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Dr. Marilyn Paul is a coach and organizational change consultant. She joins us today to talk about how to break the addiction to productivity without shame, free to own our ADHD brains, and get things done our way. Her mission is to support people to learn from and find value in their difficult experiences. She’s been through her own challenges with ADHD over the years, translating them in the best-selling book, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys. Her second book, An Oasis in Time:  How a Day of Rest Can Save Your Life, offers us fodder for a conversation on the how the ADHD brain can escape the inescapable: the cycle of shame that comes from trying to live up to impossible productivity standards, while not feeling able to get anything done. Links & Notes MarilynPaul.com
Planning is a real delight. It’s one of the most fun things I can do with my precious time! When I sit down to plan, the only thing I really want to plan, is the next session of planning, which can’t come soon enough. ... said no one with ADHD. Ever. Yeah, we know. Sitting down to plan your week is hard, and if you’ve ever been burned by missing your own plan, you might not find a whole lot of value in it. This week on the show, we’re going to make the case that maybe, just maybe, you’re falling into one of three perilous traps that have impeded your successful efforts to plan. If you can get your hands around these three, you’re off to the races! Links & Notes The Taking Control GPS Program
You've heard us talk about the value of accountability partners before, but what does that relationship look like? What do you ask of one another, and what can you expect? As you’ll hear, we’re not big fans of the word “accountability.” If you’re turned off by the word, if you find it sounds a dash too much like you’re being punished or investigated, you’re not alone. In fact, maybe that’s what has been keeping you from exploring this valuable practice! We hope you love our spin on it, and that maybe after the show this week, you’ll give it a shot yourself. From finding someone you can trust, someone who can relate to your habits and adjust to your expectations, to finding someone for whom you can contribute equally, this week we’re all about building accountability relationships that work! Links & Notes Clouseau v. Cato — The ultimate accountability partner! Focusmate
We’re wrapping up our series on strategies from our community for living our lives with ADHD that work... most of the time! This week, we’re talking all about organizing, alarms, and acceptance! Links & Notes MediVault Command Strips!
We’re back and cranking through more incredible strategies from our community for living our lives with ADHD. This week, we’re talking all about finding focus and alarm tricks! Links & Notes Notability: Fall in love with note taking (iOS, iPadOS, macOS) DAKboard: Customizable display for photos, calendar, news, weather and more! Update: Pete undersold this. Turns out they actually sell complete units that you don’t have to build your old computer to use! Incredibly cool tool and reasonable pricing! Freaky Alarm Time Timer Applications Share your Apple Watch Face with others
We learned so much from you all in our last series that we’re keeping the party going! This week, and for the next few episodes, we’re sharing your submissions for unique AHD strategies that work ... MOST of the time. We all know that not every strategy works forever, but if we can learn a few from one another to get us over the next challenge, so much the better! This week, listener submissions to help you get started on projects and tackle task management! Links & Notes Rocketbook
Even after talking about these issues for more than a decade, we’re still incredibly moved by stories of our community members adapting to the world around them with ADHD in tow. This series is dedicated to them — and all of you — as we explore each unique journey for lessons that might inform our own. Our series continues with Kathleen’s story and her effort to build Getting Things Done® and the ever-evolving catalog of life goals and objectives into her digital tool of choice: Todoist. But it’s not just a story about Todoist, it’s a morality play about going all-in on a tool before you abandon it. Great lessons from a terrific listener this week! Links & Notes Getting Things Done Todoist
Even after talking about these issues for more than a decade, we’re still incredibly moved by stories of our community members adapting to the world around them with ADHD in tow. This series is dedicated to them — and all of you — as we explore each unique journey for lessons that might inform our own. Our series continues with stories from two adult students and a coach who is taking joy to new levels!
Even after talking about these issues for more than a decade, we’re still incredibly moved by stories of our community members adapting to the world around them with ADHD in tow. This series is dedicated to them — and all of you — as we explore each unique journey for lessons that might inform our own. Our series continues with stories from parents, writers, and engineers, each living and learning through their experience with ADHD.
We’re kicking off a series on the show we’re calling “Living with ADHD,” a set of episodes in which we talk to people about their journey ー careers, challenges, surprises, and terrific a-ha moments — and try to learn a bit about our own experiences as we look to the experiences of others. Today on the show, a valued community member shares her own story, waking up to ADHD and becoming an advocate from her position in her medical clinic. Dr. Kalaki Clarke joins us to talk about her journey with ADHD to becoming a physician, her work as an advocate for ADHDers everywhere, and her side gig as an award-winning in-car singer! Links & Notes Watch “Here to Say” — 2018 winner of the ADHD Viewers Choice Award promoting ADHD Awareness Life After Plans Follow @this_md_kalaki on Instagram
ADHD is part of us. You’ll hear a lot of people talking about how they can help you “fix” your ADHD but they always seem to forget that first part. We’ve learned over the last few weeks about the nature of acceptance, of embracing the parts of us that are hard and approaching them with curiosity and courage. What happens when you fully integrate all of ADHD — challenges and blessings — into your identity? What can you learn about yourself and the way you face the challenges ahead? This week on the show, a meditation on fault, blame, and what it really means to fix ADHD.
You might have heard of the stages of denial. But have you heard of the stages of acceptance? Dr. Dodge is back with us this week to share the similarities and differences between the two models and illuminate just how powerful it can be when discussing our relationship to ADHD. Links & Notes Subscribe to The Change Paradox with Dodge Rea The Four Stages of Acceptance — Marty Cooper, MFT Listen to Nikki Kinzer and The ADHD Paradox on The Change Paradox with Dodge Rea Listen to Ted Klontz and Facing our Hardest Change Softly on The Change Paradox with Dodge Rea
Divorce is one of the greatest challenges we face. Even the best of divorces brings an emotional cost. Living with ADHD, the costs that come from disorganization and distraction can be so much higher. Beyond the stress of dissolving your relationship, embarking on a journey into the legal system brings with it a raft of uncertainty and doubt — a system that cares very little about your ADHD. This week on the show, Tampa-based divorce attorney Seth Nelson joins us to help us understand where our ADHD will be most pressured, and where a great law firm can help you pull your weight. About Seth Nelson At Nelson Koster, the motto is “Helping good people through difficult times.” This is Mr. Nelson’s aim in every case, though how he works to achieve it varies greatly with each family’s unique situation. From an early age, he has always wanted to help people. After law school he found that he could do the greatest good by helping people through one of the most difficult times of their lives. Being a divorcee himself, as well as a father, he understands what you’re going through. Mr. Nelson focuses on Florida divorce law, Florida family law, and Florida family law mediation. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida’s College of Law. After law school, he clerked for the Honorable John C. Godbold, Senior Circuit Judge for the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Returning home to Tampa, he then worked for other Florida law firms before establishing his own practice in South Tampa. Since 2008, he has been the sole shareholder of Nelson Koster. Links & Notes Nelson Koster Family Law and Mediation How to Split a Toaster: A divorce podcast about saving your relationships
Today, we take a stroll down anxiety lane to talk about how it relates to ADHD and how you might find calm after an anxiety storm. The relationship between ADHD and anxiety is, in a word, tight. If you’re living with ADHD there is a significant chance you’re living with anxiety, too, even if you’re not genetically predisposed to the later. The research shows that what you need to do to address each condition depends on that very special pairing of your unique circumstances. Today, we review how the two conditions impact one another, how we live with anxiety in our own lives, and how we can step back, take stock, and find calm.
"Move on,” you say to yourself. And yet, you perseverate. You left work incomplete, you let someone down, you missed a deadline… you’re feeling the burden of those losses and yet, the world continues to spin. How do you maintain composure enough to be able to say with confidence that it’s time to move on, move forward, tackle a new challenge tomorrow and free your mind from the losses of today? Today we’re talking about perseveration: "repetitive and continuous behavior, speech or thought that occurs due to changes in cognitive skills such as memory, attention, and mental flexibility.” While perseveration is often connected to brain injury, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or aphasia, it has a common connection to, you guessed it, attention.
New season, new questions! It’s been too long since we took on your fantastic submissions so we’re clearing the deck this New Year with discussion on ADHD paradoxes, health, ableism, and so much more. Along the way, head over to The Theme System to see what Myke Hurley and CGP Grey have cooked up with the release of their second edition Theme Journal! Can margin exist with hyperfocus? Can you be kind to yourself AND challenge yourself to be better? Are you keeping resolutions this year, or clearing out any tolerations? (The 2021 Purge!) How do you explain executive functioning to someone with no experience with it? What do you look for in an accountability partner? Hey Pete... how you feeling?Thank you to everyone who submitted questions — keep ‘em coming!
This week, we’re taking a bit of time to reflect. No, 2020 hasn’t been the best year in recent memory. But does that mean we didn’t learn, grow, and change? Of course we did! Today, we talk about it. We’re sharing insights from clients and community members, guests on the show and more. Plus we have a list of tools that might just come in handy which we’ve adopted this year and have led to a little change in their own right. Links & Notes YouNeedABudget Mission Forward The Change Paradox How to Split a Toaster What's That Smell Season 5(!) Obsidian Roam Research GoodLinks Affinity Design Tools from Serif Coda.ioß
We’re not always the friendliest narrators of our own lives. Sure, everyone makes mistakes. Everyone is late to a meeting or call from time to time. Everyone has rough days. But if you’re living with ADHD, there’s a good chance you’ve taken the practice of celebrating your perceived failures to an art form. This week on the show, thanks to the inspiration of the work of Susan David and her writing in and around emotional agility, we’re talking all about ADHD and self-compassion. If we’re adept at speaking to ourselves with bile, how will we learn, change, and grow? It turns out, there are steps we can take… and we’re going to try and take a few of them today. Links & Notes ‘The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage’ – TEDTalk by Dr. Susan David SusanDavid.com Give Me That Panic Attack with Pete Wright — Pete’s guest spot on Systematic with Brett Trpstra
You know what it takes to break down tasks… we talk about that all the time. But what happens when you investigate the underlying ADHD challenge associated with it? You become an ADHD super-sleuth! To do it, you have to be crafty. You have to sneak up on the symptoms of your ADHD experience and recognize them for what they are. Then you have to test, and test again, changing your behavior bit by bit until you recognize that somewhere buried in your frustration and your personal sense of weakness… there is actually strength! Plus, Pete gets the chance to talk about Underpants Gnomes. How can you miss that?
Dr. Sharon Saline has focused her work on ADHD, anxiety, learning differences and mental health challenges and their impact on school and family dynamics for over 30 years. She’s channeled this experience and expertise into her book, What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life. She recently published The ADHD Solution Deck: 50 Strategies to Help Kids Learn, Reduce Stress & Improve Family Connections. As we move into the winter months, the wake of the pandemic always just ahead of us, Dr. Saline is here to talk about ADHD Parenting under stress, particularly when COVID comes home. Links & Notes Dr. Sharon Saline What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew: Working Together to Empower Kids for Success in School and Life by Dr. Sharon Saline and Dr. Laura Markham The ADHD Solution Deck: 50 Strategies to Help Kids Learn, Reduce Stress & Improve Family Connections by Dr. Sharon Saline
We all let things slide. But procrastination with ADHD can lead to a set of behaviors that are tough to reset. This week on the show, ADHD coach Lynne Edris joins us to talk about her work with clients to do just that. Lynne is a productivity and ADHD coach and co-host of the award-winning ADHD Support Talk podcast. Lynne specializes in helping professionals struggling to reach their potential due to challenges with disorganization, procrastination, poor time-management, weak follow-through, and having too much on their plates. She’s a fantastic resource and we’re thrilled she’s joined us this week to help! Links & Notes CoachingADDvantages.com Subscribe to ADHD Support Talk Podcast Follow Lynne on Facebook Connect with Lynne on Twitter Connect with Lynne on LinkedIn
We’re back from The 2020 Virtual International Conference on ADHD and this year, we’re not just back as attendees, but as presenters. The big message of the conference was about taking care of your bod, so we’ve got some takeaways that you can use to get inspired to get moving and not feeling overwhelmed in the process. The research is in, and has been for some time: moving your body moves the chemicals in your brain and serves as a key anchor in your overall ADHD intervention. This, plus a healthy relationship with sleep and diet, form the foundation to treatment and can impact the way your body reacts to stimulation, medication, and so much more. Conference keynote speaker Dr. John Ratey’s book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain offers some exceptional detail for those interested.
We’re on the edge around these parts, pressured by the environment, the overwhelming weight of politics in the US, and all the associated symptoms that come with it. Pete’s been pretty open about his brand of COVD experience. He thought it was over only to discover last week that there are new, surprise issues cropping up and what the medical team is asking of him has sparked some inescapable ADHD behaviors leading to one of the darker weekends of recovery. What happens when your ADHD symptoms run into your healthcare requirements and spark panic? That’s this week on The ADHD Podcast with a personal story from Pete.
It's not easy being missed, especially when you know you're not quite relating to the world the same way your peers are. For Tara Koch, like so many in our community, the ADHD diagnosis came decades later, childhood long gone. What came with her diagnosis was an open door to learning about herself, her kids, and even set her course for a new career. This week, ADHD coach Tara Koch joins us to talk about her experience growing up missing the ADHD diagnosis, and how ADHD has impacted her life since. Links & Notes Tara Jane Koch — ADHD Coach Subscribe on YouTube
Dr. Michelle Frank is a clinical psychologist specializing in providing diagnostic and treatment services to individuals with ADHD. She joins us today to talk about inattentive ADHD and the struggles that come along by way of misdiagnosis. Nikki shares the story of her own family’s struggle with getting an inattentive diagnosis and Michelle walks us through the difference between inattentive and predominately hyperactive types to give us a sense of how and why inattentive ADHD gets missed. In addition to coming away with a clearer picture of why the inattentive type is missed so often, Michelle offers us a set of questions to ask of ourselves, our children, and their teachers and caregivers that will help us uncover the hidden signals of inattentive ADHD. Links & Notes Thank you for supporting The ADHD Podcast on Patreon! Follow Michelle on Instagram A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD: Embrace Neurodiversity, Live Boldly, and Break Through Barriers by Michelle Frank and Sari Solden — Amazon.com About Dr. Michelle Frank
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