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This week I came into the KVTA Ventura studios and decided to broadcast live and take calls.I really want to know what YOU want to hear about! I started to get into David Stockman and the difference between how the markets and economy appear an
There's a feeling out there that the investments markets have weak underpinnings, and that soon, the tides will change.Maybe.But do you understand why some pundits feel that way? With historically low unemployment, high prime-age workforce, and
After a lifetime of accumulation of savings and wealth, for retirees the entire games changes to the spending of wealth.So how does your portfolio provide for you then? In the past retirees have leaned heavily on income producing assets, such a
If what Alan Greenspan says is true, we are heading into a whole new uncharted world of financial planning and asset allocation. In this episode hear Alan Greenspan in Sept of 2019 declare:1.) The US GDP is driven by the US Stock Market! (The O
We've never covered this topic before, but every single person age 64 1/2 should be paying close attention. Medicare rules are changing. Rates are changing. Benefits for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements are changing.This week, Bruce
As the US Economy achieves it's longest ever period of expansion, only one of two great stories can be told!Overloaded with private and public debt, and a decade of stimulus, we will soon see the greatest bubble burst in all of US History.The F
The core issue of this macro-economy, the driver of every tactical investment decision boils down to whether we have inflation or deflation ahead. That single issue affects stocks, bonds, banks, real estate and metals. No single investment choi
The U.S. economy is currently in the midst of the longest expansion in history. But for retiring Boomers, or those near retirement, it's not about where we've come from, but about where we're going! Boomers don't have any room left for another
In anything you're trying to master, the fundamentals of the subject are the first thing to fully grasp and become comfortable with.Baseball? Practice your hitting, fielding, double-plays, over and over and over again, and you've got a shot at
How much of your cash is earning less than 2%? That's easy enough to fix!In this episode Bruce shows how just getting small increases in your interest bearing savings accounts makes big returns over not so much time.Learn how to turn your money
How much of your money is earning less than 2%? That's LAZY MONEY and there is no reason for it!Too many people are sitting on huge sums of cash earning practically nothing, only because they can't strategically make up their mind on how to bui
WARNING: Your stock and fund broker would prefer you did NOT listen to this episode of Straight Talk Wealth Radio!The fact is that there are 3 key erosion factors to any retirement portfolio that your wealth manager might be able to guess how t
Presently, !0,000 Baby Boomers A DAY turn 65 in the U.S., and it will continue until the year 2030! At that time there will be more people old people (over 65) in the U.S. than young people (18 and under) for the first time ever in the history
Annuities are LONG-TERM contracts! And annuity salesmen are well-trained to always "Sell the Sizzle"! They talk about great features, but omit the details.How long are your funds tied up? What benefits do you think you are getting for that?Why
This week's show is going to rattle some cages!
Our first Episode back on the airwaves at Newstalk 1590 KVTA, Ventura, CA since 2016!Bruce discusses what is new in the ALL NEW Straight Talk Wealth Radio! This week, featuring the ongoing Wall Street Journal series about retiring Baby Boomers,
California State insurance regulators have acted to remove some of the best performing annuity products from the California market starting on 1 January, 2017. I have never seen this much warfare against American Savers since Ben Bernanke destr
For decades the world has been marching deeper and deeper into the globalization solution. NAFTA, the Euro, the rise of China,the TPP, etc, etc. But there have been repercussions, from the loss of manufacturing in the US, to the Euromess to cl
Breaking News about the The Global Banking Crisis 2.0 in this show! European Debt levels show massive private sector bank debt with massive loan non-performance, and tells us how Europe will become a Global Crisis that will swamp Mario Draghi.
This episode opens with a review of Jon Hilsenrath's Wall Street Journal article about the failures of the Federal Reserve to revive the economy and the question of whether they really know what they can even do about it in the end. Then Bruce
Bruce got tired of telling you that things are going to change. In this episode he starts telling you more explicitly what to DO about it in your own portfolio.
JANUARY 2016 - Three major events were hurling markets down 10% in single month! The China Bubble, The Oil Glut, The Fed is Out of Bullets! And as fast as they rattled the markets, 5 months later it seems that these concerns are a distant drea
In the lead up to our Oxnard event on June 25th, hear an exclusive interview with economist Harry S. Dent. Bruce asks Harry about why the markets calmed after January 2016. The China Bubble, The Oil Glut, Fed Reserve out of bullets. Did these s
Is the international economic crisis a carefully orchestrated strategy to gain control of the world’s finances? What if the current financial crisis was not caused by unforeseen random events, but was instead a carefully orchestrated assault on
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