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Talking to Myself in the Park

A weekly Comedy podcast
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Episodes of Talking to Myself in the Park

WEEEELL it seems as if I've gone and done it again. Yet ANOTHER episode of the only podcast to feature me, Clare, walking around a park. In this ep I discuss Coronavid-19, what I want done with my body after I PASS, knives, and unfortunately MO
Heeeere we are again, farting around Highland Park in...Brooklyn? Penny the dog co-hosts this wild ride of an ep. "Wild ride? How so?" you ask. WELL, I cover a LOT of ground, physically and otherwise, talkin' bout TREES and DOGS and TINY TIM (b
After an accidental two-week hiatus, I return to The Park with dog in hand (on leash). In this ep, I talk to my dog like a human baby, about the PBS show Finding Your Roots, when shit collects at the corners of your mouth, and other dumb stuff.
Oi!! In this dumb episode, I wander around Highland Park in Queens(???) with my weird little dog Penny. You'll notice a lot of "mic rubbing against jacket" noise, and for that I SUPPOSE I apologize, but I think you'll like it anyway! "Neverthel
YES there are large uhhh SWATHS of silence in this episode, but nevertheless this is still somehow a podcast! My dog Penny and I visit Grover Cleveland Park(?) in Ridgewood, Queens where we run around, lose our train of thought, and encounter o
WELL, WELL, WELL look who's come CRAWLING back to the internet audiosphere...it's me! Clare! I recorded this episode right when The Coup was popping off I guess, but there is no mention of it in the ep because, well, I hadn't read the news abou
In this sizzling hot ep, I talk with young male comedian Joe Pera about the outdoors, walking, talking, and shaking tha booty. YES it was too wet outside to record in a real park, so YES I made Joe play ambient park noises on YouTube in his apa
In this ep, I force hot mama and dear friend Solomon Georgio to sit with me outside in below freezing temperatures. Maria Hernandez Park has never been colder and Sol and I gab about just that! Among other things. It's FUN. We're FUN. LIFE is F
Wow. Are you in for a D*MN treat. In this ep of Talking to Myself in da P, I talk to my friend, comedian/musician/author/freakshow Dave Hill at the NYC AIDS Memorial Park (St. Vincent's Triangle) in Greenwich Village. Topics include: piss, shit
This is what we in Business and Management School like to call...A GAME CHANGER. In this ep of TTMITP I talk to SOMEONE ELSE in the park. Megan Koester, my friend, my mami, and "freak bitch savant", talk about all sorts of things, leading me to
Here I am, again, telling you, the listener, that this ep...this ep right here...this one is...A-O.K.! I visit Hyde Park in jolly good London and talk about the following: how OLD it is, how CLEAN it is, how NICE it is, among other things. Don
As the host of the web's most self-indulgent podcast (um, oxymoron much, b*tch????) I am happy to announce that this episode has everything one could possibly want when seeking out such a p'cast: it's BORING, sounds BAD, and is about NOTHING. I
I'M BACK AGAIN! For real this time!!! In this episode (first of the Fall, mama!), I hang out in Washington Square Park at NIGHT on a WEEKEND and I am APPROACHED by many strangers. I also take "a stroll" and I know at some point I talk about sto
In this short yet LONG-awaited episode, I sit on a bench in a lil park in downtown Burlington, Vermont. This hot ep comes complete with sounds of a free opera, two little boys in bucket hats, wind, bugs, and MORE! "Get on the train, honkys!"
In this SOLID episode of TTMITP, I visit Tompkins Square Park once again. It's my favorite park, what can I say!!! Anyway, I get mad for no reason, see some creeps, and ramble on about the importance of shade. If you're still listening to this
In this heavily ambient episode, I visit Forest Park in the prettiest borough of them all, QUEENS, BABY! I don't have anything really interesting to say but the sounds of the park are nice! I guess! SPOILER: Episode begins with a guy getting m
In this episode I, Clare, walk to Irving Square Park in Bushwick and "shoot the shit" with my "own damn self". The audio quality is BAD but I feel GOOD about it. Listen or eat it!!!
Long time no smell, fockers! I’ve been on THE ROAD for the last two weeks or so. This ep was recorded on said road with special guest, my MAN, Nick Naney. I think we are somewhere in New Mexico at this point. We talk about our travels, emotions
I'm back and later than ever! In this ep, I sit on the grass in Central Park by Columbus Circle and eat sushi directly into the mic on my headphones. I talk about my trip to Austin, big butts, and lord knows what else. Episodes will be every MO
In THIS eppy, I sit in Irving Square Park in (maybe??) Ridgewood, Queens. It was a really nice day and I can NOT stop talking about it! I also talk about being SAD and ANXIOUS! Depending on who you are, this episode is either "relatable" or "an
I'm LATE. This episode was recorded last Wednesday in Bowling Green Park, where I agreed to "perform" in an interactive theatre/bus tour/corporate ice breaker for a hundred bucks. The positives: I got to sit in a park. The negatives: I HAD to s
It's a BOOTYFUL Friday afternoon (for once) in New Jork Shitty, and I'm...NOT in a park? What the fu*k? Well, I was too busy to go parkin' today but I still feel the need to put this podcast out every Friday, so here we are! Are you excited? Yo
BONJOUR, BOOBS. In this "fun" episode of Talking to Meself in The Plonk I talk about layering, success (lack there of), that one guy you know whose got a real rough voice that reflects his hard-lived/very punk life, the Hare Krishna tree in Tom
I'm back after a long hiatus! Wow! In this ep, I talk about my dad dying (hence the HIATUS), a LITTLE bit o' park banter, and then we launch into my father's memorial. I recorded a few speeches from my dad's "Irish wake" that took place on St.
It's officially 2018 and I am ill-equipped for winter in The Big Asshole! I sit in, quite possibly my FAVORITE park, Tompkins Square Park, and watch skateboarders, talk about "the weather", and who knows what else! BONUS CONTENT: the last proba
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