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That's immortality, my darlings. I. Marlene King may have laid PLL to rest with that series finale, but Sam, Christine, and Allison still have a lot to say. I mean, after seven seasons, how could they not? Join them one last time as they try to
With just one week to go, Sam and Christine are not holding back when it comes to how they feel about this lack of answers. They're also getting ready for the finale by calling Aria out while they still can, freaking out over the Mona reveal, a
Once again, Christine and Sam are not impressed with this Mona red herring that's getting more and more ridiculous the closer we get to the series finale. Did we mention that there's only TWO episodes of 'PLL' left? Join them as they talk throu
O M G — that's the sound of Christine and Sam attempting to recover from finally getting the Haleb engagement they've been waiting for since surviving Spaleb and the unfortunate Jordan engagement. But, don't worry, they pull it together enough
Is that the sound of hundreds of theories coming true? Sam and Christine are still trying to wrap their heads around finally seeing Aria in the infamous black hoodie — and debating whether or not she might be the best character to wear A's sign
Christine and Sam are barely hanging on after yet another Caleb-less episode of 'Pretty Little Liars' — but they still have plenty to say about "In The Eye Abides The Heart," especially the return of WREN. We all know they could spend an entire
Prepare yourself — because Sam and Christine have A LOT to say about all of the big reveals in "Power Play". (And the fact that Caleb was MIA this episode because, obviously.) While they talk through the motives of the many A.D. suspects in pla
Christine and Sam reunite this week — which is a good thing, because they're still recovering from the panic of Caleb being poisoned. While they try to figure out where the heck Ezra and Alison are, whether or not Nicole has good (or at least i
Sam and Christine are back at it with a very special guest: Ezra Fitz himself, Ian Harding! They have a lot to talk about, like Ian's new book, "Odd Birds;" what makes him so different from the author he plays on PLL; what we can expect from #E
Unlike Jenna's big return to Rosewood in this week's episode, Christine and Martha are still waiting for Sam to sail back in on the SS Haleb. Join them as they — as always — praise the amount of Haleb screen time we've been getting, debate whet
In Sam's absence (did Uber A kidnap her too?!), Christine and Martha delve into the first of Pretty Little Liars' final 10 episodes. They kick off with admittedly expected praise for Hanna, before moving on to that bizarrely simple Mary Drake r
As Sam and Christine get ready for the final season of 'PLL,' they're counting down some of the best moments in its history. But don't worry, it's not just their opinions — they're joined by fellow Bustle hosts Kelsea, Allison, and Martha, as w
After a long, cold hiatus, Sam and Christine are back to talk about everything they know about Season 7B so far. Thanks to a couple of short trailers, some interviews, and Ian Harding’s Instagram, they already have plenty to say about Ali’s pre
Settle in, because Sam and Christine have A LOT to say about PLL’s Season 7A finale — which is probably a good thing, since the show won’t be back until April. They kick things off by trying to figure out just how many casualties there were in
Is it getting hot in here, or is it just Jason Christ? Once Sam and Christine recover from those flashbacks and their new OTP, they manage to discuss Paige's creepiness, Aria's gloating, and that (quite literally) fire Haleb preview. They also
If you're still shocked after watching Hanna make the biggest mistake of her life (that would be leaving Caleb without kissing him, not going to the woods on a solo murder mission), Sam and Christine are back to talk about everything that lead
Much like Hanna and Caleb, Sam and Christine are finally back together to talk about all of the shadiness in the most ridiculously titled episode of PLL yet, "Original G'A'ngsters." They have some pretty solid ideas about who Mary's other secre
With Christine out this week (presumably on an end-of-Spaleb victory lap), Sam is joined by Bustle's Rachel Simon, who has some excellent observations about Hanna's choice in ringtones, the masked cop, and that confusing Jenna/Charlotte/Rollins
Sam is back from her Haleb cruise (because that 'ship is still very much afloat) to join Christine in celebrating the return of Noel Kahn. There's no such celebration for Sara Harvey, but they do try to figure out what her alliance with Jenna m
This week, Romper's Allison Piwowarski — our resident Spaleb shipper — fills in for Sam and goes toe-to-toe with Christine about this week's episode of PLL, "Hit and Run, Run, Run." Join them as they over-analyze that emotional Spaleb scene and
Though they're still recovering from the trauma of Rollins' bleeding face, Sam and Christine are back to talk about this week's episode of PLL, "The Talented Mr. Rollins." Join them as they contemplate whether you can really whip up a mask in y
This week, Sam and Christine try to recover from all that Haleb vs. Spaleb whiplash, which can only be soothed by seeing Hanna SLAY. They also debate what it is that Rollins actually wants, whether Mary can be trusted, and just how much Liam dr
Sam and Christine are back to figure out what Mary Drake and Rollins are up to in the Pretty Little Liars premiere, which makes wearing a red sweater a crime, apparently. They also try to connect Mary to everyone else in Rosewood and beyond (*c
Join Sam Rullo and Kelsea Stahler to preview the last season of Pretty Little Liars and bid Kelsea farewell as this is her last episode!
Like a reunited Haleb, we kiss another season of "Pretty Little Liars" (and "Taking This One To The Grave") goodbye. We chat about the Mary Drake (#twinonpll), the return of Ezria (Liam's Landing, we hardly knew you), and... Hanna *can't* be de
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