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There are many lies that parents tell themselves about why they have or want children. This is not an exercise in shame, it is for awareness so that our parenting and relationships with children can be the best and most pure.
Narcissism finds its roots in Greek mythology. Narcissus was a man who fell in love with his own image when it was reflected in a pool of water. In today’s terms, narcissism means to derive gratification from vanity or egotistical admiration of one’s own attributes. It is seen as a form of self-defeating pride. But I, for one completely disagree with this view of narcissism. There is nothing innately wrong with a Narcissus. Adoring one’s own reflection, deriving gratification from admiring oneself is in fact healthy. It is much healthier than being critical of oneself or striving to be self less (which is actually not possible). But our culture, which has been heavily influenced for thousands of years by biblical Christianity, recognizes self-love as vanity and ultimately as pride, which is one of the original seven sins. And so, sadly, narcissus has become the poster child not only for self-love, but also for pride. As a result, we confuse self-love with selfishness, when they are drastically different things.
At a certain point in our spiritual development, we are confronted with the fact that the very things that once liberated us are now the things that holds us prisoner. We realize that in wanting to feel better or think better, we are asking ourselves to feel and think and be different. We discover that by trying to feel better or think better, or be better, we are resisting ourselves. And then the whole game changes. We leave behind the desire for manifestation. We replace all wants for the want for oneness with ourselves. We stop wanting to heal because it no longer feels good to think that something about ourselves is broken. Instead, we begin to crave integration. The spiritual apex we begin to pursue is authenticity. Authenticity is an idea that appeals to us when we begin to live in the present moment. We fall in love with what is.
It doesn’t take a genius to see that there is so much fear around change. Most of us resist change like the plague. We would so much rather stick with what is familiar to us, even if it is causing us pain. Why is this the case?
Life, we use this word all the time. But what does it mean? What is life made of? The answer is relationships. Your life is only ever as happy as your relationships. This includes your relationship with yourself. And relationships are the heart of our expansion in this life. Expansion was the purpose for this life. Expansion is all about contrast. Wanted and unwanted. Light and dark. So, we find that relationships are the source of our greatest joy and the source of our greatest pain.
For thousands of years, duality within the universe has been like a war. Good versus evil; both sides unwilling to see itself in the other. If you are reading this article, chances are you identify more with being part of the side we call ‘good’. For thousands of years the approach that the ‘good’ took towards the ‘bad’ was that it needed to save itself from the bad. The approach it took was to separate itself from and protect itself from the bad. All the focus was placed on how to be good. If you read many of these old scripts, like the Bible, which were translated through the limited understanding of the human mind at that time, it paints the picture that there needs to be a power struggle between good and evil. It tells you how to be on one side, by separating yourself from the other.
 Self Sabotage is something that we all struggle with is it not? Teal talks about how self-sabotage is actually not self sabotage at all, but aspects of ourselves attempting to save us. Teal Swan explains that to get at the root of self sabotage we must visit and give space for the conflicting aspects within us. 
 In this episode, Teal Swan challenges your mind.  Objective truth is difficult to grasp because inherently all of us view life from a subjective truth or reality.  Objective truth can be seen as the culmination of all individual and subjective truths and perspectives. 
 What is a Spirit Mineral? These are minerals that closely match your personal vibration.  You can better understand yourself by learning and better understanding the benefits and weaknesses of your spirit mineral or crystal.
The problem with “what resonates with you” is that when something resonates with you, you are saying that it holds the same frequency as you currently do.  This implies agreement instead of discordance. And you know that discordance does not always imply that something is false or wrong..
 Hoarding and Hoarders in this episode of Ask Teal explores the psychology around Hoarding and what creates the mindset around this. Teal Swan explores the relationship between Hoarders and their things, piles and hoards. You may be surprised about what you learn about Hoarders. 
New Ask Teal Episode on Forgiveness. Teal Swan teaches that you cannot force yourself to forgive. Pain, resentment and anger are all natural parts of forgiveness and the process of letting go. You must first allow these emotions before forgiveness is possible. Watch this if you want to know how to forgive.
A poem Teal wrote about the desperation inherent to her life purpose.
Excerpt from the online Synchronization Workshop in June 2018.
Teal (with the help of fellow energy worker Kierstie Leavitt) shows the viewers how to perform a basic energy healing session. She explains to the viewers that we are part of a quantum field of energy. Energy can be likened to a blue print of physical reality, so if you change that blue print, the physical reality must follow suit. So performing energy work is like changing the blue print of the physical body. Teal then covers the basics of energy healing.
Alcoholism or Alcohol Use Disorder is the current term to describe the abuse of Alcohol or being addicted to Alcohol.  However even naming addiction to alcohol a disorder conveys a fundamental misunderstanding of this addiction.  Alcoholism is a symptom of deeper wounds originating from being out of control and feeling unsafe if your relationships.  Once we understand this deeper root, can we really get a handle on this “disorder” afflicting so many people in the world today.
All of us have something we want to succeed at. Maybe it’s winning a gold medal or a championship, maybe it’s having a relationship that is committed and loving, maybe it’s owning your own business. If you succeeded at this thing, you would consider it a win. But sometimes it seems like no matter how hard you try, you can’t succeed. So what is standing between you and this win?
Family therapists and Child therapists have known for a long time that the key to understanding children, even those who are not capable of speaking yet, is that they set you up to feel how they feel. So, however they make you feel and however you feel about them is actually an exact mirror of how you are making them feel and of how they feel about you. Today, I’m going to tell you that this dynamic does not actually end with childhood.
 Ownership of our own actions and decision making in relationships is essential. Teal Swan explains that the reason we can’t do this is due to our childhood dynamics and how we dealt with the boundaries of our parents. Most children sacrificed their own needs in order to appease their parent and unfortunately this behavior often carries through to our adult relationships. 
You have all heard the sayings: There is a fine line between love and hate. Relationships are essentially a balancing act between love and hate. Haters are just confused lovers. You have to love someone to hate them. The opposite of hate is not love, it is indifference… If you hate someone, you still care.
I’m going to start this article by just telling it like it is… People suck at relationships. Not that I blame most people for this. Relationships are the central part of life and also the hardest part of life and yet our schools teach us a minimum of 13 years of math and science and geography and history, but nothing about relationships and how to make them work.
Productivity is essentially our effectiveness when it comes to making, causing, providing or creating something. There are definite things that cause a decrease in our productivity and definite things that cause an increase in it.  Today, I’m going to share with you some of my top secrets about what makes people productive.
As most of you know I have created a process called The Completion Process. I have written a book detailing this process and how to use it in your daily life. Just like the process itself, this book is titled: The Completion Process. If you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest learning this process which is designed to heal the aspects of the past that are causing you pain in your current life. But something you don’t know and something I didn’t write about in the book is that you can also use it to amplify positive memories and therefore their positive effect on your current and future life. This process is extremely beneficial if we chronically struggle to feel positive emotions.
When you were young, you came into a society. Socialization is a must in an un-awakened society. In an un-awakened society there are collective social and cultural values. When we value one thing, we often condemn the opposite. For example, self-sacrifice may be a social value and selfishness is condemned. We deem one good and the other bad. In order to keep the social order, we socialize children, which basically means we train them to behave in a way that is acceptable to the society we live in. We indoctrinate children with our social and cultural values and reward them when they adhere to those values. We punish children when they demonstrate behavior that contradicts our social and cultural values. So as a child, if we want our needs to be met, survive in society and have a chance at feeling things like love and belonging and contribution and safety, we have one option… to adopt those values of the society we are born into and hold ourselves to them!
The throat chakra is about the discovery of your individual purity and your individual truth and then the expression of that truth and purity which you find. For the throat chakra to be in a state of health, you must not only accept but own your originality and speak your truth according to that originality. The throat chakra governs the seeking and sharing of truth. It relies on inspiration. It is also the chakra that governs listening, communication, personal integrity and personal honor.
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