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Legen - wait for it - Dary Camouflage Lephturn is singed and recovering from Painkillers Follow @Tank_Boom on Twitter and welcome @LokeenGaming to the Twitterverse! Legendary Camouflage comes to Blitz T-34-85 Rudy tier VII premium is coming soon Black Goldville has been reworked Lephturn and Lokeen both like to go to the frozen lake in new Winter Malinovka Developer Answers #11 - not prioritizing platoon indicator TD adjustments being made based on map changes and data Alexbuiltit's 7 things he'd like to see added to the game Developer diaries - Clan plans Training rooms are coming in 2.9 - we need to use them www.blitzstars.com creator is willing to build an ELO ranking system for clan battles Tell everyone to subscribe and listen to Tankboom.com
Tank Boom Episode 88 - Surprise Update Surprise World of Tanks Blitz update version 3.4 Just update the app unless you are having problems - no need to delete and reinstall Waiting on stats fix Valiant Effort bug is now fixed - but it will take a week for the Mastery bar to come back down World of Tanks Blitz update 3.4  Storage has been added - for certificates When you click on equipment and provisions you can see the effect on stats Supply level 9 for clans - comes with discounts and a clan camouflage (but it's ugly) Supply level 9 comes with 10% discount on camo resupply New map Canyon - is huge and wide open - Tier VI and up only Move together - pick a side - but not on top of each other T57 Heavy Line! Flash 24hr Shinobi sale for Cyber Monday Shinobi prints money but is not OP at all New Setting in Other - allow ammo selector to stay open - turn it on! Bug fixes Tournaments updated to show previous, current, and upcoming tournaments Detailed graphics settings added similar to PC games
84 - Finally Lube for your Wonking What we're running - Lokeen enjoying the Type 59 We need an option to leave the ammo selector open But not until AFTER we get a platoon indicator light Thank so tall of the Tank Boom! patrons! https://www.patreon.com/tankboom We also appreciate it if you leave a rating and review in iTunes! Update 3.3 - NO T57 Heavy line this update Staying away from tier VI and VII right now Lephturn is grinding the Pershing Gotta love the broken credit earning of the Chi Nu Kai BatchatBegins YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLPSzyi94IkcL_VqVjDd6Q Anon's Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIOP6DWRh05ceD3lk81ggMg XP and credit rewards for Valiant Effort http://wotblitz.com/en/news/pc-browser/news/update-33-valiant-effort/ Mines update http://wotblitz.com/en/news/pc-browser/news/mines-testing-update/ We think this will concentrate everything in the back corner Supremacy on or off? Save up some cash for upcoming bundles Got Windows 10? If you are in Canada check prices there first Tank Boom! Playlist - it's evolving:  https://itunes.apple.com/ca/playlist/tank-boom!/idpl.6a9f1fb3f1ac44a1af9703108e33faa0 Thanks to our patrons at https://www.patreon.com/TankBoom
73 - Ice Claw SomeGuyFromPitt SU-76i Iceclaw Supremacy mode - different but we don't run it much Ru 251 and it's totally broken credit burning Chi-Nu-Kai and it's uber credit earning New Falls Creek - meta is slowly developing 3.01 micro patch - merging queues No more huge waits for high tier games on KB/Mouse Skeet Shooting with Lokeen at http://mobcrush.com/Lokeen went well Having lag issues? Ping and trace login.wotblitz.com Don't complain about lag until you run a trace Network Ping Lite by mochasoft Rio Olympics and it's horrendous camo More realistic camos would be awesome Fort Despair has Olympic statues that look cool KV-5 is awesome with the new gun and amazing armor Type 59 has lost that loving feeling under -1/+1 Terrain resistance is a great buff for Type 59 and nerf for Defender Love the Rudy and Lephturn likes the Nomad Operation Blitzkrieg Tournament http://forum.wotblitz.com/index.php?/topic/56711-operation-blitzkrieg-tournament/ Out Takes The Ice Claw song
Lephturn’s back JuJu puts a price on Lokeen’s virtual head Update 3.6! Follow @Tank_Boom on Twitter! #MuteTheDead Enrichment - really expensive premiumization of tanks Over pricing too much upsets customers Some missions/games will reward chests with “stuff” in them New tank filters for French, premium, elite, anniversary, and more French line to AMX-50B added The Great Medium penetration nerf M60 penetration not nerfed - gas on the M60 dumpster fire HEAT-54 no more…  Pen nerfed across the board - meta more about heavies now? T-62A and Object 140 took amor nerf - T-62A comes out on top Lokeen has always preferred the T-62A FCM-50T Turret front and mallet buffed transmission added to German vehicles Bug fixes Competitive season play is coming Some new tier X cool cams are coming Auto-aim fixed? Chat crash bug fixed? Join the newsletter! Article submission contest coming for March Patch Notes: NEW CONTENT The enrichment feature was introduced, which allows players to increase vehicle profitability (in credits) temporarily or permanently using gold. Temporary enrichment will be available for all Tier V-X researchable vehicles, permanent enrichment—only for some Tier V-VIII vehicles. The information window was added to the game client with a detailed description of the instant upgrade. In the Storage, a tab for a new item type—containers—was added. In future, each container will include a list of items (currencies, vehicles, boosters, etc.). The player will receive random rewards from this list upon opening the container. Premium vehicles will be displayed in the Tech Tree on the upgrades screen. A new branch of French vehicles was added: Renault FT (light tank, Tier I), D1 (light tank, Tier II), D2 (medium tank, Tier III), B1 (heavy tank, Tier IV), BDR G1 B (heavy tank, Tier V), ARL 44 (heavy tank, Tier VI), AMX M4 mle. 45 (heavy tank, Tier VII), AMX 50 100 (heavy tank, Tier VIII), AMX 50 120 (heavy tank, Tier IX), AMX 50 B (heavy tank, Tier X). Every player will receive the Tier I Renault FT with a Garage slot as a gift. Camouflages and provisions (Hot Coffee and Canned Pâté) for French vehicles were also added. The Gift Store will appear in the sidebar menu, which navigates players to the webpage where they will be able to select gifts and send them to other players. BALANCE IMPROVEMENTS For the T-54 and T-62A Soviet Tier IX-X medium tanks, turret armor groups were reworked in order to reduce the armor group area in the front. Penetration and armor characteristics were rebalanced for Tier IX-X medium tanks: Tier IX Leopard Prototyp A: For the 10,5 cm L7A1 gun: The APDS-T M392 shell penetration changed from 268 to 255 The HEAT-T T384E4 shell penetration changed from 330 to 300 Centurion Mk. 7/1 For the 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A gun, the APDS L-28 shell penetration changed from 268 to 255 Т-54 For the 100 mm D-54 gun, the ZUBK4M shell penetration changed from 330 to 270 For the 100 mm D-10T2S, the ZUBK4 shell penetration changed from 330 to 270 The armor scheme of the top turret was changed Type 61 For the 105 mm Rifled Gun: The L28A1 shell penetration changed from 258 to 245 The M456 shell penetration changed from 330 to 300 Tier X E50_Ausf_M For the 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/52 Ausf. K gun: The Pzgr 40 shell penetration changed from 270 to 245 The Gr 39 H1A K shell penetration changed from 330 to 300 Leopard 1 For the 10,5 cm Bordkanone L7A3 gun: The APDS-T M392 shell penetration changed from 268 to 255 The HEAT-T T384E4 shell penetration changed from 330 to 300 FV4202 For the 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A1 gun, the APDS L-28 shell penetration changed from 268 to 255 STB-1 For the 105 mm Rifled Gun: The L28A1 shell penetration changed from 258 to 245 The M456 shell penetration changed from 330 to 300 M48A1 Patton For the 105 mm Gun M68: The APDS-T M392 shell penetration changed from 268 to 250 The HEAT-T T384E4 shell penetration changed from 330 to 300 T-62A For the 100 mm U-8TS gun: The UBR-412PB shell penetration changed from 264 to 240 The ZUBK4M shell penetration changed from 330 to 290 The turret armor scheme was changed (the front armor plate area was reduced) Object 140 For the 100 mm U-8TS gun: The UBR-412PB shell penetration changed from 264 to 240 The ZUBK4M shell penetration changed from 330 to 290 The turret armor scheme was changed (the front armor was reduced)    Protection of the FCM 50 t was improved: the front plate and gun mantlet armor was enforced: For the turret: from 120 to 150 mm For the gun mantlet: from 120 to 150 mm The transmission was added for German Tier X vehicles: E 100 Maus E 50 M Grille 15 Jg.Pz. E 100 Leopard 1 As part of the same task, the transmission for the French AMX 50 B was added. VEHICLES The physics of vehicle damage was adjusted; tracks no longer come off on hills and in pits. TOURNAMENTS Badges were added for new tournaments. Only players qualifying for tournament conditions/regulations can see them. Regular tournaments will now be displayed in tournament lists. Team search by clan name/tag was added. An option for displaying several reward items on the main tournament screen was added. Badges showing the number of unviewed tournaments were added. GENERAL FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS  An effect for tapping/clicking a group of objects (the amount, currency icon, text and background with the plus-sign button) was added to the top menu in the Garage. When players from Korea attempt to create an account, they will be navigated to a web page instead of the account creation dialog window. (KO) In the battle chat, the ability to send messages between teams under any conditions was disabled; the ability to send messages to your team after your vehicle was destroyed was disabled. This change does not apply to training rooms. New filters were added to the Garage: filters for French vehicles, Hybrid nation vehicles, elite, Premium, and enriched vehicles, as well as for vehicles celebrating their Birthday at the moment. Two new rewards were introduced: New Start Participant and New Start Champion. Both rewards belong to the Commemorative Tokens category. Camoulflage: Two new war paints dedicated to iOS and Android platforms (Look Different and Mint Candy) were added. The Breakthrough camouflage dedicated to Steam will be available for purchase again. All these camouflages will be available for purchase using gold during version 3.6. The Full Forward camouflage dedicated to the New Start season was added. It can be purchased using gold or received for completing missions. Three camouflages for Tier X vehicles were added: Invincible Rebel, Adamant Spirit and Brave Veteran for the T110E5, STB-1 and AMX 50 B, respectively. The Battle-hardened camouflage for the IS-7 will also return to the game. All these camouflages will be available for purchase using gold. Icons for consumables, equipment, ammunition, and provisions were changed. The issue where different reload time was displayed in the Garage and in battle for the same vehicle was fixed. The screen with the detailed description was added for booster packs in the Store. In Supremacy mode, sound and animation for the upcoming victory/loss will start at 800 points. Buttons for invites to a platoon and a tournament room were updated. The Clan Supply icon was changed. BUGS  The issue where players were unable to run the game client was fixed. (Win32_Steam) The price color displayed when the player doesn’t have enough gold for purchase and the price color of booster packs were fixed. Spawn point numbering was fixed for the minimap and training rooms (this bug affected tournaments as well). The issue where Zizou and Titi camouflages were unavailable for the FCM 50 t was fixed. Icon size was changed for the BT-7 art. The issue where the garland of elite status was displayed on the vehicle type icon for the IS-6 in the carousel when the tank was not elite (some top modules remained unresearched) was fixed. The transparent texture was fixed for the SU-100. The display of notifications for gold and camouflage compensation accrual was fixed. The behavior of the Back button on the change username screen was fixed. (iOS, Android) The bug where the movement effect was shown under the tracks when the vehicle remained stationary was fixed. The bug where the player was unable to switch to Sniper mode using the mouse scroll wheel was fixed. (Desktop) The Auto-aim function was fixed. (Touch) The issue where a notification that the clan had unlocked the next Supply level was absent was fixed. The issue where a platoon was dismissed and the player was navigated to the pre-battle queue at the same time, causing the loading screen to be displayed continuously, was fixed. The bug where the compensation for vehicles in gold was displayed in credits was fixed. The positions of the battle time counter, progress bars for bases and base icons in Supremacy mode were fixed. The issue where a recently purchased vehicle was displayed in the platoon window in place of the vehicle selected by the player was fixed. The display of percent signs was fixed for Turkish and Arabic localizations (TR, AR). The issue where an Automatic Fire Extinguisher was not activated when the vehicle was set on fire again 2-3 seconds before the end of the cooldown for this consumable was fixed. The issue where it took a long time to download information for the Store tabs when entering the Store after a battle was fixed. Game description and notification texts were reworked.  Different screens were reworked. General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
Light Tanks Part 2 Low tier light tanks - auto cannons and auto aim Tier III - Pz II G - It's a light tank at tier III ... it's fine. Tier IV - Luchs - Overpowered at first, after the nerfs it's a decent light with surprisingly good armor Tier V - VK 16.02 Leopard - Decent light - the evolution of the Luchs Tier VI - VK 28.01 - A real gem, great mobility, the odd bounce, excellent high pen good alpha gun Lephturn and Lokeen both love the VK 28.01 - tier VII gun, great gun handling Platooning with the VK 28.01 works very well - use speed to mutually support Tier VII - Spahpanzer SP1C - A true light - no armor great gun amazing mobility Tier VIII - Ru 251 - Fastest tank in the game - Ferrari with a gun on it 80 Kph top speed, great mobility, great for drifting Be careful not to track yourself - tracks break easily Ru 251 credit earning is horribly broken, costs a great deal to run - also like a Ferrari Ru is the king of drifting, canyon jumping, and acrobatics The # 1 mistake light tank drivers make is brawling, peek a boom, or trading shots The lightbulb means RUN! Know where your TD's firing lanes are and lure reds into their guns Passively spot early in the game - don't engage and get spotted Light tank map strategies and challenges No good reason to go bridge on old Falls Creek Out takes
Episode 65 - It's a T-30 World Congratulations to Sebastien on earning his black belt! Sign up for Battle of the Wicked http://forum.wotblitz.com/index.php?/topic/50889-battle-of-the-wicked-tournament/ Clan Warz is progressing - top teams very defensive Update 2.10 is here! Season mile stone bonus for each tank on it's 3 month anniversary New camos - sold for gold use for credits Special yellow lightning bolt camo for premium accounts Training room improvements, chat, invites, team score New higher penetration lower DPM gun options for IS-6 and KV-5 Rockfield totally reworked and it's awesome Mines rework is being tested now - it also looks good Mission choice algorithm is improved Join the stream at https://mobcrush.com/lokeen Support us at https://www.patreon.com/tankboom It's a T-30 World - a song by Blartch Out takes!
Episode 54 - Round 2 with Ruckus! Those who wish to support the podcast can now do so here: https://www.patreon.com/tankboom Do one-time or monthly donations and get some great rewards! Interview with @48ton_ruckus https://www.youtube.com/user/48tonruckus Favorite tanks How Ruckus analyzes a map and chooses a strategy Map breakdown - strategies for every map in the game Q&A Out takes!
79 - Lepred Introducing Lepred #FortMacFire survivor - and with a brand new baby Leprecan + Leopard tank = Lepred ? IS-4 line to start - bouncy castle! Most fun right now Type 62 Dragon Lepred has the need for speed Stats rehab for fun Japanese mediums are all about the good guns New Russian light line - working the MT-25 MT-25 top tracks are a downgrade - bug MT-25 auto loader is great on soft targets LTTB seems to be awesome but we are not up to it yet MT-25 Equipment Vents, Coated Optics, whatever Update 3.1 - lag/freezes issues - hot patch put in Sunday Wargaming support is reporting current issues http://forum.wotblitz.com/index.php?/topic/61070-update-31-current-issues-whats-been-fixed-and-what-were-currently-taking-a-look-at/ Accidental Type 59 alpha nerf was hotfixed back to 280 - but client still says 250 Nameless and Edelweiss - Edelweiss is a maneuverable Panther German guns ruin you for playing anything else Wargaming pushing multiple hot patches for lag issues 8 v 8 games for an hour or so - mix up with spectator mode for streamers eSports tournament is coming Yamato map is excellent - look for the rubber ducky Stats rehab for fun and not profit Customer retention The cutest out takes ever
74 - Shouldering Supremacy Blitz Games - 95% - looks like we will make it! http://wotblitz.com Armor Fundamentals http://wotblitz.com/en/news/pc-browser/news/chieftain-teaches-armor/ Clan Wars 2 getting started! http://wotblitz.com/en/news/pc-browser/news/clan-wars-II-announcement/ Type 62 - Lokeen's Secret Love http://wotblitz.com/en/news/pc-browser/Premium-Shop/type-62-bundles/ Be sure to subscribe to Lokeen's channel! https://youtu.be/eWrz4013Ejs Gamescon trade show special camo http://wotblitz.com/en/news/pc-browser/Premium-Shop/tiger-i-gamescom-skin/ Sizzling Summer discounts http://wotblitz.com/en/news/pc-browser/events/gamescom-sse/ Shouldering Supremacy Bushka's Supremacy videos https://youtu.be/5ksFLq-NuYQ Supremacy benefits: Games are faster - more XP and credits faster - faster grinding Shorter and faster waits - shorter queues More XP from capping/defending points - easier masteries Learn it now - no draws and varied gameplay means this will be the mode for competition in the future Winning in Supremacy Capture and hold more bases than the enemy Captures go fast - cap and then retreat to cover and defend Sound cues are really important for this mode The old spots don't work - the meta doesn't matter Platoon indicator! We need one Brought to you by... you! https://www.patreon.com/tankboom
Episode 85 - Biblical Proportions Update 3.3 Apple update delay Login issues for active accounts GLD broken - now slows down aiming New equipment swap - change without breaking the bank, but be sure not to sell first Valiant Effort XP bonus is crazy = masteries in a loss Leaks - very cool new premium tanks on the way M2 Medium bug was quickly fixed server side - reticle still has 3 shot clip but now works like a normal single shot. Mission screen - uncheck in garage to see unreleased tanks Subscribe to Lokeen Gaming on YouTube https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC2NCcrlCTrZDT4yolOhtZeA Brought to you by YOU at https://www.patreon.com/tankboom Listen to some Tragically Hip - https://youtu.be/Pw2krdBz7IA o7o7's Ode to -2/+2 Unicum's guide to the Super Pershing https://youtu.be/Sde9X25jz1g NSFW New Sniper Tanker medal https://twitter.com/Tank_Boom/status/795270375986839552 Tank Boom! newsletter sign up form: http://eepurl.com/b8kiJP
68 - Grille ing in the Vineyard Killing unicums for gold - the dirty dozen with xJuJu Battle of the Wicked tournament news New map Vineyards Update 2.11 Grille 15 German TD line with SomeGuyFromPitt Vineyards Updates to Oasis Palms Tweaks to spawns on Mirage Faster frame rate and no more invisible terrain blocking shots Bug fixes Out takes!
Tank Boom! Episode 92 - The Sand People are Easily Startled Lephturn is loving the M46 Patton Shout out to CalmSeasQuest and Tank_Hero_007 for the great platoons hhttps://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/world-tanks-blitz-assistant/id1047617794 Tiger 131 video from Jingles https://youtu.be/_VS1y0EX_0U Valentine II and Sentinel bundles Enough with the silly camos - let’s have some historical ones Lephturn says Apple AirPods are awesome Interview with Vikko The Tusken https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfU8rEkQJCTrFuK9DFm2bQw Vikko is grinding the Leo PTA Available to platoon indicator please Vikko loves Mines map Scott Von Lanken Memorial Fund Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement Credit Union Only way to contribute call:  303-458-6660 Main Office 700 W. 39th Ave. Denver, CO 80216 Toll Free: 1 (800) 371-7716
83 - Vampire Burrito Grinding Darkness and Light Dracula vs. Van Helsing Blow Back - The Tank Boom! Newsletter Newsletter sign up: http://eepurl.com/b8kiJP Introducing Curt Burrito Awesome Tanks day in Ottawa The history of the German E series M48 Patton rework Variability and making it work for you in Blitz What we are running this week
76 - Massive Update   Release Notes 3.1   TOURNAMENTS The main feature of the version is regular clan tournaments with prize funds. Clan members will be able to create teams and register them for tournaments. The number of teams from one clan is unlimited. Players will be able to become a team member of only their clan and only by an invite from Captain. Participation in tournaments is free of charge; the only limitation is vehicle tier. Any player will be able to see the tournament schedule and match score of a particular team. Teams are automatically dismissed after the tournament. MAPS A new map—Yamato Harbor—is ready to meet players: this time the battlefield lies in a big port with a moored Japanese Imperial battleship—Yamato. The sun is rising above an industrial district that surrounds the warship and hills stretched to the east from the port. Map reworks: Display of water and the sky was reworked in all maps. Sound of the wind was added to the maps Himmelsdorf, Mirage, and Vineyards. An unplanned bypass leading to a hill removed from the Canal map. A bypass from both teams’ respawns to the central part of the mountain was removed from the Port Bay map. Display of objects hanging in the air on maps Desert Sands and Falls Creek was fixed. Parts of the landscape with high chance of vehicle blocking were fixed. Bug with the bridge shoot-through on the Lost Temple map was fixed. TRAINING ROOMS Mines_TEST map was added: players get a chance to test the new version of Mines and provide feedback to developers before the release of the map in Random Battles. Players will be able to take a survey and leave their feedback on the WoT Blitz forum and in official communities in social networks. Adding spectators to teams was added. Spectators’ vehicles are destroyed automatically when a battle starts; spectators are able to watch one or both teams by switching between the players. Selecting the Supremacy mode was added. MISSIONS 22 new missions were added for the Supremacy mode with battle XP and credits as rewards. Bonus size and conditions of missions were changed. Several missions were removed from rotation. Missions will fill the slots depending on the type of the reward: missions in the first slot will have credits as rewards, in the second—battle or Free XP, and in the third—credits, XP, gold, and Premium days.  NEW CONTENT Tech Tree will now feature the INSTANT UPGRADE button enabling players to mount all the top modules for any researched vehicle, using gold.  Two new camos—Inferno and Shattered Ice—available for gold were added. Their cost will depend on the vehicle Tier. VEHICLES Vehicles added to the Tech Tree: A new branch of Soviet light tanks. Players will receive three new Tier VI–VIII vehicles: MT-25 (VI), LTTB (VII), and T-54 ltwt. (VIII). Premium vehicles: German medium tank Pz.Kpfw. V/IV (V) under the price of 2,400 gold; American medium tank T23E3 (VII) under the price of 4,900 gold.  Two Premium vehicles were removed from the Tech Tree: American light tank М22 Locust (III) German light tank T-15 (III) Cost of the Soviet Premium tank Valentine II (IV) was increased from 1,000 to 1,500 gold. For the German tank destroyer Nashorn (VI), cost of the 8,8 cm Pak L/56 gun research changed from 9,500 to 11,210 XP. For the German heavy tank VK 36.01 (H) (VI), cost of the 8,8 cm Kw.K. 36 L/56 gun research changed from 9,500 to 11,210 XP.  BALANCE Profitability of Tier VII and VIII vehicles was adjusted: For the Spähpanzer SP I C (VII), profitability was increased by 24%. For the Spähpanzer Ru 251 (VIII), profitability was increased by 18%; repair cost decreased by 28%. Balance for Tier VIII–X vehicles was changed: Tier VIII T34 and T34 Independence Dispersion ratio on the move/upon traverse was changed from 0.32 to 0.3. Dispersion ratio upon turret traverse was decreased from 0.2 to 0.16. Aiming time decreased from 3.4 to 3.1 s. Tier IX M46 Patton For the M46M73 turret with the 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 gun: dispersion for 100 m decreased from 0.42 to 0.4 m. For the M46T119 turret with the 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 gun: dispersion for 100 m decreased from 0.4 to 0.38 m. Tier X FV4202 Top speed increased from 40 to 50km/h. IS-7 Suspension traverse speed decreased from 25 to 23 deg/s. E 50 Ausf. M Turret hull armor increased from 185 to 250 mm. Mantlet armor increased from 185 to 250 mm. M48A1 Patton Commander's cupola was reworked; turret hull is now more sloped. Armor of the turret hull is now 177.8 across the whole surface. Mantlet armor increased from 114.3 to 177.8 mm. Armor of the back part of the hull wall increased from 50.8 to 76.2 mm. Top speed increased from 45 to 48 km/h. Guns 90 mm Gun M41 and 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 were removed:  If the 90 mm Gun M41 gun was mounted on the vehicle, it will be replaced with the 105 mm Gun M68. If the 105 mm Gun T5E1M2 gun was mounted on the vehicle, it will be replaced with the 105 mm Gun M68. If the 105 mm Gun M68 gun was mounted on the vehicle, players will receive a compensation of 45,000 XP. GENERAL FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS For the Sentinel AC I, a ramming device of a medium caliber was added. Collisions added for the Premium tank Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm. Display of elevation and traversing markers were added in battle: lighting added upon reaching extreme positions. Sequence for auto resupplying shells, consumables, ammunition, and camouflage after the battle was changed. Now the process doesn’t stop if a player doesn’t have enough gold to buy shells: consumables, ammunition, and camos are resupplied automatically for credits. Camo purchase mechanics was reworked: now a camo can be replaced with another one considering the difference in prices for resupply. Graphic settings were reworked: the Ultralow quality mode was added for objects and vehicles. BUGS Bug with unavailable camera control upon tapping the reload indicator and range finder area was fixed (for touch screen devices). Bug with buttons of commands “Affirmative!” and “Negative!” was fixed (Win10, MacOS). Bug with the app crash upon trying to edit the name/description of the created clan was fixed (Mac). Graphics quality level in Settings was changed from Manual to High by default (iOS).  Bug with the too dark color of the Tiger I was fixed. For the AT 15A: bug with the unavailable purchase and selling equipment was fixed. Bug when the player was disconnected from server after they folded the app was fixed.  Bug with the incorrect work of the counter for slot purchase for credits by the Clan Supply bonus was fixed. Bug when the notification about a vehicle Milestone appeared after the vehicle had been sold was fixed. Bug with the reloading animation error upon delayed battle entering was fixed. The Kuro More Mine tank was added to the Hunter award description. Bug when the currency for purchasing Premium shells changed after disabling/enabling auto resupply was fixed. Bug with the emblems of a legendary camo appeared on the Cromwell Berlin after it had been destroyed was fixed. Bug with incorrect display of the T1 Cunningham shield was fixed. Bug with saving battle results for less than ten battles in the Notifications tab was fixed.  Bug with the capture progress bar in the Supremacy mode didn’t fill up after the base had been captured was fixed. Bug with the slight shift of the speedometer at the beginning of the battle was fixed. Bug with no effects during the first time the initial the game screen appeared after downloading the app was fixed. Notification and description texts were fixed in the game. General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
Tank Boom! Episode 007 - Get to the Porsche News Battlefield Breakdown: Lost Temple Tank Teardown: Tiger (P)   01:00 YouTube gameplay and commentary with Lephturn and Kiser_Sosei at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Jh6f3_swn1Emo7PJ04nfA/search?query=Lephturn 02:00 Battlefield Breakdown: Lost Temple 15:00 Tank School: Using the Filter in your Garage 17:00 Tank Teardown: Tiger (P)
Episode 67 Marlajane11 FCM50T It's all about the gun Gun depression is Ok but not great Thin armor but you get some troll bounces Tier 8 is Russian heavy dominated right now The Defender is maybe too good - especially it's mobility FCM needs different spots in most maps to hide it's hugeness FCM equipment, provisions, and consumables FCM gets hit a lot, but has a great health pool Supremacy mode is coming New Blitz chat app - chat like you are in-game but Android only for now Camouflage contest winners announced - when will we see them in game? Type 3 Chi-Nu-Kai bundle - Shinobi without the ninja camo Credit exploit and the price to be paid Rockfield review The importance of spotting Spotting hills on Middleburg, Desert Sands, Dead Rail and more Zombie teams Out Take
Intro News Interview with top player Concep What grinds Concep's gears? Tips for improving your win rate Out takes!
Total Annihilation contest is coming! Get your Russian TDs ready - grind that SU-100 and get ready for the new line starting at tier VII. Update 2.8 is coming with new Russian TDs New Soviet Tank Destroyers The SU-100M1, SU-101, SU-122-54 and Object 263 arrive in Blitz. Click here for more details "Winter Malinovka" Revamped This classic map has been improved for more dynamicbattles and more action. Click here for more details Consumables Expanded and Improved Consumable slots have been expanded and you'll now be able to use "passive" Provisions. Click here for more details Support Tank Boom! https://www.patreon.com/tankboom Thank you to all our new patrons!  
Update 3.5, Ram II damage record, tier VII light tank nerfs, updated Dead Rail Lokeen sets the all-time damage record for the Ram II Lokeen wants the IS-2's dust to come from the tracks instead of the middle NEW CONTENT Boosters will be introduced. Players can receive them for completing missions or purchase booster bundles in the Store using gold. The boosters are divided into economic (Combat XP, Free XP, and Crew XP boosters) and combat (cooldown boosters) varieties. After the release of the Update, each player will receive 12 boosters (3 boosters of each type). In the Garage, players will see the booster button and "+" signs for navigating to the XP and credit exchange tabs, which were transferred to a separate screen from the Store. The Vehicles tab will be added to the Store, displaying all Premium vehicles available in the Tech Tree that haven’t been purchased by the player yet. BALANCE IMPROVEMENTS Penetration was adjusted for middle-tier light tanks so that their tactics would be based on dynamics rather than on head-on confrontations. Tier VII Spähpanzer SP I C For the 90 mm D921 F1 gun: Penetration of the OFL shell changed from 170 mm to 150 mm Penetration of the OCC shell changed from 250 mm to 190 mm For the 90 mm Mecar gun: Penetration of the Mecar AP shell changed from 180 mm to 160 mm Penetration of the Mecar HEAT shell changed from 250 mm to 200 mm For the 90 mm Mecar mit Mehrladeeinrichtung gun: Penetration of the Mecar AP shell changed from 180 mm to 160 mm Penetration of the Mecar HEAT shell changed from 250 mm to 200 mm Reload time of one shell increased from 2 s to 3.5 s Reload time of the magazine decreased from 14 s to 12.5 s LTTB For the 85 mm ZiS-S-53 gun, reload time increased from 7 s to 7.5 s For the 85 mm D-5T-85BM gun, reload time increased from 6.5 s to 7.5 s For the 85 mm D-10-85 gun: Penetration of the UBR-365KBM100 shell changed from 170 mm to 150 mm Penetration of the UBR-365PBM100 shell changed from 216 mm to 200 mm Reload time increased from 6.6 s to 7.2 s Dispersion ratio upon turret traverse changed from 0.12 to 0.1 Aiming time decreased from 2.5 s to 2.3 s T71 For the 76 mm Gun T185: Penetration of the HVAP-DS-T M331A2 shell changed from 175 mm to 160 mm Penetration of the HEAT-T M496 shell changed from 210 mm to 200 mm Reload time of the magazine decreased from 15 to 13 s Tier VIII  Spähpanzer Ru 251 For the 90 mm Rheinmetall DM1gun, penetration of the DM13shell changed from 190 mm to 180 mm MAPS The Dead Rail map was updated. The main aim was to retain gameplay familiar to players, while fixing problematic issues. The map remains the same recognizable Dead Rail: with the abundant vegetation between snow-covered rocks and hills, the railroad that divides the location into two sections, and the town in the center. However, the following changes were introduced: Tank destroyer positions were changed based on player heat map analysis. In the spawn areas, additional cover positions were added that protect vehicle sides and allow them to take an advantageous fire position. The number of railcars was reduced and their positioning was changed. Unfair shoot-through positions and dead-ends between railcars were removed. Some minor changes were introduced to the town area: the bulldozer that hindered the movement of large-tonnage tanks was removed, passages between buildings became wider, the fire area from tank destroyer positions near the red line was narrowed, and several bushes were added. In the hills area near the railroad, timings were adjusted, hill geometry was changed, vegetation became scarcer, and new fire positions were added for slower medium tanks and tank destroyers. On the way from the hills to the fields, several cover positions and bushes were added. Approaches to the field from the railroad were flattened, the number of approaches is now equal for each team, the approaches became smoother and more suitable for vehicles with low elevation angles. On the field, several hill cover positions were added, the rock in the center was enlarged and bushes were added. The heavy tank area in the hollow near the field became more even, additional cover positions were added nearby. About 60% of vegetation was removed as it hindered movement and decreased the performance of many Android devices. Terrain roughness on hill slopes that hindered firing on the move was fixed. The flag was moved further towards the railroad direction. Timings and shoot-through areas in this section were adjusted. On the Oasis Palms and Mines maps, issues with vehicles getting stuck were fixed. TOURNAMENTS A flexible prize fund and tables of rewards sorted by tournament stages were added. Now players can see what prize they can get depending on the team’s progress in the tournament. Navigation by group number was added to tournament charts. To find a particular group, the player should know its number. The Teams button display on the tournament screen was fixed. The display of intervals for team places in tournaments, invite texts for tournaments with long names, and invites from players with long names was also fixed. The issue with the incorrect display of the number of teams in the Created column was fixed. The issue with the incorrect display of the battle start time after the closure of tournament registration due to the participant limit was fixed. GENERAL FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS For iOS devices, the ability to select graphics settings higher than the device limit was restricted (iOS). A discount on Field Rations was added to clan Supply (5% discount for Supply level IX). In training rooms, a password is now requested when tapping the closed room, and the room members and selected vehicles are hidden until the player enters the password. The animation for an oncoming victory/loss in Supremacy mode was changed: it became more evident. An option for adjustment settings was added for the first battle if the player had not changed the setting before. (Android). The 30 FPS limitation for the Garage was removed (Desktop). Certificate and Commendation Token icons were updated. The cooldown animation was reworked for active consumables. For Japan, credits were divided into “purchased” and “earned”, similarly to gold on the Account screen (JA). BUGS Several models were fixed: the Cromwell Berlin (the issues with tracks moving faster than the vehicle), M7 (appearance of tracks), M5 Stuart (turret position and display of camouflage, dust effect), KV-1S (texture of the destroyed vehicle), Pz.Kpfw. V/IV (transparent textures removed). Minor bugs fixed for the TOG II*, VK 45.03, Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71, FCM 50 t models. The display of penetration areas on the T57 Heavy turret was fixed. The display of camouflages on the Löwe and the LTTB was fixed. The format of Soviet and U.S. vehicle icons was unified. For the Korean localization, the font used in bundle descriptions in the Store was changed to Core Sans. The issue with values being reset to zero when exchanging gold into credits was fixed. Bug with the in-battle vehicle markers overlapping the icons of the currently used consumables was fixed. Bug, where the VK 16.02 Leopard was not considered for the Hunter medal, was fixed. Bug with repeating notifications about adding Premium Account and other receipts was fixed. Counters for the honorary ranks, which can only be received once, were removed. Bug with authorization failure, when the Facebook account used for authorization is renamed, was fixed. Incorrect working of the reticle, when Lookout Area is enabled, was fixed. Bug, where it was possible to select an unrepaired vehicle in a training room (the Ready button was active), was fixed. Bug with the Dismiss Platoon button, when the selected player wasn’t online (the button used to be empty), was fixed. Bug, where the information about the base capture status in Encounter battles was outdated after a game reconnection, was fixed. Bug with the incorrect working of reloading, when there weren’t enough shells to fill the whole magazine, was fixed. Bug, where the wrong base marker was displayed after a vehicle was destroyed in its capture circle in the Supremacy mode, was fixed. Display of the mission texts was fixed for the Thai localization (TH). Bug, where settings of the Supremacy mode didn’t become default if all settings were reset on another tab, was fixed. Bug, where honorary ranks within a series were not displayed in battle results when the player fought in a platoon, was fixed. Bug, where using keyboard shortcuts caused interruptions in vehicle movements, was fixed (Desktop). Game description and notification texts were reworked.  Different screens were reworked. General bugs and client crashes were fixed.
Episode 80 - American Iron New rule - lose 3 = Kenny Otsu platoon! DW2 is a nice tank at tier IV these days Lokeen is loving the buffed M48 Patton No IS-2 for Lephturn - at least until they sell it again American mediums - upgrading and grinding the T-20 T-20 equipment and provisions DrFerd's WotBlitz ringtones http://forum.wotblitz.com/index.php?/topic/59561-projekt-derp-alert-blitz-ringtones/ Lag hotfixes seemed to have worked Chat defaulting to clan chat is really REALLY irritating Send contest ideas to contest@tankboom.com Introducing Tank Boom! RAW for Patrons only https://www.patreon.com/tankboom Out takes
87 - Tanksgiving Twister Blitz Twister Cup results Initial round robin - all teams 1 win 1 loss Prammo HEAT from NA - Prammo B team - beats Korea's Team ID to seed into semi finals Prammo A team goes down in 1/4s Prammo HEAT plays ID in semi finals - loses. Disconects and resets ID wins a close match to eliminate HEAT C4 vs Team ID in the finals, C4 wins it. https://youtu.be/mMHQgiN01Co Surprised how many pay on phones To win at the top level - keep guns in the game C4 was amazing at isolate and destroy Flexible and safe crossfire situations tilted the balance Maybe in the future limit # of same tank or # from one country APCR > HEAT HEAT now works properly http://tankboom.libsyn.com/tank-boom-episode-035-ammo-with-br1xt0n Prammo member identity controversy Check out Blitz on Steam http://store.steampowered.com Pz V/IV bundle is a great deal http://store.steampowered.com Get ready for Black Friday deals!
Meet excellent player and outstanding WotBlitz community member Thunderies! We discuss what's coming in the immenent update 1.7, talk about how Thunder progressed through the game initially, and how he would recommend a new player do it now. Battlefield breakdown of Rockfield and some great medium tips!   Rolling Thunder   0:50 - Introducing Thunderthies https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3om_wUZ7T0eDcuFtQm3Whg 3:30 - What is coming in 1.7? E4 line, fixes, friend list improvements? Our guesses 6:45 - Dig into the new E4 American turreted TD line coming in 1.7 Hellcat baby! 8:00 - Missions are coming soon - but when? 11:20 - Focus on overall performance instead of embracing Metal or specific processor optimization 12:30 - Replays were disabled in v 1.6. What replays? 14:35 - When is 1.7 coming out? No bet from Thunder! 16:10 - Nerfs incoming for high tier tank destroyers 18:30 - Thunderthies and his initial progress in the game + how he would do it now 22:00 - Thunder's favorite tank 27:10 - Battlefield Breakdown - Rockfield 36:15 - Medium tips 37:00 - Thanks - how to support Thunderthies - see you next time!  
Tank Boom! 97   Lephturn, Lokeen, and SomeGuyFromPitt What we're running Hockey talk Equipment choices Girls und Panzer event We got screwed on spare parts Part 2 coming shortly!
  Premium time, loyalty, and the M60 Mayan Ruins Why not a historical map? American Lights Does anyone use boosters? Lokeen and Pitt have a disagreement Limited historical tournaments would be awesome We're all still friends folks! Tank Boom! is back.
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