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Episode 20: Content is still King

Released Monday, 7th December 2015
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Content is king. It’s a phrase modern marketers use time and time again and for good reason.
Creating and publishing quality content that is of value and interest to your target audience will help your business grow.
Content creation is part of the daily grind at Otium.
Here are the 5 things we do consistently to create content:
1.SEO & Keyword Research
There’smore to it than simply writing blogs, recording audio and publishing it willy nilly Before you even begin to build a website and publish content, sit down, come up with a strategy and invest in SEO and keyword research. This research tells you if people are searching for your product/ service. It’s business strategy 101, coming up with a strategy and working out why you are going to apply effort and resources to something. There are free online tools you can use to conduct this or hire an SEO professional.
2. Test and A/B split test your content
To find out what works best and what your audience resonates with most you need to test it.
Don’t be afraid to try and test different things, from the photos you use for each post, your call to action, the copy for social media posts to trying out different headlines for each blog.
3. Blogging
It’s the easiest way to get started and the best way to find your voice. Once you have your SEO and target keyword content opportunities listed, there is nothing stopping you from getting started. Writing isn’t for everyone but practice makes perfect, just stick to it and you will find you develop your own writing style and voice.
“Finding your voice” is a term we use often to describe how blogging helped us refine our message. In the early days, there was no purpose but as we went along we were more akin to providing content with purpose, for information to our clients and for the purpose of SEO.
4. Podcasting
After 3 years of blogging we decided it was time to turn our content up a notch which led to the launch of this podcast show, Take My Advice. For us it was a natural progression from blogging but if you are someone who’d prefer to speak to an audience than sit down and write, there is no reason why you can’t start with creating audio. Blogging helps you refine your message and podcasting allows you to inject personality to your content.
If you’d like some info on how to go about creating your own podcast show, check out this previous blog how to create a podcast.
5. Video
Small businesses who want to keep up with their competitors need to be a media outlet and video content is a medium that you can’t afford to ignore.
Common perception is that video is the most technical and hardest media to produce. It is a challenge but if u can do it well you will reap the benefits for your business
You Tube, the world’s biggest platform for consuming video is only going to keep growing.
Video allows you to reach your clients and potential customers in a way that is scalable.
It also allows practice for public speaking
We’ve challenged ourselves to create a video a day in order to improve and master video content creation. A year ago we also implemented the practice of sending out a personalised video to each new client, following their first meeting with us.
Our biggest tip for business owners that are yet to reap the benefits of consistent content creation is; pick the format you are most comfortable with and get started!
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