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SHR # 2777:: Is Fasting Making You Fat and Insulin Resistant - Joel Greene - I started fasting in 2007 after an interview with Dr. Mark McCarty who published the first study done on rats using the every-other-day protocol. It showed that period
SHR # 2776:: The Pep Talk: TB4 Fragment For Chronic Inflammation - Jean-Francois Tremblay - As peptide therapies become more popular, some are now isolating fragments of peptides domains to isolate chains of amino acids that provide specific fu
SHR # 2775:: Cancer: Hope, Inspiration, Action - Nicholas Webster, Ph.D. M.A. - From Doctor To Patient, beating cancer through mind, body and spirit with Dr. Diva Nagula plus When, not 'what' you eat :Restricting eating to an eight-hour window,
SHR # 2774:: Victor Mifsud, Neuroplastic Adventure - Victor Mifsud - One man's journey to stop the progression of his blindness may have unlocked the the secret to building the super human brain. This is an edited interview which originally air
SHR # 2773:: Learning How The Microbiome Builds Muscle PLUS What's Really In Your Water - Taylor Valentino, MS - Dr. John McCarthy, PhD - Israel Passwater - If further research can identify the substances that the bacteria of the gut are making
SHR # 2771:: A Deep Dive Into Sucrosomial Magnesium - Wade Lightheart - Worldwide magnesium deficiencies have been identified in the literature. This has made magnesium supplementation a popular topic. Science has also shown that different form
SHR # 2770:: Antibiotics and Colon Cancer; A Clear Link - Dr. Sophia Harlid Ph.D. - There is a clear link between taking antibiotics and an increased risk of developing colon cancer within the next five to ten years. This has been confirmed by
SHR # 2768:: New Study: The Effects Multi-Ingredient Supplements Have on Resistance Training plus The Power of CGM - Dr. Gianni Parise Ph.D - Resistance exercise training (RET) induces muscle hypertrophy that, when combined with co-temporal pro
SHR # 2767:: New Study: Does Strength Follow Muscle Size plus Upgrade Your Brain and Body - Dr. Jonathan Folland, Ph.D. - Dmitri Leonov - The debate of whether strength and muscle size are mutually exclusive has been waging on for decades. A ne
SHR # 2766:: The Blueprint Power Hour plus Radically Traditional Farming - Coach Rob Regish - Jenni Harris - Your questions answered about training, nutrition, supplementation, sex, drugs, rock -n- roll. Nothing is off topic. PLUS There is a re
SHR # 2765:: Omega 3 Deficiency - Why We Need to Look Beyond Simple Racial and Ethnic Classifications - Professor Ani W. Manichaikul, Ph.D. - Hispanic people with a high percentage of American Indigenous ancestry are at increased risk of an ome
SHR # 2764:: Let Sh*t Go: The Relaxing Power Of Magnesium - Wade Lightheart - We live in very stressful times. Add to that the high consumption of stimulants and caffeine, and you have a receipt for disaster. Nervous breakdown, heart attack, an
SHR # 2763:: Cruel Twist: Exercise Reduces Calories Burned at Rest - Professor Lewis Halsey - As the complexity of the human body continues to unfold, a recent study indicates that exercise reduces calories burned at rest in individuals with ob
SHR # 2761:: Higher Protein Intake Doesn't Build More Muscle In Mid-aged Newbies plus Are You Shooting In The Dark - Colleen McKenna, MS, RD - Dr. Gil Blander Ph.D. - It's often said that newbies in the gym see the greatest results. So its stan
SHR # 2760:: Blueprint Power Hour - Coach Rob Regish - Come join the live broadcast. Post your questions. Diet, training, drugs, supplements, no question is off topic.
SHR # 2759:: Muscle Protein That Makes Vertebrates Fit Linked to Limiting Lifespan plus HRT For Dogs Improves Health - Dr. Gabriel Bever, Ph.D. - Dr. Qinchuan Wang, PH.D. - Linda Brent Ph.D. - Antagonistic pleiotropy is a foundational theory th
SHR # 2758:: The Pep Talk: Intra articular BPC-157 Injections and Knee Pain plus Caring for your Mental Health with Online Counseling - Dr. Edwin Lee, MD, F.A.C.E. - Haesue Jo (MA, LMFT) - Knee pain, a common complaint in primary care, has many
SHR # 2757:: How Vitamin K Improves Heart Health - Dr. Nicola Bondonno - New Edith Cowan University (ECU) research has found that people who eat a diet rich in vitamin K have up to a 34 percent lower risk of atherosclerosis-related cardiovascul
SHR # 2755:: Feel Good Brain Messenger Can Be Willfully Controlled - Dr. David Kleinfeld - From the thrill of hearing an ice cream truck approaching to the spikes of pleasure while sipping a fine wine, the neurological messenger known as dopami
SHR # 2754:: NHow Long Can a Person Live? The 21st Century May See a Record-breaker - Michael Pearce - Doctoral Student University of Washington - The number of people who live past the age of 100 has been on the rise for decades, up to nearly
SHR # 2753:: New Study: Influenza and Obesity: Lessons for the COVID Pandemic plus Remodel Your Skin - Alex Leaf, MS CISSN - Debbie Barber - Terry Barber - A new study looks at obese individuals and their ability to harbor this virus longer and
SHR # 2752:: NEW STUDY: Elevated Glucose Levels Lead to Rapid COVID-19 Progression and High Fatality - Wade Lightheart - We've all heard about "healthy" people who have died from COVID-19 and wondered how that could happen. This new multi-cente
SHR # 2751:: How Antibiotics in Early Life Affect Brain Development plus Wireless Radiation Exposure for Children is Set Too High - Guest: Dr. Martin Blaser, MD - Dr. Uloma Uche Ph.D. - Antibiotic exposure early in life could alter human brain
SHR # 2736:: The BluePrint Power Hour + New Bioherbicide Better Than Glyphosate - Co-host: Coach Rob Regish - Guest: Howard Vlieger - Come join the fun LIVE. Post your questions. Training, nutrition, supplementation, sex, drugs, rock and roll.
SHR # 2735:: Bioidentical Hormone Do's and Don'ts - Dr. Michael Platt, MD - It's always astonishing to me when I meet a man or woman who don't know that HRT is even an option. Way too many prescribers todays don't offer these as an option when
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