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Episode 21: Personality in business ft Drew Kruck

Released Wednesday, 16th December 2015
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Drew Kruck has personality for days.
TMA’s Drew Grosskreutz,  caught up with the business owner and podcaster (check this out, it’s his OnAirstudio caravan) to ask how small business owners can inject personality into their brand to grow their business.
Some of you may know Drew Kruck from Titan Garage and Sheds, Australia’s largest and most successful steel building manufacturers.
Founded by his father, Drew starred in a series of TV commercials and radio ads for the company and learnt from the best how to build a thriving multi-million dollar business. Titan Sheds has 130,000 customers and is a dominant name in the industry, partly through saturating their advertising and branding campaigns with their distinct personality.
Personality in business can go a long way
To stand out from your competitors, you need to give yourself a point of difference. You need to avoid the marketplace of ordinary. Ordinary can be boring.
Personality comes from the makeup of the leaders. Here are the key takeaways from our interview with Drew Kruck:
Take an active interest in people
Having a knack with people is one thing. Making a conscious effort to add personality into your brand via actively taking an interest is the next level.Drew removed himself from a job where he spent the days behind a computer screen, to follow his passion of getting back in touch with his friends and network.
Drew removed himself from a job where he spent the days behind a computer screen, to follow his passion of getting back in touch with his friends and network.
There is no sales agenda behind the podcast show Gold Coast vs Drew Kruck .  It is solely about asking people to share their world. While the show  has absolutely nothing to do with his signwriting business, people always come back to him when in need of this service. “People just want to connect with people,” so as a brand, you need to show your human side, Drew says.
Where personality and networking can take you
The ABC’s 7:30 report is about to do a show on Drew K and his podcast. The end effect of many many connections through various people which finally made its way to a producer for the nationally syndicated show. And yet, Drew still has no financial agenda for the show. It is amazing to think by being brave and using personality can get you to a level in business which money can’t buy.
Be brave
An advertising agency had an idea. Use a father and son duo to sell sheds. For me, this is a brave decision. You could be sending a totally wrong message to the market. The bravery however is paying off. I mention in the audio I cannot quickly think of another shed company. I would need to google to find and possibly remember their competitors. Bravery in marketing, using personality, has and is paying off.
You are the media
If you are in small business or thinking about being in small business, it is your chance to be the media. Whatever you want to create you can. How you want to market yourself you can. Your only job is to remain true to the editorial mission and not sacrifice it for anything.
Set goals & take action to capture audio and video
Drew K had a plan to create something special and he set a goal. There is a lot of writing around at present about goal setting which we can over another day, but suffice to say the goal setting
Be Genuine
In summary, just start creating content, highlight your personality and don’t be fake. Be genuine like Drew K and watch your small business thrive.
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