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Super Sci-Fi Party

A TV, Film and Fiction podcast featuring Todd Kinsley and Scott Kinsley
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Episodes of Super Sci-Fi Party

A secret underground civilization unleashes a giant cockroach monster to destroy the surface world.  How can we stop them?  Obviously, we use a child's robot and a different monster that has destroyed countless surface cities himself.  Sounds l
A giant space probe arrives in the 23rd century using a glowing soccer ball to screech messages to humpback whales?  Say what?  Oh, and humpback whales are already extinct, but if they don't answer, Earth will be destroyed.  The crew of the Ent
You've been digitized and brought into the computer world, where you're forced to play live-action video games until you die.  Sounds better than your real job, right?  This is the plot of the 1982 classic sci-fi movie "Tron".   "Tron" is an au
A talking Christmas toy accidentally becomes a Viking god?!  Vikings conquer the USA and name it New Valhalla?!  It's wall-to-wall Viking FUN as the Legends fight to correct the timeline.  There's even a battle with Odin himself... Sort of. We
How much trouble could a pair of time-traveling 15-year-olds really cause?  Just enough to be really FUN!  Disney's "Best Friends Whenever" is the story of two high school girls who accidentally get zapped by their mad scientist neighbor and ga
Turn an inflatable medical robot into an armored superhero?  Why not?!  Disney's Big Hero 6 takes us into a world where scientists become awesome superheroes! In this episode of Super Sci-Fi Party podcast, we break down all the fun including:
Does your holographic crush keep calling you while you're driving a starship?  Do your friends think you're crazy for having a relationship with a computer program?  Welcome to the craziness of The Orville episode: Lasting Impressions! We brea
You go 500 years into the future to be hit-on by a bikini-clad evil princess and attacked by TigerMan?!  Welcome to the wacky world of Buck Rogers which debuted on TV in 1979!  Twiki the robot makes inappropriate comments as mankind is governed
So you find out your girlfriend is a super villain AND she's your parents' age!  Gah!  Sky High is a comedy-action movie that takes a look at the awkward teen years of superheroes and their sidekicks. We break down all the fun of Disney's Sky
A Doctor Who Christmas special with murderous Santas and a lethal Christmas tree?  Yes, please!  The year was 2005 and Doctor Who - The Next Generation, as WE call it, had just wrapped up its first season.  David Tennant was the new Doctor and
A crazy Star Wars holiday show with acrobats, rock bands, and virtual sexy sea monkeys?  It was 1978 and the “rules” of the Star Wars universe had not been written in stone yet, so it was a case of “anything goes”!  Some call it the worst Star
Sure, The Flash can defeat super villains, but can he survive Thanksgiving with his friends and family?  Find out in this awesome Thanksgiving episode of our Super Sci-Fi Party podcast.  Listen to us break down all the fun of “The Flash” Season
Your mom marries a billionaire and you find out he's secretly growing bionic teenagers in his basement lab!  Creepy-creepy or super-awesome?  YOU decide! Lab Rats was a sci-fi superhero sitcom on Disney XD and it's actually a lot of fun!  Imag
Something out-of-this-world happened when we tried to stream our LIVE Halloween Special.  We have included it here uncut and ready to blow your mind. WE ARE A NEW PODCAST, PLEASE SHARE US WITH YOUR SCI-FI FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!  WE NEED YOUR HEL
Can experimental army taco meat turn a college Halloween party into a zombie apocalypse?!  It can on the TV show "Community" in the episode "Epidemiology" (or as we lovingly call it: "ZOMBIE ATTACK"!)  In this episode of the Super Sci-Fi Party
On Halloween night, mutant pumpkins attack the suburbs and the government’s secret monster squad must defeat them… With candy!  “Monsters vs. Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space” was a 30 minute animated Halloween special on NBC TV.  It is
A fangirl in 2062 enters a song-writing contest and wins a date with her space-age music idol: Jet Screamer!  So let's turn on the anti-gravity floor and dance near the ceiling!  The Flintstones might rock; but The Jetsons swing, jam, and blast
“Star Trek: Lower Decks” is a totally FUN animated sci-fi comedy series set in the Star Trek universe!  Yes, you read that correctly!  Listen as we breakdown the first episode “Second Contact”.  Hear about the controversy the series has caused
We breakdown Adam Sandler’s 2015 comedy sci-fi film about aliens attacking the Earth using 1980s video game classics such as Pac Man, Centipede, Galaga, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong.  The U.S. President (Kevin James) must call on his childhoo
"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" set the standard for a FUN sci-fi movie! Listen as we explore it all, including facts you might not know about this comedy classic. In this era of bad news, take a break and fly a time machine through history
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