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Episodes of Talk Psych to Me

In this not-at-all-boring episode, Tania and Brian explore the psychology of boredom. They answer fascinating questions like, "what is boredom?" "is it good or bad for us?" "how can we become less boredom-prone?" and "what will happen if you le
Tania and Brian are back this week to talk about the psychology of grief and mourning. Brian opens up about his father’s death, we explore the psychology of grief, funeral faux pas, coping with loss, and how to be there for others. SAMHSA'S fre
Brian's therapist, Dr. Lynn Saladino, joins the show to answer our therapy and mental health questions with special guest, Dr. Alyssa Greene, co-creator of our web series The Way Through. Don't miss out on this great deal. It's basically free t
In honor of Halloween, we're talking about the spookiest of subjects: John Gottman's theory of the 4 Horsemen of the Relationship Apocalypse. Find out the biggest predictors of a relationship downfall and how to prevent these common romance kil
Since we've been busy training our pig, Outlaw Josey, we wanted to break down the psychology of learning through Operant Conditioning. We talk about reinforcement, punishment, the difference between punishers and aversives, and the power of sha
What is narcissism? Why do so many people suspect their partner is a narcissist? Are we becoming more narcissistic as a society? And most importantly... are YOU a narcissist?Talk to us about yourself:Instagram: @talkpsychtomepodcastFacebook: @t
Let's talk about the psychology of motivation! We explore the research behind intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and answer big questions like: What truly motivates us? Should we stop paying people for performance? And why did we adopt a pig?Fe
In this episode, we'll help you get the most out of music and answer tough questions like: Did we evolve to make music? Does music help or harm our performance? What causes chills (aka skin orgasms)? And - most importantly - whose character had
Do you know how to be a psychological time traveler? Spend 20 minutes with us today learning how reminiscence and anticipatory joy impact our mental health, relationships, and happiness. (And find out about that one time Brian and Tania both go
It's clear that feelings impact our facial expressions, but can it work the other way around? Can fake smiles turn to real happiness? Can Botox treat depression? And what do facial expressions have to do with empathy?Express yourself on social!
A short update about shorter episodes to come!Talk psych to us:Instagram: @talkpsychtomepodcastFacebook: @talkpsych2meTwitter: @talkpsych2meEmail: [email protected] by Scarlet Moon ThingsMusic by Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy, and Ri
Author Irshad Manji shares her vision for honest diversity and a pluralistic society that doesn't treat labels as our finish line. Tune in to learn how our most common change tactics will probably backfire and how to engage in courageous conver
In our final episode of the Psychology of the 7+ Deadly Sins, we take on lust. We tackle sexy questions like: what makes us lust after some people and not others? Does lust really make us stupid? How can you feel more lust in your relationship?
Eating too much causes more illness worldwide than eating too little. So, why do we do it and, how can we stop? In this episode, Brian and Tania take on the psychology and sociology of gluttony! If you think you may have an eating disorder, ple
Let's unpack the psychology of envy. Is it a psychological poison? A sin? A catalyst for resentment, gossip, hostility, and crime? Or is it fuel for social progress and personal growth? Tania and Brian reveal their own envy episodes and discuss
We're celebrating Pride Month with an exploration of the psychology of pride. Is it the deadliest of the 7 Deadly Sins or is it one of our greatest virtues? Come find out!Talk psych to us:Instagram: @talkpsychtomepodcastFacebook: @talkpsych2meT
So many of us are feeling weary and on the brink of hopelessness. This week, we talk about the psychology of melancholy - one of the original Eight Deadly Sins. We discuss the benefits of sadness, cultural norms, and how to use our small hope w
In the wake of more black deaths and ongoing protests and riots - we tackle the psychology of anger, rage, and outrage. Should wrath really be categorized as a sin, or can be it be fuel for progress? Does violence lead to more violence, or can
We continue our journey through the psychology of the seven deadly sins. This week, we're talking greed! Is greed the root of all progress or the root of all suffering? What makes someone greedy, and just how greedy are you? Talk psych to us:In
Feeling lazy? Tune in to understand why as we explore the psychology of the seven deadly sins, starting with sloth. At best, you'll walk away with greater motivation or self-acceptance. At the very least, you can put off doing more important th
Can psychology help us understand the mysterious worlds we visit and lives we lead while we're asleep? In this episode, we tackle questions like: Why do we dream? What do our dreams mean? Why didn't Brian join The Smurfs when he had the chance?
Mucus. Puss. Maggots. Feces. Eating bats. Eating cows. Racism. In this episode, we discuss the benefits and dangers of disgust and tackle some tough questions like: Is anything objectively disgusting? Why are some people more easily disgusted t
Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, author of What's Your Problem? joins us this week to talk about the psychology of problem solving. Learn his top tips for problem reframing and how to become a skillful problem solver.Talk psych to us: Instagram: @tal
In honor of Brian's birthday, we talk about the psychology of age and aging. Does being slightly older or slightly younger than your classmates in school impact you later in life? (Spoiler alert: yes!) What are some of the benefits of aging? An
Come join the Luna family debate about empathy. Does it do more good or harm in a zombie apocalypse? How about in today's world? What exactly is empathy anyway? And how can we learn to use it well?Talk psych to us: Instagram: @talkpsychtomepodc
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