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Have you been in a relationship where you love the person but don't feel loved or understood by them? Maybe you both feel as though you are loving each other as hard as you can, but there's a disconnect? You probably aren't speaking each other'
In this new mental health episode, I sit down with Cheryl, O'Connell, LPC and take a deep dive into depression- the types, the causes, how we can fight it, and how to help someone you love that's suffering with it. We talk about suicide and wha
Are you ready to take that leap and commit? Or do you feel like you need some things clarified first? Meg and I have compiled a list of serious discussions you should have when you decide to settle down with someone. In the first part we discus
The Spooky Sisters are back to entertain you with frights and delights! We discuss two haunted locations, Stull Cemetery and The Stanley Hotel, and share real ghost encounters people have experienced in these places. Join the Strikes My Fancy C
Have you ever woken up and couldn't move? Did you see ghostly figures coming toward you or even felt one sitting on your chest? In this episode we take a look at both the scientific and supernatural causes of sleep paralysis. We discuss some of
What really happened to Elvis Presley? Did Hitler really commit suicide? Why do people think Avril is a robot? Nina and I wondered all of this and more, so we did all the research to understand how these conspiracies even came about. And you gu
So you're thinking about marrying the love of your life or committing to them in a significant way? Are you sure you've taken the time to address all the things that could cause marital bliss to become marital distress? Never fear! We have comp
Have you heard the Jon Benet Ramsey case in its entirety? I present the case to my true crime novice of a husband who has never even heard of Jon Benet, and we discuss who the killer could be based on all of the evidence and theories. Was it th
If you're like me, curious about astrology but never could understand how it all worked, then wonder no more! In this episode, I lay out the basics of your birth chart- what it is, what makes it up, and how to read and understand it- all in pla
Down the rabbit hole we go, launching into our first episode of the conspiracy theory series! I'm joined by Nina, by permanent cohost for this series, as we dive into our research to find out just how Facebook puts all those incredibly specific
Starting off 2021 with a fresh question from my mind- where do we go when we dream? Come explore with me as I dive into what dreaming is, different types of dreams, and whether or not we travel to alternate worlds when dream. Buckle up, babes,
You ever wonder why we decorate a Christmas tree? Or where that romantic (or creepy) tradition of kissing under the mistletoe came from? Well I sure did, so I thought I'd do the research for you. My usually Spooky Sister Rachel joins me for an
Two of my favorite things crossover today in this Christmassy paranormal episode about St. Nick's dark counterpart, Krampus. I'm joined by my dark counterpart, paranormal enthusiast Caleb Schadeck, host of The Paranormal Burrito. We talk about
2020 has been a year full of unprecedented losses: from social lives, to divorce, and even death; humanity as a whole has lost so many things and we have been tossed headfirst into various stages of grief. When it feels like you are being pumme
After a long dry period due to a broken computer, Strikes My Fancy is back with fresh content for your ears! Kaila and her husband Joe team up to bring you tipsy true tales of holiday humor and horror. Some stories were sent in by you, and othe
You guys voted on what episode you wanted, and Unsolved Mysteries took the cake. So today I'm launching with an unsolved murder at the Hinterkaifeck Homestead. I'm sorry I was absent the last two weeks, but my computer was out of commission. Bu
Kaila and Meg discuss the common traits and childhoods of serial killers, compare sociopaths versus psychopaths, and discuss five serial killer myths. To finish off this massive serial killer episode, they tell the tales of two lesser known and
Yes, Good Luck Sleeping fans! The Spooky Sisters are back to tell you ghost stories (and giggle all the way through them). We couldn't resurrect Good Luck Sleeping, and we explain why in this episode, but we CAN launch a paranormal series on St
In the second installment of the mental health series, I talk to Sarah Bennett, LCPC, to discuss the empath phenomenon and how narcissistic people seem drawn to empaths like energy vampires. We discuss what toxic behavior looks like and how to
You heard from the ladies as we attempted to answer men's questions honestly. Now it's time to hear from the men...except you ladies had about double the amount of questions for them! So this edition of Chats is from a married man, TJ Withingto
It's time for another crazy conversation with your host, Kaila. I discuss the idea of twin flames, soulmates, and reincarnation- what they are, if I believe in them, and how to know if you've met yours. These are fascinating concepts that d
In the follow up episode, I push through the craziest of the crazy Harry Potter fan theories with Jamie by side to enthusiastically poke holes in each one. The final theory that McGonagall is actually a Death Eater ignites her Hufflepuff fury a
Launching the new Fandom series, I dive down the rabbit hole of crazy fan theories with my resident Hufflepuff and Harry Potter expert, Jamie, to pick apart the most ludicrous theories fans have concocted about the wizarding world.  Sources fo
This year has been a doozy and a lot of people have found themselves struggling with anxiety like never before. In this episode, I interview a licensed professional counselor and ask her every question you could think of related to anxiety. We
Guys, we know we confuse the hell out of you. So in this episode I brought in one of my best girlfriends to try and shed some light on our most confusing qualities. We answer a host of questions collected from random men on the internet and att
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