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Who are liches? How do you pronounce the word "Svelte"? Can I create history's most ridiculous soccer team? Greg?! Want some sick dice? We now have a patreon! , feel free to pop on
Yay, verily, I return when the world is most in need. What's more amazing than a giant eagle? What's the biggest poo? Duck Duck Goose?   We now have a patreon! , feel free to pop on by and support
Uh, Chazz, I thought you said you fixed this? Yeah, it happened again. No, I didn't upload it. You said you fixed it! Damn it. Uh, probably worth skipping this one.   We now have a patreon! , feel
What did miners in Myanmar find locked in Amber? How is a brass instrument like a cephalopod? Fart Powered Octopus Snails? We now have a patreon! , feel free to pop on by and support the show *There
Are Turtles Rocks? What happens when you combine a Dinosaur, a Bat, and a Dragon? Sex Lakes? Find out on Talking with Dinosaurs!   We now have a patreon! , feel free to pop on by and support the sh
In which I return, we don't time travel, jimmy, we count, like, really badly, we look at a whole host of eldritch nightmares, pay our respects to Keith Flint, go on a rant about spy agencies, look at some more butt prints, find out which dinosa
In which I sorta gaslight you (Not cool, won't happen again), do not appreciate piggy girth, defend some big booty mammals, be a hypocrite, discover the ultimate modern killing machine, ruminate on ruminants, hear back from the big cheese (sort
In which a series of bad accents are unveiled, I forget what the episode is about, a criminally under looked god of Paleontology is criminally under looked, I battle my Arch Nemesis (again), I both remember AND forget Beef, I sell out (for the
In which we live in the future, recap a recap, develop psychic powers, say the word "Opal" too often, list EVERY good point about Australia, get the breakdown on dinosaur High School Cliques, and make essential changes to the school curriculum.
In which we discuss 2018, DON'T make a clip show, and apologize for past mistakes. Special thanks to Adam Donohue for the Logo and Segment, AlEctricity for the music (Check out his stuff at His Soundcloud ), Sarah for making this happen, and e
Not, not a very special episode! In this episode we discuss vacations, dinosaurs named after Darkseid rip offs, Squirrel Girl, Toxic Masculinity, Matt Damon's Weirdest Film, whether or not Horace exists, how to tell what a Dinosaur looks like,
A very special episode of Talking With Dinosaurs, in which I am joined by Tim Batt, host of "The Worst Idea of All Time" and "'Til Death Do Us Blart", and we discuss dinosaurs, conspiracies, how bad I am at knowing my massive family, and host o
In which I return from a prison of my own creation, despair for humanity, lick a tapir's feet, just really stuff up a joke, really just ruin it, get all inspirational, get all depressed again, then plan a couple of heists. Wow, sounds action pa
In which I pledge an unkeepable pledge, sing the praises of the unsung hero of Jurassic Park 3, write, pitch, create and release a Netflix series, only to have it immediately cancelled, discover the most unfortunate last name and place name of
In which we discuss a creature no one has ever heard of, are disappointed by a lack of aliens, discover I have a type, have questions about housemate and beans, and mercilessly mock a child doing their best.  Trascription available: https://do
In which we blow up a marital aid factory, beg for a guest spot (CALL ME, ARNIE), and talk some toot.   Special thanks to Al Ectricity ( ) for the theme song, and Adam "Hobbit" Donohue for everything.
FIXED! Now available in a quality that won't make your ears bleed.   In which I put threads in your eye, disparage mammals, discover the hidden links between the third reich and armadillos, and plan my perfect dinosaur Orgy.    Special than
In which I discuss Pterodactyls, Kitty Cats, Dinosaur Intelligence, The US Armies plan to steal my knowledge, and the 1986 New York Mets. Wait, what? Special thanks to Al Ectricity ( ) and Adam "Hobbit Und
I mean, say what you will about it, it's out there. In which I discuss New Zealand's Fair Trade Act of 1986, what seperates Deuterstomes from Protostomes (Psssst: It's the Butthole), silly made up dinosaurs, and WHY THE KID FROM JURASSIC PARK
In which I come home, really lay into paleontologists for the first time in a while, discuss disease, and really give the Flintstones what they deserve. Special Thanks to Al Ectricity ( ), Adam "Hobbit Unde
In which I return AGAIN, apologise for long running gags, find smol dinosaurs, try to avoid talking about... interspecies acts, and admit to the horrible crime of Flexitarianism. Special thanks to Al-Ectricity (
In which I return, something changes, and it turns out I can't do accents.   Talking points: My absence, Jurassic World, Evolution's lack of imagination, the Flintstones, and abusing the elderly AND horses.   Transcript:
All dinosaurs and no dinosaurs make dinosaurs dinosaur dinosaurs. This is not a... normal episode. You should definitely skip this one. It doesn't even feel like a word anymore. I think I'm broken. Please read the transcription before listenin
In which I am on painkillers, insult prestigious scientists and rail against an American "Hero". Oh, and talk about Mammohts, I guess.   Transcription available at:
In which I butcher more pronounciation, prepare you for a test, and once again commit blaphsomy. Seriously, I'm not getting into heaven.   Full transcript available:
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