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Can you guess which girls' names reigned supreme during the 20th-century decades?
Can you guess which boys' names reigned supreme during the 20th-century decades?
Cristen explains the origin of the term "feminism," what it means and whether men are invited to the gender-equality party.
If women can wear pants, then why can't men wear skirts? Cristen globe-trots around the world to where men wearing skirt-like garments is always in fashion.
Babies cry because they're distressed, but scientists still aren't sure what types of negative emotions they experience and whether their angry facial expressions match their emotional state.
What do we mean when we say that there's a "sexual double standard" for men and women, and where did it come from?
Who's the cleaner sex? Hard to tell when you spend enough time in women's bathrooms that swarm with bacteria-spawning beauty products and other germ-ridden delights.
Meet Annette Kellerman, the inventor of the women's one-piece swimsuit who was thrown in jail for wearing it on a Boston beach.
What happens in the brain when we brag about ourselves? Cristen shows off the fascinating science of self-promotion.
A couple lesbians want to know why straight guys don't believe they're gay and think they can turn them hetero, and Cristen waxes "Chasing Amy."
Which is your prom personality style?
First fat truth about cellulite: you should stop worrying about it. Second fat truth about cellulite: fat doesn't cause it.
When it comes to spending and saving, who's better with finances: men or women? Cristen investigates the fiscal battle of the sexes.
Get a hilarious look behind the scenes of Stuff Mom Never Told You!
Cristen explores the science of "eww" and whether men or women are more easily disgusted by gross stuff and why.
How do you make a product for men? Apparently, just put "Man" in its name. Case in point: Mandles, candles for men.
Meet Patti McGee, the blonde who made skateboarding history as the sport's first woman to go pro.
Can you really get addicted to working and just how dangerous is it?
Cristen responds to a guy who thinks that women are lying when they say they don't want to have sex.
How do you sell a product to women? Paint it pink and add "for women" on the package.
Children aren't all mini pyromaniacs because it turns out kids are innately attracted to those mysterious flames.
Men tend to need less sleep than women, but insomnia affects more women. What gives? Cristen explores the science how biological sex interacts with sleep.
Cristen looks for a scientific answer to one of life's most persistent questions about men, women and pain tolerance.
How to turn a "friend crush" into a BFF, as illustrated with Cristen's celebrity friend crush, Jennifer Lawrence.
The spring break tradition of partying on the beach started thanks to a college swim coach and an Olympic-sized pool in Florida.
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