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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, NASM CPT John Taylor and I write love letters to our favorite lifts: the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Strict Press (overhead press). As a coach, I’m a big fan of variance in my programming of exercises. Bu
You know how your workouts suffer on days when you don’t sleep well, and how it’s much easier it is to recover when you DO sleep well. Electrical muscular stimulation, compression, soft tissue work, cupping, and ice baths might be pieces of the
Could resting and icing your injury actually PROLONG your symptoms??? Doctor Matt Silver from Alpha Project Phyzio joins me to talk about the new school style of physical therapy, why resting and icing an injury ISN’T the best way to heal it,
This week on the show we’ve got holiday nutrition, keto vs. macro tracking, multiple workouts a day, the pump after working out, and training for power. Thanks to everyone from Instagram for submitting their questions!
Whether it's the holidays, a vacation, an injury, or a nasty stomach bug that causes you to lose 5lb in 2 days...things don't always go as planned. But it's how we get back to things and stay consistent where we can that allows us to make progr
Coach John and I answer a question we’ve gotten from a lot of people when they see how we eat and train: “How do you choose to do difficult things?” Is it a personality trait? A series of decisions? A product of our training itself? Find out
December is this strange middle ground between thanksgiving and the end of the year when your schedule is different, your sleeping is off, your eating is all over the place with parties and traveling, and - oh yeah let’s try to find a time to w
We’re going to let you know what to expect during your first personal training session! We’ll also give you some tips on how you can be prepared for your session AND how to make the most of your recovery afterwards. 
Much like a Thanksgiving meal plate, we weave together some random topics into a gravy-smothered 38min of fitness knowledge in this week's episode.  Coach Delaney joined me to go over training protocols when you're sick, how your limb length a
We have been putting together a nutritional ebook for our awesome clients! This resource will have a grocery shopping guide, recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and shakes, an audio crash course in macronutrients and meal prepping, a
With the days getting shorter, darker, and colder, seasonal depression, mood changes, changes in sleeping habits, or even just a lack of motivation or desire to get to the gym can make sticking to your training routine difficult if not impossib
This episode was so terrifying of an endeavor to approach alone, that I enlisted the help of Straight Shot Coaches Delaney and John, as we walked through the haunted graveyard that is the world of health and fitness trends.  From high fructose
It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start moving better, get stronger, and live a healthy and active life.  In this episode, I share why “starting late” isn’t as uncommon as you think, and how continuing to train with a s
I've mopped a LOT of gym floors in my career as a coach, but two instances stick out to me as very special and defining moments in my life.  In this episode, you'll hear both stories bookending a brief timeline of my journey with Straight Shot
The Korean dystopian masterpiece "Squid Game" is set to be the most-watched show in Netflix's history, and has sparked a flood of memes, parodies, and discussions all over the internet.  The other day I was thinking about how one of the games
As a personal trainer, I try to get my clients to make most of the food they eat. However I know people are going to eat out occasionally, and sometimes, it’s going to be at a fast-food restaurant.  It may surprise you, but if you’re going to
Whether it's a work trip or a vacation, consider this episode as your guide to staying on track with your fitness, while still relaxing and enjoying yourself, and allowing your body to get some rest and recovery. It's a tough balance, but the
Losing weight is one of the top reasons people start working out, but it's only one of the MANY benefits to your physical and psychological health that you get from regular exercise.  I review an article from NetDoctor UK in this episode with
This is NOT your typical circuit training workout. These long-duration, low-intensity circuits will help you build your aerobic engine, improve your overall health, optimize your recovery, and manage your body composition. The best part is, the
KILL NEGATIVITY MAKE ADVANCEMENTS. It’s a fitness and lifestyle brand with a powerful message of overcoming adversity with militant positivity. It’s with this mindset that KNMA founder Kwame Asante hopes to help elicit a positive change in the
“I don’t have time to workout” “There’s no way I could get 8 hours of sleep” “I’m just too busy to eat healthy” I hear these phrases ALL THE TIME when I'm trying to counsel people on the importance of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Inevitab
Personal Trainer, Crossfit Coach, and Strongman Competitor John Taylor is back with me for this episode as we give you an intro into one of our favorite training methodologies: The Conjugate Method.  This style of workout programming combines
Coach Delaney and I are back with another Topic Pile this month and we cover training for different goals, burnout, selecting a workout program, annoying coaching trends on Instagram, a nutrition idea that we DON’T exactly agree on, and some th
Looking to add to your home gym? Or maybe you're a gym owner looking to expand your inventory? Either way, please do NOT waste your money on the types of fitness equipment that I detail in this episode!
It’s finally happening. After 2 years of searching, 4 years of Straight Shot being a company, and 13 years since I first dreamed of opening my own studio, we have found our own space. Located in North Frederick at 8411 Broadband Drive, our futu
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