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TTMIK Drama - The Lost Bag

Released Friday, 13th May 2011
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The following are the phrases used in this video:

1. 여보세요? [yeo-bo-se-yo] = Hello?
2. 안녕. [an-nyeong] = Hi. / Hello.
3. 오랜만이야. [o-raen-ma-ni-ya.] = It's been a long time.
4. 감사합니다. [gam-sa-ham-ni-da.] = Thank you.
5. 정말 감사합니다. [jeong-mal gam-sa-ham-ni-da] = Thank you very much.
6. 잠깐만요. [jam-kkan-man-yo.] = Wait a second.
7. 여기 제 번호예요. [yeo-gi je beon-ho-ye-yo.] = Here is my number.
8. 다음에 커피라도 한 잔 해요. [da-eu-me keo-pi-ra-do han jan hae-yo.] = Let's drink some coffee of something next time.
9. 뭐예요? [mwo-ye-yo?] = What is it? / What's going on?
10. 제 가방 왜 가지고 있어요? [je ga-bang wae ga-ji-go i-sseo-yo?] = Why do you have my bag?
11. 빨리 줘요. [ppal-li jwo-yo.] = Give it to me quickly.
12. 이상한 사람이야. [i-sang-han sa-ra-mi-ya.] = What a weird person.
13. 저기... [jeo-gi...] = Well... / Excuse me...
14. 번호 좀... [beon-ho jom...] = (Could you give me your) Number...?
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