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Quote of the Day All great changes are preceded by chaos - Deepak Chopra   The darkest hours of the nights comes before the sunrise. When you look at your life, you may feel or think everything is crashing down, nothing is going right. If you understand the cycle, you’ll be so much better off because everything in life has a cycle. Look at nature, it has a cycle. Look at life, a child is born male or female. They grow up and they go through their adolescence cycle and become an adult, they get married and have a kid. Now, the kid will repeat it too. So understand that it’s a cycle.You already understand what is going to happen.   Topic of the Day: Your Last 3 Vs. Your First 9   My last 3 months are going to be bigger than the first 9months, because of the work I have put in within the first 9 months. Momentum! Planting a seed, its harvest season. You’ve been working all year for what? Are you going to let this year end without achieving the goal you wanted. You wanted to hit 300K or whatever, are you going to let this year end without realizing those goals? What do you need to do to accomplish or finish the goals that you set out for yourself. What do you need to do to get to where you want to go.   For the next 90 days what do you need to do? How many have you done to contribute to the goals?And how many more do you think you need to do? Do you have everything tracked? Do you need to be more organized? What is it? What do you need to do to accomplish your goals, which is by December 31?   Honestly, you have more time than you think. While people relax, you have abundance of opportunity and success. For the last 9 months have you been planting your seeds? I want you to really think about it. Have you been planting your seed this year like you said you have been working. Have you been really putting in the work. Have you been consistent with your goals? Have you been diligent? Have you persevere through the pain?   Think of what you’ve done and what you’ve accomplished. Then bridge the gap. How much effort that you’ve put forth and what you’ve accomplished. When you see the gap, focus on that in the next 90 days.   It's time to go all in, it is time to sprint. Your plans should have been made within 90 days. Do you realize that in 90 days your life can change forever. Its time, this is the last quarter. 2018 is here in a snap of a fingers. So my question is are you going to let the last quarter to be more than 9 months. Do you have the momentum? If not, you need to work on the momentum.
Special Guest: Stephanie Sinclair   5:15 I dropped out of school when I was 16. I had been skipping school for the whole year and I had been put out of school. When I came back, it put me behind and I was like “I am too smart to be behind” and so I ended up leaving and when ahead to get my GED. When I got my GED in a week. But, while I was skipping school I was going to the library everyday and I would be studying biographies and autobiography. 20:00 I was talking to people who doesn’t want to buy a baloney. As soon as it hit me, I was like “I am done!” And I immediately deleted my youtube channel and deleted my facebook page and I was absolutely dumb with their brand. I wiped it all away and I never regret it. 30:00 Maybe one or two people, but people doesn’t use traveling in their marketing. So, I knew! Remember I said “You gotta stay fresh”, “You got to know what’s fresh as an idea” now you are noticing a lot of people cramming into the industry. We have all this experts and everybody experts so let them tell it. I want to demonstrate that I am a lifestyle expert. I can show you how to make money, while not being locked down to an occasion. So, I was like “No better way to show it than for you to do it”. 45:00 You have to be okay. You have to worry about how you are going to pay your mortgage. It's going to be really difficult for you to change someone else's life because at the back of your mind “Hey, I need to pay my mortgage.” 57:00 I thought about you, do you want to hop on the phone? And she said “It’s funny cause I have been seeing your post and I keep thinking if this is for me?” Sometimes people will not reach out to you, sometimes you gotta be willing to do what you do not want to do. Sometimes, its uncomfortable to sail, because you are afraid of being rejected. 1:09:00 I didn’t limit myself because I have ovaries. I didn’t limit myself because I have extra melanin in my skin. I am playing a white man’s game and I am okay with that. Hell! I can shift your business too. I can help you make a hundred thousands too! Why the heck would I downplay myself just because I have ovaries and melanin. Wealthy people knows how to value information and education because a wealthy person will spend as much as they can to learn how something can make them more.   Connect With Stephanie Sinclair Facebook: Stephanie The Marketing Maiden Mama Social Media Girl
Vince O has done the unthinkable by the age of 20. Retiring his mother and sending his little sister to college before most of his peers even graduated college. He is a true entrepreneur and business professional. You can find him on  Facebook--> Vince O IG---> Vincestars
Special Guest: Curtiss King Independent Musician Entrepreneur   5:00 You know, information that was actually good. Not just some random guys from this random state making a blog post that went viral.It really was a need for great information. So, I started sharing on youtube and grew it. In about a year, I grew it from 3k to now 30k. And millions in views total. Its just wonderful to be able to squeeze those numbers out of a very niche market. 15:00 When I read Go Giver. I was like, this is what I need to do in order to seek my fulfillment. I’ll tell you when I saw that the same feelings that I would have got from having a pack stadium of people screaming my name and singing my songs. It was the same feeling when I have my youtube and people are saying, you man you’ve just changed my life. Thank you for the information as know one have ever done this the way that you explain it… 25:00 They developed a website and they made all type of productions available like .wave .mp3. What they call track out and they have different sales point. They make it available to the general public at a very low rate. Let us say I have an mp3 for $30 bucks, I have an artist that comes in from ND, he leases the beat and another rapper from New York  can lease that same beat. So, that business is where I earn most of my income from…. 35:00 But, I share this knowing “Oh, this is why it is valueable” and it is not just me like repeating information. I know the importance of this information too. You can’t change the game, until you learn the rules.You remember the rules until you embed the rules till you say, this army. Now, I can start breaking the mold on them. 45:40 This is why when I tell this story in tidbits, in my mind “I could left that out”. But, I think it is important to really help folks get into that place where it is a level of hopelessness that you can’t teach somebody. It is hard to teach somebody who has been brought up a certain way. Your mind has been framed a certain way, not just by parents but by schools and the way that they teach.   Website: Social Media: @CurtissKing
Quote of the Day: Don't ask why someone keeps hurting you. Ask why you keep letting them.   This is about the way people approach you. A lot of times we get mad when somebody says ‘Hey, can I get a discount” or we get mad when we are on the phone with a client or something then they say “I didn’t know it will be that much”.   How do we stop that? How do we combat that? We figure out what we are doing wrong. Success is an inside job. Entrepreneur has an inside job. It is all about looking in the mirror and try becoming the best version of you/ yourself. Topic for the day: $2,000 in 30 Days from Scratch   The challenge… Start with yard sale or dollar tree Visit the store and get a feel of Amazon Dollar Tree - All they sell for a dollar Go on Ebay - See how much you can resell it. Check yard sale Check thrift store using ISBN then resell it. Resell it online on ebay or amazon   Make sure that you are looking up the comparables. How much  as this earning.
Quote of the Day: People who are not able to motivate themselves, must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.   You can have left or right in life: You have two ways either to continue or stop. You should be able to motivate yourself, because if you don’t you’ll be mediocre. You should be able to hype yourself up on your own. Nobody will hype you up aside from yourself up.   Topic Of the Day: The Root of Frustration Where does frustration comes from? Frustration comes from not having any standards. Set boundaries because if not, you are putting yourself to attract whatever comes to you. If you are in that kind of mindset of accepting whatever, you are not getting what you truly deserves.   What if you have 2 basketball teams. One team has standards and the other accepts whatever. Which do you think will have a chance of winning.   Set proper foundation to set foot for what you want to achieve. Set standards who you want to attract.  
Special Guest: Simeka Steele Career Coach   4:00 Wow! Through out my career, I started of as HR. I started out as an HR assistant and from there it grow. So, I had been an HR assistant, HR analyst and I have also been a Hiring Manager before. Not specifically a recruiter, but a hiring manager. So, once I came out of HR and once I went over to another part of the company, I still have higher responsibility because I have staff reporting to me.   14:45: Oh no! The client started pouring in. The client that I had was awesome. It was like I had a good network of good tight knit of network of about 4-5 people, but those 4-5 people bought me my entire client rocker for 2016. 24:00 Oh my goodness! There are so many things, its hard to choose just one. But, I would have to say, if I have to go with something a little more prominent that stood out to me.It would be able to wake up everyday and continue moving and do something. There will be days we can't do anything.   30:00   Most of the time we have what we need and we just think we dont. Innovation should be inside, 110%     Connect with guest LinkedIN: Simeka Steele Instagram: @CM360_llc Facebook; Career Management 360 LLC
KPI  or Key Performance Indicator allows you to track progress and performance. You need to have the KPI to succeed in Life.   Special Guest: Auguste Crenshaw Coach Women Empowerment Coach   3:31 Auguste: Man, I am doing fabulous and excited. I have absolutely, everytime I see an opportunity to fire up an entrepreneur’s feet.   13:03 Auguste: … and when I get to do Facebook post. Who likes my page or any statistical data or whatever it is that I am doing, I do not want you messing up with the algorithm. Some people is so much more about running the business than just having a talent.   23:00 Auguste: You are going to figure out how you are going to pay this bills. So now, you want to go beast mode and running people in a storm. You do not know what you are doing on facebook and you want to grind and you want to work so the people have an idea what’s going on in your life. For most people, that is how you run business and it cannot be like that. When they say entrepreneurship it is not meant for everybody. So, if you're going to go through this phrase of breaking through   33:33 Auguste: You are speaking to that group when you are around me or when you are around someone else. Get down to that core where you were created. Understand how your whole path and whole life journey has been of great value. Something that you can train to transfer to someone else.   43;09 Auguste: I have too especially as a women. I do not want to crash down on time, but I wanted to make sure that I get this out there and you can cut me off if I go too far. I think this is relevant because entrepreneurship requires a grind, I believe that I have to make sure that I can get pass that. If you can get pass all of these, then I will probability is much higher than we can work together.   Facebook: Auguste Crenshaw
Special Guest: Bola Ibidapo Non-profit Queen “Change the world or die trying”   2:45 I truly believe that I am placed on this earth for a bigger. I have to find my end goal. What is the end goal in that? When you can impact other people, you are leaving a legacy. That will be a ripple effect way beyond you..My hope is when I leave this earth, people will say Bola change my whole way, the way I think talk and go. 13:00 You are a leader. Throughout Highschool I took on leadership position. The first black homecoming queen and I think that was all I have to do with someone believing me and I eventually believe that in myself. I just wanted to continue to influence and may a difference. 23:01 That is what I had to do with the queen talk. Not to bounce back to to far, but the same thing you know bouncing to different cities but not walking back. Cultivating our mission in different city, the Queen Talk is in Texas and we have advocates, this is why I was able to grow my influence. I have teachers and coaches that refers to me and say “Hey you took the time to do the workshop with the girls and I would love if you could do the same thing” Advocates, first and foremost. Finding the place where people, where the group or target can connect too. 33:00 We cannot just assumed. We are definitely impacting our youth, but we also want to make an impact on anyone that any type of way touch 2fly.   Contact Bola Ibidapo Instagram: Bodapo Email: Website: Website:
Special Guest Kristen Smith Biz Techpreneur   2:30 It is pretty much a hybrid. My former menton had the idea. I said I wanted to intercept the biz and the tech industry cause I have been in the tech industry for a while and I want to make sure that I can still connect business to it. 12:00 I am here to bridge the gap because most of this professional base business. There are people online, but people offline need this service because off that, we need to make sure that that is connected. And I feel like, I am that designated to connect that link. 22:40 That is honestly what I struggled with when I started my business because technology is so broad that you can do so many things. So for me, originally when I started out my business model. So last year I made hybrid where I do product and offer service. 32:00 On average day, 88% of people checked and gets on their smartphone at some capacity. But, now we are not only checking social media.We are checking out their email too. So, if that number is quantifiable for that particular industry and you realized that it is more so email is on the rise again, cause it is and will be all the way till 2019. Why wouldn’t you want to focus on that instead of focusing on social media. You have people that could be your potential client that might not be online or in social media world. 36:00 A lot of manufacturers are coming out of the same equipment because they saw something coming and now we are high and it is going to continue to grow even till next year. Same with email marketing, suddenly all this new start up and everything is changing including plan. This means this is innovation for technology industry.   Connect with KristenSmith Social Media: @biztechpreneur
Special Guest: Stacie Walker Entrepreneur   3:30 I never ever thought I would be in this place today. I never grew up with entrepreneurial influence. I go to school and get my education, get a career till I retire. Up until 2008, I work many many different jobs because either I quit or got fired and don’t get me wrong. I was great at whatever I did, but I got bored and I feel like I didn’t fit in. I thought there was something wrong with me for a long time because I just cant figure out why can’t I be like Joe or Jane that has been in the company for some x amount of years? Arrive work on time? I was the one that either got fired or quit. 14:00 I don’t work 14 hrs a day. I work 3-4 hrs a day. I travel more and go figure, I make more money this time around. So, it’s all a mindset thing. I have to ship the way I am thinking, but I think the biggest factor in knowing when to slow down and when to take a break, is you got to listen to your body. You got to be really aware of the relationship that you have. Are you really spending time with the people that you love? Yourself? Do you do things that fill you up that just your business? 23:00 Ashamed of the things I did in the past. I was scared, I do not want to be judge. I thought people aren’t going to like me. I use to be a big people kind of person. I want everybody to like me. But, I didn’t feel free on those five years because I was not sharing all of myself. And that right there, I was able to dig deep down myself about my psychic and really dig deep inside and share myself openly and unapologetically. 33:10 And you know, for your audience. I am not saying share the bad stuff, I am saying share everything. I have a woman yesterday in one of the groups I was a part of, she said she compares her story to other people, but she feels her story is boring. I told her, your story isn’t boring because the things is nobody has been through with what you’ve been through to the T. All of the experiences you have even those that you think is boring is a lesson to learn. What lesson did you learn? What shaped you to be the person you are today? Connect with Stacie Walker Facebook: Stacie Walker Media (Morning with Stacie) Website:
Kimberly Marie Clement Web/Graphics Designer Visual Merchandise Expert   4:00 Kimberly: Let me start from the begining on why I became an entrepreneur. It was an accident, it was not on purpose. At my last job from the one where I got laid off, I was ready to get laid off. I started my business because I needed to build my portfolio because when I graduated from college in the middle of the recession, it was hard for me to find a job. I am a web designer and graphic designer. At that time people weren’t really hiring and I don’t have any experience, so what I did was I started freelancing to get my own client and build my portfolio. Since I cannot get a job, I said I’ll just create my own job.   10:00 Kimberly: So I was excited, me and my husband. When I find out that I was getting laid off, we went out and we toss out champagne. I am like, let’s order some bottle of champagne and let’s toss this cause I have to get myself it that mindset. If I didn’t, then I will be looking for another job. I was excited, but I was also still nervous.   17:30 Kimberly: When you are making 6-figures obviously you are targeting people who have more money. So, I am talking about those who are growing their business 6 figures or more. So, obviously you need to completely have a different brand aesthetics for somebody who is starting out.   24:10 Kimberly: That is so simple. The most rewarding thing for me is that I am able to spend time with my family. Like before, I was so busy during the week. I live in LA, so driving home with traffic is like 2-hrs. So, if my mother-in-law calls me and say “Hey, do you want to go hang out today” I am able to spend time with her. I know my anxiety is on an all time low. Just being able to just enjoy my life, that is the most rewarding.   30:00 Kimberly: Learn everything you can about marketing, everything about marketing cause that is the most important thing. Today, when they start a business pretty much they are an expert on what they do, but if they do not know anything about marketing they need to learn marketing and invest in a coach…   www. FB: HNIK studio
Quote of the Day: You are one idea away!   Never give up home cause you are one idea away from massive success!   Topic for the Day: Technology is increasing the Wealth Gap   We have 2 years to see drastic change when it comes to technology. Why? Wal-Mart is replacing cashiers as a whole because computer will be doing it. Mcdonald's has the option for you to order your food in a kiosk Zilo said they learned how to automate and monetize their website. partnered with all the hotpads, so you have major reach and Zilo bought it. Now Zilo will be able to dominate the real estate industry. Amazon taking over shopping sites   Figure out how you can benefit from it! You have 18-24 months to take advantage of the technology and be part of the market. Or the rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer. It is reality and you need to learn the trend. Figure how you’ll fit in cause technology will take over. Don’t go against the grain cause technology will put you out the business   Book Recommendation: Be Obsessed Or Be Average: Grant Cardone
Special Guest: Melody Bockelman Owner Private Label Insider Beauty and Product Development Firm Instagram: @beautybizexpert   4:00 Dropshipping your own brand or you can drop ship a wholesalers brand, the advantage of always owning your own brand even if you private label and have someone dropship it for you, Maybe, I should clarify the two terms for the people that listen. So, when you private label it become your own brand. You can have a dropshipper drop it for you, but it’s your own brand. So, that’s one option. The other option is dropshipping someone else’s brand. The dilemma of dropshipping other brand is when they get big enough or you get competition, then you get price competition and you can lose your business basically, over it. So, I am a really big fan of “If you’re going to make t-shirts to put your own label on it, private label it.” So, whatever method you are doing whether your own fulfillment or dropshipping it for you and selling it up on Amazon or local store. You are always protected under your own brand.   15:15 Well, you know the biggest issue is your people skills when you transition from into any business. Unfortunately, for me I love people and I say unfortunate because I always assume the best. So, I have a couple of shocking lessons on working with clients and so now we have more formal boundaries in place and systems. So that things are definitely more formalize and not a hand-shake deal, cause I get excited with the project and really love the person. It's just that I keep going and not realizing, hey I need to build them, all the contracts are signed and those sorts of things. Transitioning to that is the hardest thing because I really didn’t think that, Oh this could go wrong or something like that.   25:15 I feel like every brand need to be building their mailing list. I really feel that, that is important. And so, I think even if you are on just instagram, you need to be building your mailing list. This is just to make sure that in the event that your platform goes away, you can still be consistent with your business. And, what eventually happen is that people will start on a direct consumers on instagram or social media, that kind of thing and then they will add wholesale eventually.   34:00 That’s right! Slow down! I think slowing down is important. Slow down, take a step back. Put your system in, do your research as it makes life easier.
With over 17 years of sales experience, Mike Shelah knows a thing or two about the importance of leveraging and nurturing professional relationships. In 2006, Mike noticed that his industry was changing drastically and many of his old relationship building techniques were no longer working. After doing some research online, Mike discovered LinkedIn, a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. Realizing the gold mine of information and networking opportunities the platform provided, he incorporated the resource into his sales strategy; after doing this, he began to see a significant increase in sales.    Since leveraging the power of LinkedIn, Mike has earned over six figures in income in a single year, multiple times; and has ranked in the top 10% of sales performers for a nationwide sales force. On this episode Mike Shelah shares some useful tips to help you build your brand, optimize your business, and get results using LinkedIn.     To learn more about Mike Shelah: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter & Instagram: @MikeShelah
So many people miss out on life changing opportunities because it doesn’t come attached with a paycheck; but what I’ve come to learn is some opportunities that appear to have no value up front, can pay big dividends in the future. In this episode I give many reasons why you should consider working for free. One of the most powerful examples I share is the story of a gentleman I know who understood the value of working for free and was able to turn his small investment of time into a $20,000/month business. If you know you want to create a major change in your life, don’t pass on a chance that could get you to the next level because it requires you to work for free. If you’re struggling to find local opportunities to offer your skills or expertise, that means it’s time for you to step up and create opportunities to serve. There are many online platforms that you can use to share your talents, skills, and expertise with people around the world.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I personally enjoy sharing information about happiness, success, and entrepreneurship with people who want similar things in life. I have found a lot of joy in sharing free information on my Starts With A Vision podcast. I’ve shown up faithfully every Monday through Thursday to share life changing information because I know there are people out there who need this and I want to see them succeed.   I even took it one step further and turned what I’ve learned from podcasting into a FREE course because I believe everyone has a unique voice and message that deserves to be shared with the world. I knew that when I started my podcast, I wasn’t going to see any monetary returns on the investment of my time up front; but I knew that it would pay off down the line -- and guess what, it has. 6 months after turning my Podcast into a reality, I’ve been able to build my brand, increase my following, and I’ve even received an invite to speak at my first major speaking engagement. The act of working for free won’t bring you money up front, but you have to look at it as a chance to create opportunities that will lead to your long term success. Book Recommendation: “The Magic Of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz
Guest: Corey Poirier Speaker (4hr free video training) 5:00 Corey: … running the business first and people reaching out to me. But, how I got full circle in 2002 when I said, that’s when I officially started. How I got to speaking was, I first started as a stand-up comedian. So, I had a stage play in a festival and one of the actor said “Hey, do you want to try a stand up comedy workshop?” and I said “That’s Terrifying! Let’s do it!” and I went on the workshop for 2 weeks and we didn’t learn anything.   15:00 Corey: There is never a good reason to speak for free, but there are plenty of reason to speak for no fee. I think it’s a psychological shift in a way you are thinking. Cause you know, people thinks speaking for free.. Every time they hear the word free, it lowers the value at some degree.   25:00 Corey: In the music world, you have two options when you are starting up. There are multiple options, but you’ll have only two main option. You can play in a coffee shop and you can pay less money to get to play your own music. You get to play 9 out of your 10 songs.   35:00 Corey: .. there are two other ones. So basically, his goal is to groom experts on how to become the thought leaders and the space that everyone else looks up to. So, he really has a nice niche story because he can go to corporate or speak at a social media conference. But, on top of that he can also build a massive list of followers who can learn from him to do exactly what he is doing.
SWAV 253 : Creating a business for the Community W/ Martez Prince Special Guest: Martez Prince CEO, Independent Pharmacy Owner Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center, NC (A Lifestyle Pharmacy) 5:00 The perfect job didn’t really exist and that I needed to create that job. And so from there, I kind of just came up with the plan. And I realize that I truly did enjoy being a pharmacist, but it was just doing that particular job that I didn’t like. So, I started with the company Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center. 10:10 Well, for most part, I think that was really what people think. Kind of the medical aspect, but pharmacist is of course concern and can do many different capacity. The pharmacy that I mainly do is a pharmacy in your neighborhood that you could come in. Take your prescription and different things like that. But, what people truly don’t know is that basically, we help people by providing an array of services.   20:00 I work on my last shift as a pharmacist with them and that I get up 9 everyday. That’s the time the pharmacy is open and I leave till 5pm. So, I put in the work that was necessary to get the pharmacy to where it needed to be to opening doors.   30:10 Absolutely! It's all about investing. It's like needing to know what kind of investment is and what is the average turn of investment. I think that is all important. And I think, we have to remember when asking people what they are interested in. You know, we have to give them the information that they desire in order to make them understand your vision.
Quote of the Day: Forgive yourself for not being at peace. The moment you completely accept your non-peace, your non-peace becomes transmuted into peace. Anything you accept fully will get you there, will take you into peace. This is the miracle of surrender   - Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment”   The second you say you are not at peace, you become peace. Stop being so hard on yourself and worry some. Just accept what you have in life, stop saying “I shouldn’t have this”. Accept non-peace and it will get you into peace. The moment you accept what you have and surrender from trying to control life, what will happen is you’ll no longer be stressed out or feel rushed and you will then feel peace. You cannot control what is currently happening, what you can only do is change your reaction to it. There is power in surrendering and accepting.   Topic for the Day: Go Blow Some Money   Back in 2014, I just got in real estate and I was just a real baby. I am new and a guppy with real estate. I met this guy, who is supposed to be my mentor. Yes, he scammed me but I still learned certain things from him. So, I remember we were talking and he was like “You know what? When you close your first deal and when you receive your first check. You have to go blow your money” and I was like “What are you talking about? You sound stupid”. He responded “Let me explain. If you make $10k, blow $1k of it. Do whatever you want to do with it. If you love anime go buy or travel if you like”   This is why. When you earn something and do not blow a certain part of it. What you are telling the universe, the world and God is you are scared to make more money because your relationship with money is not good. If you are not okay with letting money go effortlessly, then you are not okay with making money or letting money come to your effortlessly.   So, if you make $5k, spend a portion of it for yourself to be happy. If you work so hard and do not spend anything on something that you wil enjoy, then it will mean you are working for no reason. What if you say, I have money, I am getting what I want, I am enjoying life and I am not stressed.
Special Guest   Katya Sarmiento Scale up your business to 7-figure   5:35 I am originally from Miami, but now I live in Atlanta, GA. I help 6 figure entrepreneur scale up to 7 figure. It not because they are having a hard time get 7 figure, but it depends if it’s going to go smoothly or not. A lot of my clients, before they work with me, they’re in this chaos. The feel messy and overwhelmed.   “ As a CEO, if you are doing everything, then you are not doing one thing really well.”   15:34 I’ll help you find what systems you need and that’s rescue time. ( and I tell this with everybody. This is what I first do with my client, is you install this application and it tracks what you do in the background. You no longer have to manually track whatever you are doing.   25:00 Even though, I didn’t show up things kept running. The team knew what to do. I have setup the system and structure. They are very aware of it. Sometimes I would show up on a teen call and I would sound terrible and I was like allergic, they are okay and they understood it 35:15 Like for example, the first phase was like ‘I have an idea’. Is this idea going to work? So, you tell people about it? Then people are interested and they pull out their credit cards and pay you. That is a milestone. So the next one is, some people paid me. How can I make them pay me consistently for this. So then you get to make it happen.. 46:28 That type of business that you are doing, but I do have a couple of freebies on there. I have like this 60mins challenge to build your funnel. I can walk you through the tech stuff and lots of freebies on there.
Quote of the Day: More gold has been mined from the brains of people, that has ever been taken from earth. - Napoleon Hill   Everything that you want in life, is in your mind. In order to know how to go to the moon, people have to figure it out. And if you figure things out, it’s all in your mind. It all in your head. Don’t focus on what you need to make things happen cause you already have it and it's called your mind. And as long as its functioning properly, you have 10 fingers, you have 10 toes, 2 legs, 2 arms and a sound mind and heart, you can do it. So, there is no excuses out here.   Topic of the Day: How to Structure Your Pricing?   How much do you need to make it per month? Multiply that to 2 or 3 Know your expenses per month What is your lifestyle? What have you been through? How much have you spent on education? What do you want to invest in?   Book Recommendation: The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less by Richard Koch
Quiana T Murray Sponsorship Expect   5:00 Because, generally speaking were very loyal to certain brands and certain companies. And by the time normally. You get fans from people who throwing money at this small business and that large corp. Wants loyalty. 15:00 Up to 6 figure sponsorship. Package. You just need to diversify. Maybe you’d pick 20 companies and go for 5k or maybe 20K, but you know diversify in one and then be stuck if thay don’t renew. 25:00 Of ourse, of course. I taught event planners on how to do this. Now, it is something that they will only offer their own clients. But, Yes. Like what I always say. We are entrepreneur in so many different hack. You need to know how it is done because then that way you are empowered.. You dont want to sign a contact that could end up hurting your brand and stuff. It juist become a new thing when you can…   Connect with Quiana T. Murray Facebook: Quiana T Murray
Quote of the Day “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” - Phil Jackson   A lot of times we are on our own and it's all on us. But, in times that we feel that we are on our own, we have to understand and learn that we need a team first and foremost. We need a team around us. There are so many entrepreneur operating by themselves, nobody was able to pick side on them. Since no one was able to pick side on them, its all on them, everything falls on them and then they find themselves in this hole, this place of pressure, stress and pain and agony. So you want to have a team, cause the strength of your team is a support for you.   I didn’t had team as soon as possible when I should not have. Without a team you get burned out because you are working so hard alone. Go get a team! That’s an important thing! This is from one of the best coaches in the industry of NBA.Get a team you can support and can support you.   Topic of the Day: The Placebo Effect   What is Placebo? Everything is all in your mind. Put yourself through a test for you to realize what you really need cause most of the time, you don’t need what you things you do. Life is about how strong your mind is. You can literally make yourself think and believe whatever you want to believe and even make it happen. Ask yourself what you can trick yourself into believing cause your going to start taking that action to make that believe. So if you start tell yourself “I am a successful entrepreneur”  you’ll make things to support the fact of your being a successful entrepreneur.   One of the affirmation I say to myself every single day is “I attract high quality people, situation, circumstances and opportunities into my life easily and effortlessly daily” and ever since I started saying that high quality people have been coming my way and high quality people have been getting attracted to me. The more I say, it the more I started to believe it, the more I believe it, the more it's happening to me.   Book recommendation No More Mr Nice Guy - Robert A Glover
Text message from Bara: Good morning! I have listed to your podcast for 2 months now and you have dropped nothing, but keys! Long story short, this podcast aid me in quitting my 9-5 and focusing more on my business!! Keep doing what you are doing, we are out here truly listening!   Quote of the Day: Everyone have lessons and challenges to learn, you wouldn’t be who you are without them. - P Diddy   Everything that you go through is a lesson or a challenge, but it help you become who you are today.   Topic of the Day: How Do I Know When My Idea is Worthy or If It’s Business Worthy You know it’s worthy when you believe in it. You know it’s worthy if you look at the trends or does it have the ability to go with the trend You know it’s worthy if it’s practical Is this a short term thing? Is this an alignment with my goals? Is it worth dying for? Know what the future would look like   Book Recommendation: The Subtle Art of Not Giving An F*ck! - Mark Mason
Quote of the Day: Your lack of resources do not determine my value   I was in Lisa Nichols last week. If you don’t know Lisa Nichols, she is an amazing woman. But, she was on this movie called the Secret. Its a movie of attraction. If you are not familiar with the law of attraction, the law of attraction is a mindset that is basically saying “Whatever you put your focus on in this world, you will be able to attract and manifest into your physical life.”   So, the first time I met Lisa was on that movie and ever since then I started following her. I was familiar with her, but I was following her and I was able to go to the conference. We go to the VIP day and she was speaking at the VIP day and she was talking about pricing and she said “A lot of times, people charge less than what they are worth. You tell these people, if somebody ever tells you that your prices are too high or they get mad and say I can’t afford you. This is what you say to them, your lack of resource do not determine my value.”   Topic of the Day: You think you can do it alone?   I did an event in DC. Prior to this, I met someone through the internet. I like what she was doing, she was doing great things and so we continue to build a relationship. We got pretty cool. So, I did an event in DC, before the event I did a event in Dallas.   In the event in Dallas, I didn’t know what I was doing. It was very amateurish. This was one of my very first events. I was taking action and doing tour. Anyway, we met each other and she volunteered to help in DC. She didn’t ask for payment, she gave value because I was giving her value.   During the event, she shared a lot of things with me like how I should do things, how I should structure the event. The fact that I need more speakers, she became my speaker with two other amazing people. After that, at the event.. 16 people registered. So many people loved it! A group of 12 people who should up, we did 8K in sales for one day.   I couldn’t do it myself. I can’t do it on my own. It blew my mind. The power of collaborations and reaching out to somebody, being receptive to things. Then, it just hit me. I realize, you cannot do it on your own. When you do things on your own or you try, you’ll start to burn out. You’ll start to be overwhelmed because you are taking on everything around you. You take things that doesn’t stimulate your genius. They don’t stimulate your best self. You are working yourself more than you are working your strengths. When you are not working your strengths, you are not happy.   You need to get one immediately cause it will help you, shape you and push you to the top. Much more polished person.
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