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Capturing CO2 To Combat Climate Change

Released Thursday, 16th April 2020
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When talking about Climate Change, the elephant in the room is always our carbon emissions. Most of our guests find amazing ways of avoiding pollution altogether, but today’s guest takes a whole new approach:

In this episode of Sustainability Champions (formerly Sustainability Matters Today), I interview Louise Charles, Communications Manager at Climeworks and a Champion of Recycling Carbon Dioxide.

Founded in 2009 with the aim of capturing 1% of global carbon emissions per year by 2025, Climeworks is the first company in the world to absorb carbon dioxide straight from the air with fans and storage devices, in order to ultimately repurpose it. The Switzerland-based company has a direct air-capture technology that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and recycles it into different products like beverages and renewable fuels.

Climeworks offers amazing subscription plans, where you can support their technology, and thereby offset some of your personal carbon emissions. That’s also an amazing gift option!

As of January 2020, Climeworks will be collaborating with Svante Inc. to develop carbon capture technology solutions to transition to a net-zero emission future.

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I hope you enjoy the episode!

Watch the episode here: https://youtu.be/lTWt1MuVuZ0


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