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Episode 14 Part I: The Future of Education: Big Tech, Inclusivity, & Disruption

Released Wednesday, 10th June 2020
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The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as a bypass in which technological processes and tools that would normally have taken years to adapt and adopt in American institutions, have turned up as a new aspect of life in education. The rise of remote teaching is an opportunity to empower the learner in the virtual experience, and public health events are also affording us the ability to rewrite educational standards that need to be addressed for inclusivity to combat systematic racism and prejudices in our classrooms. 

In Part I of this podcast, I lay the foundation for the conversation with teachers and parents in Part II about the essence of online learning should be focused on flexibility and adaptability to enable students to reach greater heights and not be limited by a predetermined set of circumstances. I talk about a piece by Walsh (2020) that highlighted Silicon Valley runaway and NYU School of Business instructor, Scott Galloway, on what he calls "big tech's coming disruption in higher education" and how I connect that to K-12, and our society's collective need to discuss reforming our school systems for greater cooperation and comity of the American culture in the future.

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