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This week we are going with a classic. Mothman! If you love a good cryptid tale, then you have 100% heard of him. If not, you are about to see what all the fuss is about. This one touches on a lot of notes including aliens, local lore and consp
All aboard! We have ruined many a type of transportation on this podcast, namely planes and bridges, but for this episode we are tackling trains. This is a look at a train accident that took place in California in 2008 due to a negligent train
In honor of Pride Month, we decided to take a look into the life and assassination of Harvey Milk, the first ever openly gay man to serve in public office in the state of California. His murderer, Dan White, was your more stereotypical politici
This episode is all about Albert Einstein. First, some fun backstory of his life and accolades. Then, true to our brand, it turns terrible. Come put your own Theory of Everything to the test and find out what happened to his body parts after he
This episode is quite the BANGer. Tiff tells Scott about the 2 months leading up to and the eruption of Mt. St Helens, Washington on May 18th, 1980 and the realization after that volcanos are dangerous. Who knew?Support the show
This weeks episode is about the evolution from con man to serial killer. Just add a dash of sulfuric acid and a weapon of your choice. Join us as we learn about The Acid Bath Murders!Support the show
In order to fulfill Tiff's love for beavers, we are back on the topic, but this time they have parachutes. That's right, we are willingly about to chuck beavers out of a plane on purpose. Confused? Interested? Good, give it a listen. Support th
Whether you take the blue pill or the red pill, we will open your mind to a story of of true crime surrounding the simulation theory. This one is part Matrix, part murder, but all a mind bender. Grab your black leather and let's see how deep th
No, that title is not Scott's nickname at the pool. Instead, we are off to Africa! For this episode we are going to learn all about hippos, including a recap of an attack and the survivors crazy story. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/
A special bonus episode! Surprise, we are coming at you with an extra episode this week as a special part one about Disney. This isn't the Disney you are used to, but the story of a town called Celebration, Florida that was supposed to be the "
This pod goes out to our German listener(s?)! We will talk about Germany's most famous unsolved murder: The Hinterkaifeck Murders. Come listen as we stumble over names and make wild speculations as to what actually happened. Support the show (h
Strange and unfortunate history time! This episode is about the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 in Boston, Mass. How, you ask? Give it a listen and find out. This one is just ridiculous and still very terrible. Support the show (https://www.patreo
For this episode, we head north of the border to look into a Canadian love triangle. Newlyweds Christina and Jack, along with their very close friend Ronald, spend their honeymoon at a lakeside cabin...until tragedy strikes. This one has twists
Come learn about the weak link between the movie franchise Lake Placid and the disappearance of Mabel Smith Douglas. We also throw in some fun history about the reptilian presence in the area. This is all just one big homage to Betty White's le
After a year of podcasting we decided to make a new trailer. For our new listeners, this is what you can expect from us in each episode. For our old listeners, this is a little highlight reel from the past year. Enjoy!Support the show
We take it back to our roots with a little hometown murder this week. Anyone who is from our part of Michigan is likely familiar with  the Kip's Taco story, but we are here to spread it to the masses (sort of). Also, we apologize in advance for
With year one officially in the books, we decided to bring it back close to home for our latest episode. This one is about a lesser known piece of Detroit folklore and the way it is still relevant even today. Feel free to join in the Mardi Gras
We have arrived at the third and final part of the Dyatlov Pass Incident deep dive. Congrats?! This also marks one full year of us doing this podcast! So, thank you to all who have listened, followed and been Patrons. We appreciate you all! Oh,
In Part 2 of our series on the Dyatlov Pass Incident, we cover the findings and conditions of the party members. We discuss the location and fashion in which the hikers were found. You will notice that as we give more details, the story becomes
Episode 80! That means it is time for a deep dive. This time around we finally decided to tackle The Dyatlov Pass Incident and all the mystery and intrigue that surrounds it. This will be Part 1 of 3 (we think), and we are starting off with som
Don't worry, I can spell. This week we are talking about Trichomonas vaginalis, aka Trich. We thought it fitting to spread the love on a little venereal disease being the day after Valentine's Day and all. Enjoy...and maybe get that checked out
For this weeks pod we went festive with a little Valentine's Day history, just not the way you might assume. This one has mobsters and Tommy guns but skips the box of chocolates. It does involve some dress up though. Giggity. Support the show (
TMST went live again over on Twitch: twitch.com/tellmesomethingterrible Beaver Butt Time!! If you know, you know. If you don't, you will. This is the edited audio version for your typical podcast format. The entire video is available over on ou
For this episode we go back to the things we are most familiar with. Michigan roots and some good old fashion true crime. This is the unfortunate story of a Holland, Michigan native who is stabbed while attending Penn State University. Stay out
This episode we talk about Rob Stewarts untimely death and the series of unfortunate events that led to it. This topic piggy backs off of last week Shark Fin episode, but goes in a different direction. Give it a listen and see who you think is
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