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Taboo FX - 108 - River Rants

Released Friday, 3rd March 2017
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The "Taboo" finale was mostly well received by the twitter audience, however, it also triggered strong feelings from citizens of Shat Nation: anger over Zilpha's death, frustration over plot holes, curiosity about James Delaney's mental state, and hope for a "Taboo" season 2 and beyond.

Roger, Gene & Big D attempt to answer: 
  • Why did the kill off the most interesting character (Zilpha)?
  • Did the character of James Delaney ever truly learn anything?
  • Was this show ever truly about mysticism?
  • Will the League of the Damned traverse across America "Oregon Trail-Style" in Season 2?
The final River Rants of the Taboo FX season is here! Plus, it's a bonus edition with 13 action-and-expletive-packed letters to savor. So strap on your life jacket & hop aboard the Shat Sailboat as we take one final trip down the river and off to sea.

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