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JPEG vs RAW - episode 143

Released Wednesday, 24th February 2016
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JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group) is the most common way of storing and transmitting photos.

A JPEG is 1/8 the storage space of a RAW image counterpart – This was the best I could find in much research but in my own experience I find the JPEGs are 1/3 or ½ the disk space.

Represented numbers – the average is found within an 8x8 pixel space, AVERAGE+3cos(x)-10sin(x) will give the numeric ingurgitation with the formula of only 3 values in lieu of the original 8x8 pixel average. The end points on this may shift in an alternate numeric value and is solved by variable difference and its meeting of the next grouping.

Mentions: 3 and -10 come from Greg Thatcher Fourier theory. Randell Heyman

To understand the mathematical formula it doesn’t take more than a High School level Trigonometry class. Luckily Photo World we don’t need to know why this works but more so how it works and I will break this down in a very simplified way.

RAW doesn’t stand for anything! Yay for simple photographers not needed to know things! Well RAW refers to the same term for things like meat. RAW is meaning undone or not yet produced. A RAW file is not a finished product like say… a JPEG.

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