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SHR # 2048 :: Grasslands Beef + Why Patreon + Sun Protection from the Inside Out :: John Wood - Dr. Bobby Awadalla :: In the 70's fat was the demon and you see how that turned out. Now it's beef. Here's the truth about raising beef and how it e
SHR # 2047 :: SFH: Digestive Track Destruction + How They Do It In Scandinavia :: :: Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD - Egil Berli-Johnsen :: Your digestive system does much more than its name implies. It's also where approximately 5 pounds of microbes liv
SHR # 2046 ::The BluePrint :: Coach Rob Regish :: Listener questions are answered about training, nutrition and supplementation. ::
SHR # 2045 :: The Forgotten Nootropic :: Anthony Roberts :: This forgotten nootropic is most likely purposefully forgotten due to its perceived and misunderstood history. When we look at it from a purely isolated scientific perspective we see t
SHR # 2044 :: Should Olive Oil Be Considered a Fruit Oil + The Science of Breaking Addiction :: Vitina Feo - Russ Scala :: Whenever an article talks about the benefits of vegetable oils they always lead off with Olive Oil. But Olive Oil is noth
SHR # 2043 :: The BluePrint Power Hour + Leveraging Performance Technology for BJJ -n- MMA :: Coach Rob Regish - Peter Lakatos :: Listener questions are answered about training, nutrition and supplementation. PLUS Regardless of whether you're a
SHR # 2042 :: SFH: How Did You Come Up With Kre-Alkalyn + Bacterial Memory of Gut Inflammation May be Diagnostic of Various Conditions + Cigarette Damage to Unborn Children Revealed in Stem Cell Study :: Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD - Dr. David Riglar
SHR # 2041 :: Vitamin A Deficiency Detrimental to Blood Stem Cells + The BluePrint Power Hour + Here's Your Raw Dog Treat :: Dr. Andreas Trumpp - Coach Rob Regish - Randy Hartnell :: We've discussed Vitamin A's role as a stem cell differentiato
SHR # 2040 :: SPECIAL :: Dr. Fred Hatfield Tribute Show :: Ken O'Neill - Dr. Sal Aria - Josh Bryant - Dr. Disa Hatfield - Dr. Ken Kinakin - Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale :: Those who knew Dr. Hatfield best speak openly and share touching stories about
SHR # 2039 :: SFH: Gummy Supplements + Influencing Brain Neuroplasticity with Micro-Dosed LSD :: Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD - Shawn Wells :: There's a surge of new gummy-based supplements and vitamins. Are they effective? Are there any drawbacks to t
SHR # 2038 :: The Salt Fix + Treating Sepsis with Vitamin C :: Dr. James DiNicolantonio - Dr. Thomas Levy :: Could adding salt to your diet be the solution to your health and training performance issues? In fact most of us are probably salt def
SHR # 2037 :: Food Choices, Metabolism, Fiber Sources, Allulose and Disease States :: Daniel Orrego :: This is a fast moving discussion traversing various dietary approaches that have profound effects on disease progression and treatment. Ketog
SHR # 2036 :: SFH: Get Those 6-Pack Abs for Summer + Just 10 Minutes of Meditation Improves Focus in Anxiety Sufferers :: Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD - Dr. Mengran Xu :: You want to see your abs this summer? Dr. J tells you how. Easy stuff. PLUS Do yo
SHR # 2035 :: The BluePrint Power Hour :: Coach Rob Regish :: Listener questions are answered about training, nutrition and supplementation. ::
SHR # 2034 :: Longevity in an Industry of Flash-In-The-Pan Companies :: Carl Lanore - John Drake :: One need only look at a sports, nutrition or bodybuilding magazine forma couple years ago to see how many supplements that were supposed to chan
SHR # 2033 :: SFH: Dr Jeff’s Health Book Series + Becoming an Ultra Human :: Carl Lanore - Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD - Jason Dhir :: How do you preserve and raise testosterone naturally This free book will teach you. PLUS Becoming an Ultra Human req
SHR 2032 :: Reversing Canine Cataracts + The Metabolic Approach to Cancer :: Leslie Burke - Dr. Nasha Winters - Jess Higgins Kelley :: Dogs get all the same diseases their owners do and that includes cataracts. Surgery costs a lot of money and
SHR # 2031 :: Algae Science Review :: Dr. Roland Thomas :: After doing a show about why salmon is so good for us I had to do this show. Salmon eat a lots of micro-algae. They concentrate all the good things in the micro-algae into their flesh.
SHR # 2030 :: Supplementation for Health, Body Composition , Mental -n- Physical Performance + THE PLANT PARADOX: The Hidden Dangers in "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain :: Dr. Mauro DiPasquale - Dr. Steven Gundry :: Ever wonde
SHR # 2029 :: SFH: The Cheat Meal + The BluePrint Power Hour :: Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD - Coach Rob Regish :: Is the cheat meal a mistake? What about the cheat day? some think it's a sign of weakness and unnecessary. PLUS Listener questions are an
SHR # 2028 :: Chinese Herbs -vs- Western Medicine + Interventional Endocrinology :: Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD. - Dr. Ted Achacoso :: Can herbs really be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs? In what specific conditions? PLUS This is a fast-moving br
SHR # 2027 :: The BluePrint Power Hour :: Coach Rob Regish :: Listener questions are answered about training, nutrition and supplementation. ::
SHR # 2026 :: SFH: Cryotherapy :: Dr. Jeff Golini, PhD :: So many people are spending considerable amounts of money to get Partial Body Cryotherapy in hopes of improving recovery and well disease states. But is it worth it? ::
SHR # 2025 :: The BluePrint Power Hour :: Coach Rob Regish :: Listener questions are answered about training, nutrition and supplementation. Viewers on Facebook Live had their questions answered in real-time. ::
SHR # 2024 :: Got Shoulder Problems? :: Dr. Peter Rouse, PhD :: Second only to lower-back problems, shoulder injuries plague most if not all of us at some period of our training journey. Some amazing tips as well as the "most dangerous exercise
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