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Build a Business Series Part 1: Lack of time

Released Monday, 11th April 2016
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Build a Business Series Part 1: Lack of time

Attention all small business owners

Welcome to the first episode of our Build a Business Series.

Over the next 9 weeks we’re going to run you through the big issues associated with starting and growing a successful small business.

The struggle is real

Lack of time is a common frustration we hear from  small business owners.

It’s a juggling act running and managing your own business while maintaining a personal and family life, but it can be done!

Why do you have a lack of time and how can you combat this problem?

Why is lack of time an issue? The answer is usually quite obvious- you’re taking on more than you can handle. Instead of telling you to outsource everything, which is an easy, obvious short-term solution, we take a look at some of the foundational things you can focus on to manage your time and create better long-term habits.

As a leader and business owner it’s up to you to decide what you take on. Be brutal with what you do and don’t do.

No matter how big your business gets, here are some of the things to stay focused on which will ultimately give you more time:

  • Building Relationships– It’s really hard to go into any business, small or large, without some kind of relationship, some kind of alliance, some kind of ally. Unless your product is that amazing, but you still need champions in the early stages to get your product or service away. Make time for networking and building these relationships, join a local meet up, sign up to online forum, find other like-minded people to  surround yourself with. Not only will you have support from other business leaders, these friendships often have a way of turning into opportunities if you give

  • Executing to a high level-  There are little things you can do daily to ensure you’re operating efficiently and effectively. Everyone is different, we all have different times of day when we are most productive. Drew and Gordo talk Morning Power Routines (there’s lots of chatter online relating to this buzzword and how Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, James Schramko are advocates of this.

  • Mindset-  How to What can I do that my competitors won’t? Mindset getting yourself to that place where you can operate at that level day in day out. The effectiveness u can get out of a work day.

  • Having a Personal Life-  When you’re in business you need to acknowledge there is going to be some loss of your personal life to a degree. They key is to not lose sight of the bigger picture, be open and honest to yourself and your spouse about what you are working towards and why you are doing it. Remove the word sacrifice from your line of thinking and change it to “choose”. You are not sacrificing, you are choosing to do this..

Still feel like it’s all too much to handle. Check this out, might help?

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