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Spooky Episodes with John Pirruccello
John and David are back from the Grave with fellow Animation nerd John Pirruccello to talk about some of their favorite spooky shorts and TV episodes! Join as John sits in awe at the awesome extensive knowledge of John and David, and share in all t…
TBToonz University With Amy Vorpahl
On the Season Finale of TBToonz David and John welcome Amy Vorpahl on to give her some suggestions on cartoons that aired in the US during their Childhoods since Amy grew up in Malaysia and missed out on the cartoon boom of the 90’s and the classic…
Preview | TBToonz University
David and John prepare you for this week’s college level prep course of TBToonz University, giving you the episodes to watch for the season finale with awesome special guest, Amy Vorpahl. Tune in cuz this season ends with a bang!
Batman Beyond with Justin Michael
Justin Michael joins David and John in the Batcave this week to talk about the amazingly unique show, Batman Beyond. Join them as they rebel against lame adults and make a name for themselves as the caped crime fighters of Los Angeles – or just as …
Preview | Batman Beyond!
John and David prepare you for this week’s episode with Justin Michael talking about Batman Beyond and the awesome adventures within!
Histeria! With Taylor Orci!
Taylor Orci joins us this week as we open our history books and study the insanity that was the TV show Histeria! John and David do their best to accept Big Fat Baby for his Personality and look past the Fart jokes, while Taylor helps to show how w…
Preview | Histeria!
John and David push up their glasses, and point their fingers in the air as they read from their history books and prepare you with what episodes for your final exam on the Wacky Cartoon, Hysteria!
Fairly OddParents with Clare Loughran
Clare Loughran joins David and John this week to talk about the Wacky Hijinks that make up the Fairly OddParents! Join us as we talk about all the insanity that Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy all get up to! David and Clare embrace the wild antics of the ga…
Preview | Fairly OddParents
John transforms out of his fishbowl to help and make your wishes come true, by getting you ready fo this week’s episode watching The Fairly OddParents!
Invader Zim with Abby Trott
This week John and David come to you dressed as a human and a dog to blend in with you Hoomans as we talk about Invader Zim with Abby Trott! Things get about as normal as a normal human can normally be! Tune in to sing the Doom song and hang out wi…
Preview | Invader Zim
This week John and David come to you dressed as a human and a dog to get you ready for their Invader Zim Episode with Abby Trott! Tune in to find out what to watch for this Thursday’s Episode!
Darkwing Duck Part 2 with Demi Adejuyigbe
Demi Adejuyigbe, David and John get Dangerous this week as they Dive into the Daring Duck of Danger’s Deeping Disturbing fights with Depression, Disillusion and D-Redemption? We dive into Darkwing Duck again with Demi to talk about the best episode…
Preview | Darkwing Duck Part 2
David and John Prep you on what episodes to Get Dangerous with as we dive back into the best episodes of Darkwing Duck!
Tiny Toon Adventures with Gina Ippolito
Gina Ippolito joins David and John as they dive into her favorite Episodes of Tiny Toons! Join them as they discuss the young Minor league team of characters from the Looney toon universe and as they discuss the insane level of accuracy for their p…
Preview | Tiny Toon Adventures
David and John are back together for this Minisode to Get you prepped for your next Animated Assignment! Get the Lowdown on what episodes of Tiny Toons to binge for this week’s episode with the awesome, Gina Ippolito!
Saint Seiya w/ Oscar Montoya
Oscar Montoya joins us this week to talk about his favorite cartoon growing up, Saint Seiya! David shares his feelings about Anime and his late introduction to these slickly drawn characters and fights, while John drops names of Animes that he’s wa…
Preview | Saint Seiya
David and John are finally back together for a this Minisode to tell you about a truly awesome (And their first) Anime that they Discuss on the show! Tune in as they help you prepare for the crazy awesomeness that is Saint Seiya!
Justice League Unlimited w/ Hector Navarro
Hector Navarro joins David and John and uses his superpower of Empathy to help bring them to tears as they discuss his 5 favorite (and saddest) episodes of Justice League Unlimited! Lock yourself in a dark room and Join them as they talk about the …
Preview | Justice League Unlimited
John openly weeps while recounting the episodes that they discussed on this next episode of TBToonz as Hector Navarro returns to make he and David cry like children again as they empathize with their favorite superheroes because Life is Pain Prince…
Avatar The Last Airbender w/ Winston Carter
David had never seen Avatar the Last Airbender, but that all changed when John and Winston Attacked! Join us as our guest Winston Carter comes on to talk about one of his and John’s favorite animated shows of the last decade! So Get on Appa and Str…
Preview | Avatar The Last Airbender
John dusts off his earthbending scrolls and sits down to get you all ready for this week’s episode with Winston Carter! Tune in to this episode where John slips into a sleepy madness and Visits the Great Lion Turtle! Yip Yip!
Darkwing Duck w/ Greg Nix
Let’s get Nostalgic! Greg Nix joins us to talk about the interesting history of Darkwing Duck and it’s connections (or not) to the Ducktales CineQuacktic universe! Tune in and listen to David and John try to understand this mysterious mallard!
Preview | Darkwing Duck
Let’s. Get. Dangerous! Check in with David as he lets you know which episodes of Darkwing Duck to watch in preparation for this week’s upcoming chat with Greg Nix.
Tom and Jerry w/ Marina Shifrin
Marina Shifrin Joins us to talk about how to beat someone up with a Piano, and the universal language of physical comedy! Grab some, cheese, pull up a Piano and Tune in!
Preview | Tom and Jerry
Tune in as John tries to do his best on this Minisode as he doesn’t know a fraction of the interesting things about animation that David Does, But Hey, He’s fun!
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