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Tales from the Mists

A weekly Games, Hobbies and Other Games podcast featuring TK Johnson
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Episodes of Tales from the Mists

In the season 3 finale, the Mistwalkers are one step closer to the God-King's resting place. Can they seal away Anhktepot for good or will are their fates locked in the Tomb of Kings? Want to join the conspiracy? Follow Tales from the Mists on
Doctor Balthazar Kettel has been murdered and it seems Temperance is the culprit! Our Mistwalkers are trapped in the tomb with a killer...but can the end of the world wait? Want to join the conspiracy? Follow Tales from the Mists on Twitter @m
The Mistwalkers, led by Doctor Balthazar Kettel and his intrepid assistant, Temperance, descend into the Tomb of Kings, lured deeper by the promise of forgotten treasures and salvation for the citizens of Mudar. Want to join the conspiracy? Fo
The Mistwalkers have joined the expedition into the Tomb of Kings below the Temple of Mudar. What nightmares lurk deep below the Amber Wastes and what will our heroes discover beneath the sand? Want to join the conspiracy? Follow Tales from th
The High Judge Isu Rehkotep has summoned our Mistwalkers to the Temple of Mudar. What could she want with our heroes and what are their mysterious companions, the Green Hand commander Sarro and secretive Neferet Shai, hiding? Want to join the
Vargis has been separated from his party and Constantina makes contact with Fate to determine her destiny. Meanwhile, demons, devils, and undead eat their way across the city of Mudar. Want to join the conspiracy? Follow Tales from the Mists o
The walls of Mudar have come crumbling down and the streets are flooded with fiends. What else do the Amber Wastes have in store for our Mistwalkers? Want to join the conspiracy? Follow Tales from the Mists on Twitter @misttalesdnd or visit ta
While Vasily procures a magical pistol for Vargis, Constantina wakes in a monstrous arena. Mercy and Vargis meet Neferet Shai, a chillingly practical dusk elf who leads them to the Court of Blood... Want to join the conspiracy? Follow Tales fr
The Mistwalkers have been welcomed into Mudar with open arms and open jaws. What could Madame Magdalene and Club Knucklebone have in store for them and why has Jericho entered the Temple of Mudar? Want to join the conspiracy? Follow Tales from
The Mistwalkers discover that Rapture's employer is Madame Magdalene, the proprietress of Club Knucklebone in the tiefling neighborhood known as The Devil's Backbone. But before they can meet the notorious night hag, they have an important miss
Trapped in the midst of a raging battle with a demonic horde on their heels, the Mistwalkers enter Akkan, a nearly-deserted depot on the Styx Railway. Will their journey to Mudar be a safe one...or just as terrifyingly tumultuous as their previ
The Mistwalkers find themselves trekking the vast dunes of Har'Akir. What has brought them to the Amber Wastes? What dangers await in the cursed spires and pyramids that loom in the distance? Want to join the conspiracy? Follow Tales from the
The Mistwalkers have been accepted aboard the Endurance as passengers and crew members in the employ of Captain Garvyn. The Sea of Sorrows will carry them to the frigid shores of Lamordia, where one of our heroes' pasts is waiting to drag her d
The Mistwalkers have been invited to Claudia's birthday masquerade--three years before braving the catacombs of Kartakass. In a place where every choice could have catastrophic consequences, will Vargis make the same mistakes to guarantee he ke
The Mistwalkers enter the home of Meredoth, the necromancer disguise of Dr. Victor Mordenheim. How will Mercy react upon meeting him and how does Vasily know him? Which party members have been lying about their involvement with the Society of E
After an evening of revelry, our heroes are given a boat to sail for Todstein, the island home of the dreadful necromancer, Meredoth. What awaits them in the northern seas, where the ice crawls across the water? Will they find answers in Todste
Our Mistwalkers have made it in time for Stefano and Captain Ulrich's wedding! However, Vincenzia demands the truth of Constantina's identity and gives her a dangerous mission. The Mistwalkers meet their new companions, the charming Lady Elliot
Having vanquished Mr. Dory, our heroes have been beckoned into the chambers of The Guardian, a powerful creature that has made a pact with Indra. What does it want with Ingrid's rosewood box? What did it promise Indra in return...and what will
Indra has led our Mistwalkers into Mr. Dory's warehouse, but something else has pulled them out of the Styes and into its home. Will Lazarus and our revolutionaries discover the mystery behind the supernatural killer terrorizing the Styes or is
Mercy has received secret instructions to meet Ingrid's mysterious employer at Mr. Dory's Warehouse. Meanwhile, Lazarus seeks to enlist the assistance of the Mistwalkers in catching a serial killer who threatens the promise of peace in the Stye
Vargis has been given a secret assignment by his mysterious benefactor and Constantina will learn the consequences of joining The Endurance's crew as the ship approaches The Styes, a pirate sanctum preparing for the marriage of notorious Pirate
Mutiny has erupted aboard The Endurance, led by the treacherous first mate, Brummet. What other dastardly secrets has he been hiding...and what else has changed in the two years since the Mistwalkers left Kartakass? Want to join the conspiracy
The Endurance is under attack and our heroes have stepped forward to defend it! But can they unravel the secrets of this Ship of Horror or will they sink below the deadly surface of this mystery, never to rise again? Want to join the conspirac
A hungry presence looms beyond Vargis's door when he is most vulnerable, and a deadly storm is rising around The Endurance. Our heroes will have their mettle--and their trust--tested as the crew comes under attack! Why would anyone threaten thi
Our heroes become more familiar with the crew of The Endurance when they must resupply at the Lutea Bazaar, a floating marketplace. Someone from Mercy's past catches up to her, the Matchbook Menagerie sends a message, and something strange stal
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