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State of the Empire: A Lucasfilm Podcast

A Star Wars, Film and TV podcast featuring Cap Blackard and Doug Banks
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TheOnlyN33b reviewed this podcast on Feb 6th, 2019
"I found State of the Empire about 2 months ago and it has been such an amazing journey to hear the hopes and visions that this team has about the franchise. There is still more for me to get through as I'm only just finishing up episode 45, but I had to finally break down and leave a comment. The first chunk of this podcast I have found myself siding with Matt on most arguments and it feels good to hear his opinions on the Prequels and The Clone Wars. In recent episodes, as we got to The Last Jedi and the thoughts about it, I have been on Doug's side of the studio though and find that we seem to have come to very similar conclusions in a lot of parts. Obviously, the movie has its flaws, but overall I enjoyed the movie and it is amazing to hear the arguments and opinions coming through wit…"
Coryyyyyyyyyy reviewed this podcast on Sep 17th, 2018
"Haven't missed an episode of this podcast since I discovered it around episode 20 and I must admit, this review is well over do. This group of three well studied, charismatic Lucas Films super fans (Cap, Matt and Doug) have yet to disappoint. Through this podcast you will get thorough breakdowns and intelligent discussions on all things Star Wars. And when the news on the Star Wars front gets a little slow, they break down the broader world of Lucas Films including the always intriguing "Willow Watch", and "Indi Inquiries". But it's not always about breaking down current news, rumors and content. Recently, some of their best stuff has been reading early drafts of (Star wars and Indiana Jones) movie scripts that wound up on the cutting rooms floor. And finally, one of the best features of …"
fosentertainment reviewed this podcast on Nov 29th, 2017
"Looking for news in Alderaan places? Need the best star wars spoilers that are often times more real than you know? Or what about Willow Watch? Get on State of the Empire's feed and listen in because these people know their Star Wars!"
ToloRomassi reviewed this podcast on Sep 5th, 2017
"This gang has some awesome insights to the future of Star Wars, but keep all spoilers behind the "blast doors" until the end of the episode. Great chemistry and honest commentary. It's also fun to hear the details of their hopeful search for clues of an upcoming Willow sequel. #WillowWatch!"
MjolnirMK86 reviewed this podcast on Aug 5th, 2017
"Every month or few weeks the cast of SotE give us listeners some amazing news articles, speculation, possible spoilers and theories to the future of not just Star Wars but the other major Lucasfilm properties, as well. My favorite segment is Willow Watch(cue "Willow" sound bite from the game), which has more relevance now more than ever. Ignore the bird, follow the river!"
Abyzz reviewed this podcast on Jul 18th, 2017
"I don't even like start wars and I still love the enthusiasm of the show hosts. Also just some genuinely good banter."
barreyi reviewed this podcast on Jun 13th, 2017
"The best Star Wars speculation podcast on the internet."
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