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Do you want to supercharge your writing habits during the new year? In today’s episode, Daeus, Hope, and Gabby give their top tips for setting writing goals that will help you maintain a consistent schedule no matter how busy your life is. Show
In this special episode, we’re taking a step back to think about Christmas. Traditionally, this is a season of anticipation for the future and remembering the long wait for a Savior. Lori, Josiah, and Mariposa discuss how to cope with seasons o
How does the content you digest affect your writing? How can you be more intentional about what’s influencing your stories? In today’s episode, Lori, Mariposa, and Josiah discuss practical ways they use their favorite books to deepen their work
“Show, don’t tell” is a common writing mantra, but can it extend to how the gospel influences your fiction? What are some practical ways you can allude to God’s reality without becoming preachy? In today’s episode, Mariposa, Josiah, and Lori di
The most powerful stories end with a sacrifice. But why does that theme resonate with readers? In today’s episode, Martin, Lori, and Daeus discuss why sacrifice is vital to the protagonist’s growth and how you can craft an impactful scene. Show
In today’s episode, Martin, Lori, and Daeus share the various ways Scripture has influenced their creative choices as storytellers and deepened their work. How does the Bible model the kinds of stories we want to tell? And how does the truth co
Welcome to a special edition of our podcast in conjunction with our article series and book study on Sara Ella’s Coral. Today Brianna Storm Hilvety, Mariposa Aristeo, and James Noller sit down with the author to discuss her experience while wri
 Edits that affect your entire manuscript can be daunting. How do you know what to change, when to change it, and whether you’ve fixed the problem? In today’s episode, Martin, Lori, and Daeus discuss how to manage large-scale revisions and find
 In today’s episode, the panelists celebrate Story Embers’ fourth anniversary with a walk down memory lane and a heartfelt goodbye to current podcast host, Grace Livingston. Josiah, Daeus, and Grace reminisce about Story Embers’ development fro
In today’s episode, Josiah, Daeus, and Lori tackle a common storytelling obstacle: forgettable themes. They discuss examples of underwhelming themes, propose possible causes, and give advice on how to ensure that your story’s theme is relatable
Engaging fiction comes from a fountain of creativity within the author, but ideas gush out more fluidly on some days than others. In today’s episode, Josiah, Mariposa, and Lori share the habits that keep their imaginations primed for use and gi
Some authors write because it’s a calling—others write just for the joy of it. In today’s episode, Daeus, Rose, and Martin share what motivates each of them as authors and discuss what it means to be “called” to write. They talk about the impor
As the old saying goes, good writers are good readers first. But what books should writers be reading? In today’s episode, Josiah, Mariposa, and Lori talk about the importance of exploring genres outside the ones they write in and the lessons t
The fourth resolution of our manifesto states, "We resolve to infuse our storytelling with truth, being bold and unafraid of our stance while presenting it with love and tact, recognizing that truth in storytelling is best communicated when sho
In today’s episode, Josiah joins staff members Mariposa and Lori as they take an in-depth look at kidlit. They discuss what makes the genre unique, how the age of your audience affects the writing process, and the lessons authors of any genre c
"Deconstruction" has become a popular term online over the past year to describe those who are rejecting some Christian beliefs and seeking new answers. While "deconstructing" may be a new term, there have always been people who doubt what they
In today’s episode, Josiah, Hope, and Gabby discuss how writers can create unique and interesting villains. They share their favorite examples of memorable villains, warn against common pitfalls writers encounter when crafting attention-grabbin
Last summer, several Story Embers staff members watched the first season of The Chosen together. In this episode, Josiah, Rolena, and Daeus discuss what they loved about the series and the techniques Christian storytellers can draw from it. Wha
In today’s episode, Josiah, Hope, and Gabby tackle the strengths and weaknesses of different POVs and explore how a character’s perspective impacts readers’ relationship with the story. They share their personal preferences and give tips on how
Finding the right theme to explore in a story can be a struggle. How can you make sure your theme is deep instead of shallow? What are some common mistakes writers make when selecting themes? Josiah, Rolena, and Daeus tackle these questions and
The second act is notoriously difficult for many writers—how can you keep your story’s middle engaging while progressing the plot at the correct pace? Hope, Josiah, and Gabrielle give tips on how to remedy a sagging second act and discuss how w
Some stories have conflict that immediately grabs readers while others fall flat. In this episode, Josiah, Rolena, and Daeus discuss their favorite examples of engaging conflict and offer tips on how to build up to those moments. Listen to thei
Today Josiah, Rolena, Daeus, and Hope tackle the ins and outs of effective worldbuilding. They discuss common worldbuilding mistakes they’ve seen authors make and give tips on how to introduce worldbuilding to readers without info-dumping.What
Today Josiah, Brianna, and Gabrielle share their experiences with professional editing and how it has helped them grow as writers. They debunk common misconceptions that writers have about working with a professional editor and discuss the adva
Today Josiah, Rolena, Daeus, and Hope tackle one of the most powerful tools in a writer’s arsenal: subtext. What is it? Why is it important? What do you lose when your story lacks it? What topics would you like to hear discussed on the podcast?
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