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TTMIK Level 8 Lesson 27

Released Monday, 27th August 2012
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Welcome to another lesson in the Advanced Situational Expressions series. Throughout this series, we will take a look at common situations and some of the advanced expressions you can use in each of them. In this lesson, we will introduce various expressions you can use when you want to make compliments about or to someone.

1. 우와, 이거 어떻게 하셨어요?
[u-wa i-geo eo-tteo-ke ha-syeo-sseo-yo?]
= Wow. How did you do this?

2. 어떻게 이렇게 하셨어요?
[eo-tteo-ki i-reo-ke ha-syeo-sseo-yo?]
= How did you do it like this?
= How did you do that?
= How were you able to do such a difficult thing?

3. 잘 하신 거예요.
[jal ha-sin geo-ye-yo.]
= You’ve done a good thing.
= You’ve made the right choice.
= It’s a good thing you did that.

4. 정말 잘하시네요.
[jeong-mal jal ha-si-ne-yo.]
= You’re really good at it.

4. 어떻게 그렇게 ㅇㅇ를 잘하세요?
[eo-tteo-ke geu-reo-ke ㅇㅇ-reul ja-ra-se-yo?]
= How are you so good at ㅇㅇ?

5. 정말 대단하신 것 같아요.
[jeong-mal dae-da-na-sin geot ga-ta-yo.]
= I think you are amazing.
= You are really inspiring.

6. 오늘 패션 너무 멋져요.
[o-neul pae-syeon neo-mu meot-jyeo-yo.]
= Your fashion looks awesome today.

7. 오늘 옷이 너무 예뻐요.
[o-neul o-si neo-mu ye-ppeo-yo.]
= I really like your outfit.
= Your outfit looks very beautiful today.

8. 요즘 젊어지신 것 같아요.
[yo-jeum jeol-meo-ji-sin geot ga-ta-yo.]
= It seems like you’ve become younger recently.
= You look younger these days.

9. 갈수록 예뻐지시는 것 같아요.
[gal-su-rok ye-ppeo-ji-si-neun geot ga-ta-yo.]
= I think you are becoming prettier and prettier.
= You are becoming prettier day by day.

10. 저도 ㅇㅇ 씨처럼 ㅇㅇ를 잘했으면 좋겠어요.
[jeo-do ㅇㅇ ssi-cheo-reom ㅇㅇ-rul ja-rae-sseu-myeon jo-ke-sseo-yo.]
= I wish I were good at ㅇㅇ like you.
= I wish I could do ㅇㅇ as well as you do.

11. 너무 부러워요.
[neo-mu bu-reo-wo-yo.]
= I’m so jealous.

12. ㅇㅇ 잘하신다고 이야기 많이 들었어요.
[ㅇㅇ ja-ra-sin-da-go i-ya-gi ma-ni deu-reo-sseo-yo.]
= I’ve heard a lot that you are good at ㅇㅇ.
= Many people have told me that you are good at ㅇㅇ.

13. 도대체 못 하는 게 뭐예요?
[do-dae-che mot ha-neun ge mwo-ye-yo?]
= Is there anything you can’t do?
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