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State of the Empire: A Lucasfilm Podcast

A Star Wars, Film and TV podcast featuring Cap Blackard and Doug Banks
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I found State of the Empire about 2 months ago and it has been such an amazing journey to hear the hopes and visions that this team has about the franchise. There is still more for me to get through as I'm only just finishing up episode 45, but I had to finally break down and leave a comment. The first chunk of this podcast I have found myself siding with Matt on most arguments and it feels good to hear his opinions on the Prequels and The Clone Wars. In recent episodes, as we got to The Last Jedi and the thoughts about it, I have been on Doug's side of the studio though and find that we seem to have come to very similar conclusions in a lot of parts. Obviously, the movie has its flaws, but overall I enjoyed the movie and it is amazing to hear the arguments and opinions coming through without a bunch of yelling and name calling. This podcast does such an amazing job of sifting out the best things to come out of the multi-faceted media machine that is the current Disney run Lucasfilm, while being critical of the flops. There are times that I feel some of the ideas and opinions are wrong, or overly critical, but it is what they are here to do. Hearing true fans of the serious, debate over the smallest and largest parts of this franchise is so much fun and I'm afraid of catching up to the current episodes because then I will have to wait with everyone else for my news. PS. I am planning on buying a copy of Willow soon and finally seeing it. Somehow this movie has avoided my radar until the podcast and I find myself being overjoyed every time I hear the "Willow" soundbyte and music. I skipped the first all Willow Watch episode because I feared for too many spoilers before seeing it, but the Willow Watch segment has become one of the best parts of the show, and I always enjoy hearing Doug tell stories from that old source book.
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