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Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Beitzah 17, 18, and 19, continue to contemplate the difference between Shabbos and Yom Tov. Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to think about how these two celebrations feel different and reflect two very different worlds. M
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Beitzah 15 and 16, evoke a charming concept: Every celebration is really a partnership between us and God. As we're about to enter the holiest day of the Jewish year, Yom Kippur, we ask: Does the same principle apply to
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Beitzah 14, has the rabbis engage in a long and spirited discussion about gift-giving. Dena Ingerman, celebrated gift-giver extraordinaire, joins us to talk about why the perfect little token can really make someone's hol
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Beitzah 12 and 13, raise the seminal question of the tractate, namely why are some restrictions more lenient on a holiday than those required on Shabbat? Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to explain this idea, and shed ligh
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Beitzah 10 and 11, launch into a meditation of ends and means. A hassidic story about a great rabbi and a hapless Gulag warden sheds light on this question: Why do we always look for things in all the wrong places? Liste
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Beitzah 9, raises the question of why certain things shouldn't be done when other people are watching. Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm joins us to explain how the rabbis debate two very different approaches to being human, and what th
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Beitzah 6 and 7 and 8, ask us how we're supposed to feel on Rosh Hashanah: Happy for the holiday? Fearful of divine judgment? Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to ponder these questions and shed light on the age-old mystery
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Beitzah 3 and 4, strike a surprisingly modern note when they bring up the concept of confirmation bias. Dr. Michelle Waldman Sarna, a psychologist and educator, joins us to explain this idea, and how the Talmud used it,
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Beitzah 2, introduces us to Tractate Beitzah, which is all about the practices of Yom Tov, or holiday. Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us with a preview of what to expect, and a meditation on how holidays are fundamentally di
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 56, brings us to the conclusion of Tractate Sukkah. Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to recap all that we've learned, and explain why the lesson of Sukkah is one we so desperately need to hear, particularly now, in o
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 55, contains a surprising revelation: On the last day of Sukkot, we pray for... world peace? Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern joins us to explain this poetic passage, and what it has to offer us in our contemporary troub
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Sukkah 53 and 54, return to Simchat Beit Hashoeva, the festival of drawing up water and praying to God for rain that generated unspeakable joy and continues to inspire us. To give us a taste of what this musical celebrat
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Sukkah 51 and 52, bring up yet again the importance of knowing how to fail and learn from your mistakes. Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to explain the specifically Jewish zen of failing, and why it's only those of us who
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 50, brings up Simchat Beit HaShoeva, an epic party. Kylie Unell joins us to tell us a bit about this ancient custom, and about the surprising ways in which the Bible prepares us to have a blast. What did the rabbis
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 49, delivers a stunningly poetic passage, telling us that Torah, like a thigh, should always be revealed and explored only in intimate settings. Dr. Batsheva Marcus joins us to unpack this surprising bit of instruc
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 48, tasks us with a hard mission: learning to rejoice even when it's the very last day of the holiday and the weight of ordinary life beckons. Hudson Leibovitz, eight years old, joins us to explain how he is prepar
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Sukkah 46 and 47, remind us just how important it is to count our blessings and to make sure we're very specific when we thank God for all of the plenty. Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to explain the logic of blessings,
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Sukkah 44 and 45, tell us again, in no uncertain terms, that each one of us has the power to change and redeem the entire world. We're inspired by the story of Father Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish priest who gave his life f
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 43, gives us an all-too-familiar, and very funny, scene of Jews bickering among themselves. Historian Zev Eleff joins us to shed light on our people's propensity for in-fighting, explains its historical and structu
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 42, asks perhaps the one question that matters most: When and how should we start educating our kids to love the Torah? Educator Adina Fredman joins us to talk about the Talmud's approach to early childhood educati
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 41, dives deep into the reasons why we remain so obsessed with the memory of the Beit Hamikdash, the ancient Temple. Novelist Dara Horn joins us to explain this eternal preoccupation of ours, how it's different fro
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Sukkah 39 and 40, kick things off with a tough conundrum: Why do we often say blessings for mitzvot prior to performing them? Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin returns to talk about the ancient rabbinic discussion about the purpose
Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Sukkah 37 and 38, raise the age-old question: Why do we shake the lulav and etrog on Sukkot? Isn't simply lifting them enough? Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to explain the mystical symbolism behind these acts, and how t
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 36, finds the rabbis in a judgy mood: rats, they tell us, are downright repulsive. Dr. Rivka Schwartz joins us to share her experience of life with adorable pet rats, and help us figure out if humans and rodents ca
Today’s Daf Yomi page, Sukkah 35, gives us a mystery right out of the Talented Mr. Ripley: Is the etrog we know and love secretly an impostor? Was it the humble pepper we were supposed to bless all along? Rabbi David Moster joins us to discuss
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