find ideas in each episode that you can integrate into your own life.On this inaugural episode of the podcast, Adam discusses the ways that he integrates the ideas of building hustle daily and being intentional about making a difference into his daily routine. Preparations for the day begin the night before, when he sets out his clothes for the next morning and drinks a protein-rich green drink to help his body burn fat during the night. Adam’s day starts bright and early (before it is actually bright outside) at about 4:30am, when he gets up right away, without pressing the “snooze” button. He sees this as his first action of intentionality of the day, getting his mind right and taking charge of the day first thing, usually by watching the daily edition of Darren Daily. Then, he and his wife usually spend an hour at the gym, which still leaves them plenty of time to get ready before heading to work. Studies have shown that people who wake up later experience lower job satisfaction and lower salaries overall, and Adam is committed to gaining momentum by being motivated, choosing positivity, and practicing gratitude. He says that “how you do anything is how you do everything”, so pay it forward by passing along all of the encouragement and positivity than you can.Connect with Adam:
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