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Mel, Tom and Robert discuss all things "Elon", from twitter missteps to autopilot promises, SpaceX and everything in between.
Mel, Tom and Robert get together to discuss the Tesla earnings call.
Mel talks about Elon's letter and the 7% reduction in staff, it is making him anxious!
Mel reviews the latest news, Giga Factory 3, Q 4 results and previews 2019.
Mel, Tom and Robert discuss their experience at the Boring Company event. Also, they talk about Mel’s new X, and the usual array of Tesla news and banter.
Mel talks about the Boring Company event and the Tesla Powerwall.
Mel talks with Barry Cinnamon (of Cinnamon Solar) about the latest solar panel technology.
Superchargers, rival EVs, Model 3 iPhone connectivity issues, BFR's and Mars...Is Elon the most important person alive today? Perhaps, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson. He certainly is doing a lot for the planet. Confronted with the White House Climate Report, the guys ponder how much more needs to…
A little Tweener from Mel for the holidays.
Tesla is PROFITABLE - can it stay that way? Mel is enraged by the idea of opening up Tesla superchargers to other electric car manufacturers! The plan is to go back to twice a month with our full shows, for the Talking Tesla Patreon Patrons.
Talking Tesla Nation! Another episode is here. Just for a change, Mel rants about superchargers. Tom discusses his recent trip to Oregon. They discuss Autopilot and V 9.0. They talk Model 3 safety, and the 7 degree rise in temperature. Also Q3 sales and delivery. There is some Space X discussion an…
Lots of Tesla and Elon discussions and plenty of solar and gigafactory chats. Also they get into some hyperloop, SpaceX, Tesla SEMI, Tesla pick-up-truck and autonomous driving commentary.
Usually we would send out an interview or tell a Tesla story - but not this month. There has been SO much happening it the Tesla universe, that all three of the guys got together to discuss the news. There is discussion of the Tesla earnings call, and of course Elon’s recent tweet and blog post. Te…
The guys begin this episode by calling out a certain podcast that has appeared with an awkwardly similar name! Robert tells the details of his recent car accident. Luckily, he was driving his Model S! The guys discuss. How long will it take to fix his S? How much will it cost? Mel talks about his r…
In this, our first "Talking Tesla Tweener", Robert Rosenbloom interviews Nico Nevolo & Rob Jones about extreme road tripping in a Tesla!
Talking Tesla is BACK! And the guys are excited! This first episode of Season 3 the guys hit on  some of the bigger news that when down while they were off the air, but mainly they focus on the recent Tesla "Earnings" Call. 
Mel, Tom and Robert are all getting ready to return for Season 3. Send them messages so they know you are all still out there.
The Talking Tesla team are going on hiatus. After two and a half years of bringing all of the news and stories of EV land to the Tesla nation, it is time for the team to take a well deserved break. We will be back soon to crush Tom's ICE car, and you will hear from us for upcoming events before too…
Tom and Robert bring you this weeks Talking Tesla news! This week's show focuses on the Model 3 user interface. They walk us through the Model 3 screen interface and explain the centre screen in detail. They have also just returned from the Los Angeles Tesla Owners Club event and they have much to …
Mel joins the guys for a quick conversation this week. Then much discussion ensues about the dubious rumors in articles this week about the fate of a top-secret spacecraft, known as Zuma. The guys talk about truckers and the future of automation- after reading a NY Times article about the "Death Of…
Tom gives us a first hand report on his Model 3! What has his experience been thus far? Also, the Tesla Model 3 Easter Egg, Tesla news, Robert's big Supercharger report, and Space X news.
Robert and Tom talk Model 3 Deliveries, including the delivery of Model 3s to non-Tesla employees! Big news for EV's in China this week, apparently by the end of 2017, Shenzhen's entire fleet of 16,000 buses will have shifted to electric. Also another big week of Supercharger announcements, and Rob…
Both Tom and Mel have configured their Model 3s! Alas, Robert is still awaiting his email. This week Tom and Robert bring you all of the tesla news, including some exciting Boring Company plans. News about VW, the US Postal service, and London Black Cabs. Also Tesla Semi receives another large orde…
Tom and Robert bring the Tesla news to Tesla nation this week. Lots of focus on batteries, with switching on of South Australia's new Tesla lithium battery, the Hornsdale Power Reserve. In other exciting news, the reported total orders of the Tesla Semi trucks including WalMart, Loblaws, Ryder & J.…
Mel is back in the studio this week! He and Tom talk the Model 3. This week the Model 3 Owners Manual was leaked in full, and Tesla opened up Model 3 orders for regular reservation holders to configure! Exciting times. They also speculate about the Tesla Semi and its cost, batteries and more. Rober…
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