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Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest Lucas Liu, the CEO and Co-Founder of INFINET, as they talk about his company that supports medium-sized restaurants get to know their customer’s preferences faster and more efficiently. Lucas shares how he started his company, how they get the brand out there, and how he handles common entrepreneurial challenges. For Lucas, having to make the tough calls in a business is a challenge every entrepreneur will have to face.In this episode you will learn:InfiKIOSK – Point of sale kiosk system for medium-scale restaurants.Helping businesses understand their customer’s preferences better.On getting the business out to the people.The challenge of being responsible for making the hard decisions. Have resources to your business that you can learn from and revisit.…and so much more.About Lucas Liu:Lucas’s mission, through INFI, is to supply technology for small businesses around the country that make their establishments more agile, modern, and unique. Through InfiKIOSK, they help business owners focus on quality, differentiate from their competition, reduce costs, and get their customers what they want faster.You can find Lucas Liu on:Website: LinkedIn: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest, Fredrick Kyomya, as they talk about creativity, writing, entrepreneurship, and his self-expressed reality of being an entrepreneur. Fredrick grew up loving to read books because of how his father makes him read a lot. As he grew up, listen to his journey of founding his own publishing company. Fredrick shares his insights on the generation we’re in right now wherein the apps we use and the platforms we take part in constantly put us in a state where we always have to make choices.In this episode you will learn:Growing up loving to read books and later on founding his own publishing company.Bite-sized powerful contents in books.Creativity – is not just creating.What is the hardest part of being an entrepreneur?Two things to really hold on to when being an entrepreneur.About Fredrick Kyomya:The Kyomya Group was founded by author and entrepreneur Fredrick Kyomya. Through our publishing imprint, Kyomya Publishing, we have released 13 e-books. We shall soon expand into audiobooks and print. The Creativity School, our learning platform, will be available through our app.You can find Fredrick Kyomya on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest Coach Reece Richiardi, as they talk about men, mental health, a man’s need for balanced role models, and the definition and chase for a truly successful life. For Reece, how we see our patterns is critical to our journey for success. It can determine whether we let ourselves fall into dark places or we move ourselves away from it. As a coach, coaching is not about giving advice; for him, it is about helping people see what they’re not seeing in themselves and in life.In this episode you will learn:Not going pro in Football at 18 and losing everything.“I have to get rid of this business I’ve been building to pursue mental health and coaching.”Mental health coaching men, sports organizations, and the community.The human being’s need for each other.Coaching is not giving advice – it’s helping someone find their own answer.…and so much more.About Reece Richiardi:Reece is a men's purpose and success coach. He spends his time working with men who are lost, chasing the so-called ‘successful’ life that so many crave, redefining what true success means and how we can all live a life of true meaning and purpose."You can find Reece Richiardi on:Instagram: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson with their guest Sydney Phillips, the Founder, and CEO of Zukurri, as they talk about her discipline in entrepreneurship and experience in building her own company. Sydney shares her all-time favorite book with us, which increases her productivity, and what she does that helps others not hate their work but gain excitement from even more. For her, the balance between work and life is only sustainable for a short period, but at times it still isn’t acceptable. Find out why as you tune in with us, there will be a lot to take away.In this episode you will learn:How she entered the business at 14 years old and on creating Zukurri.The value of teaming with the right people and the challenges it poses.Success and balance are subjective.On time-blocking and the benefits of doing different things. The best of your abilities help determine how far you can go. …and so much more. About Sydney Phillips:Sydney is a real estate, tech & social entrepreneur with a passion and purpose for creating the future. Her mission is to push humanity forward. She's a commercial real estate investor, developer, and disruptor changing places we live, work and play in through spatial computing (AR/VR/XR). Sydney started a small investment group supporting women, LGBTQ+, and minority founders in their entrepreneurial ventures because she wanted to see a future of wealth and prosperity that matched the outside world. Sydney is the host of The Pink Suit podcast, a children's book author, a public speaker, and this year's Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year.Her interests span from spatial computing, the open metaverse, transhumanism, brain-computer interfaces, haptics, space exploration and multi-planet habitation, 3D printing, robotics, AI, blockchain, cryptocurrency, quantum computing, commercial real estate, and creating things that push humanity forward.You can find Sydney Phillips on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest Shaily Hakimian, the Social Media Sherpa, as they speak about social media and what makes it profitable for entrepreneurs and businesses. In this episode, Shaily shows how social media helps entrepreneurs, products, or services get in touch and stay connected with its people even at times when they’re not talking about you by word-of-mouth. She believes that being present on all social media platforms also doesn’t always equate to spreading yourself too thin in so many places, as opposed to what others may think. There will be many refreshers in this episode, so make sure to take your notes and stick with us.In this episode you will learn:Leverage social media and remind people, every second, that you’re there and ready.On how she got into social media.How do you use Linkedin to drive leads into your business?The number one thing to figure out when getting into social media and starting your journey of socializing with your audience.The advantage of being on numerous social platforms for entrepreneurs.…and so much more.About Shaily Hakimian:Shaily’s social media journey started in high school when her online reality competition shows needed an online hub for activities. She ran that hub as a Myspace group, crafting her social media skills long before the term was coined.As a first-generation American of Moroccan and Iranian heritage, Shaily loves connecting with people, figuring out who they are and what they care about. The reason is why she gravitated to social media and teaching. Shaily earned her teaching degree from Indiana University and has used her skills in various capacities, including facilitating her workshops and incorporating technology into the classroom.Shaily is an optimistic person who is continuously looking for win-win opportunities for friends, students, and clients. She helps people represent themselves using social media to re-engage their social networks at scale. Everything Shaily does in life, both online and offline, is about empowering others by creating connections.You can find Shaily Hakimian on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest Julio Maria Muhorro, as they talk about empowering the minds of every entrepreneur and how we can connect to our inner energy and power. In this episode, Julio shares the story of growing up from a single mother and witnessing the social contrasts of life at such an early age. He believes that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool to ripple abundance to our surroundings and positively change our community. But to be successful, one must learn what things to let go of and where to focus a business. There will be a lot to learn from this exchange, so make sure to take notes and stay with us.In this episode you will learn:The interesting contrasts of attending a private school and going home to a poor suburb.Free will, nature or nurture, and your inner energy and potentials.How do you increase the reach of your impact?The fear of success and the things that come with it.What practices help scale up your figures?…and so much more.About Julio Maria Muhorro:Julio Maria Muhorro is the founder of Sharing Knowledge International, an e-learning platform that offers coaching packages to enable powerful personal transformations that drive business career and life fulfillment.Julio has a Degree in Agricultural Engineering and other course specializations such as Digital Marketing. Their coaching packages are in business advisory, career crafting, and transformational coaching, amongst other training, knowledge consultancy, and speaking engagement for corporate clients.In 2019, Julio was nominated as the most ascending delegate at the Global Goals Model of the UN in Kuala Lumpur, and that is how he started his journey into sustainability. They’re based in Mozambique but work with businesses all over the world.You can find Julio Maria Muhorro on:Website:úlioMuhorroLinkedin: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and guest Steve Sims, as they talk about connections, competence, and what helps mold an entrepreneur. In this episode, Steve explains which are more valuable among the two, the business or its network? Steve will help us define the limitations of the friendships we have when acting inside the borders of business or work as he shares from experience. When getting things done, he also believes it’s crucial to know what tasks we are unicorns at doing. Find out what that means as you join us all the way through.In this episode you will learn:“Most entrepreneurs are aggravated on the way things are done and design better ways to do it.”The R.O.R. – Return of relationships.Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen.Understand where you’re incompetent; avoid where you’re competent.One piece of advice from a father.…and so much more.About Steve Sims:Entrepreneur Magazine labeled Steve as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” because he developed a reputation for making the impossible possible. Steve founded the first high-end luxury concierge, through which ​he has arranged things like private dinners at the feet of Michelangelo’s “David” while being serenaded by Andrea Bocelli.​ He published a best-selling book, “Bluefishing,” documenting how he has built a business on social currency. Steve has spoken for Harvard, The Pentagon, ​and Fortune 500 Companies.​ All are coming from a young lad that was only qualified to lay bricks at a construction site. Steve has spent 20+ years falling on his face to learn the lessons you can implement into YOUR career ambitions.You can find Steve Sims on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with their guest Cody Loughlin, of The Money Talkers, and speak about the reasons why you should know your numbers, ask the hard questions, and discuss money with your kids while they're still young. With the experience of opening 14 companies, Cody shows us why you should be okay with being either right or wrong the soonest that you can – than later. He believes that there is a real-time impact in consistently reviewing financials for everything, whether personal or business. There's indeed a ton of takeaways from this episode, so make sure to join us all the way.In this episode you will learn:On acknowledging the lack of knowledge about money after multiple companies.Removing yourself from the scene and leaving the 'linchpin' image.You can't steal second when your foot's on first – the thought process of moving and not lingering in one place.On kids and credit cards.What ties your personal finance to your business finance? The vital thing to know.…and so much more.  About Cody Loughlin:Cody is an individual who loves a challenge and a problem-solving opportunity. He has a diverse background in entrepreneurship, internet marketing, management, finance, and training. Having owned multiple successful companies and working as a commercial banker, Cody appreciates both sides' perspectives and challenges to obtain success. He believes that all individuals and processes in a company have a significant impact on results.Cody's mission statement is "to receive exceptional results by consistently living by principles and values."You can find Cody Loughlin on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: YouTube: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with their guest Janis Carmena, an Amazon Seller and the founder of Ecommerce Queen Bee. In this episode, Janis talks about how from not knowing a thing about Amazon – it became her life as someone who creates and sells her products on the platform. Not putting all your eggs in one basket, she notes for beginners, is just as critical of an axiom to stick to as it is said. As Janis shares her story, she also gives weight to the significance of genuine connections within a team and how it affects a goal in the long run.In this episode you will learn:A full-time cop, discovering Amazon eCommerce and coaching entrepreneurship.Building your products with the four degrees of a brand.How important is nourishing a relationship with your manufacturer?On selling with a story to attract your target’s emotional buying motive.The experience and lessons from a failed product.…and so much more. About Janis Carmena:Janis has been a full-time police officer for 15 years until she was injured and could no longer work on the road. Not being able to work as a patrol officer anymore was a life-changing moment, and Janis decided that she needed to reinvent herself and start another that she will be able to control. With this challenge in mind, Janis discovered eCommerce. Janis began her eCommerce journey with Retail Arbitrage, and then she has launched two private label brands on Amazon, Shopify, and Clickfunnels. The difference between Janis and all the other Amazon sellers is that she is proud to tell people about her brands and the products she sells. Her first brand is #nostrawchallenge, and her second is No Trace Bags.As a trained teacher before becoming a police officer, Janis has now gone full circle and returned to her roots. She wants to help other women become Ecommerce Queen Bees and take control of their income. She is a true believer that your journey is yours alone, and she is here to help everyone who chooses to take on the eCommerce Journey.You can find Janis Carmena on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson with their guest Tyler Jefcoat, the Founder & CEO of Seller Accountant, as they speak about relationships, the courage to question, and self-awareness in a business. In this episode, Tyler emphasizes the influence of a clear-cut vision in shaping actions and achieving goals; for him, tactics can never be clear if the big picture is not. Ultimately, Tyler believes that your business needs to fit your ecosystem and serve the most important things to you.In this episode you will learn:Think like an owner and not just an employee.The partnership mindset – there is enough pie for everyone.How to uncover profit without redesigning a business model.A living that creates an impact on people is a great living.If your business is not giving you time, money, and significance – change things!…and so much more. About Tyler Jefcoat:Tyler Jefcoat is the Founder & CEO of Seller Accountant, where he exercises his passion for helping sellers maximize their businesses. Tyler provides financial coaching for sellers totaling more than $100 million per year in e-commerce sales. Tyler also leads the Sellers Roundtable, an exclusive mastermind group for seven- and eight-figure sellers. Before founding Seller Accountant, Tyler was the Co-Founder and Managing Partner for Care to Continue, a home health care company that grew from zero to 100 employees in four years.You can find Tyler Jefcoat on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and guest Evan Knox, the founder of Caffeine Marketing, as they talk about the real significant factors that make a marketing goal shine. In this episode, Evan shares his thoughts on blue and red ocean products and what role he believes a marketer needs to play to deliver. For him, an entrepreneur needs to know the things that he does not need in a venture. He also believes that it is both critical and incredibly insightful for one to focus on things that would matter beyond a lifetime. You'll be hearing from all of those and more as you tune in with us in this podcast.In this episode you will learn:Acquiring, scaling, and selling companies.What composes a revenue-growing strategy?Marketing with the StoryBrand framework.The different products and services are easy to market and scale.Entrepreneurship and life – the challenges you need to juggle together. …and so much more.About Evan Knox:Evan is the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and a small business investor. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies. As an investor, Evan helps small companies double and sometimes even triple their bottom line. Evan founded Caffeine Marketing to design a better way to help businesses create marketing that's profitable, not painful. Evan believes that your marketing should deliver results, and he understands what it feels like to be frustrated by marketing that doesn't work. Evan has helped more than 100 leaders create digital marketing that grows his client's companies.You can find Evan Knox on:Website: or can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and his guest Stephen Olmon, the man that’s building 50 businesses by 2050, as they talk about his grand plan of 50x2050, forming partnerships, and the mindset of an entrepreneur that started at a young age. Stephen shares with us a bunch of notes to take away on what entrepreneurs need to avoid and how they should go about reaching goals. Make sure you finish this at the last minute because there surely is a lot to learn.In this episode you will learn:Starting entrepreneurship young in the creative field.On how to look and where to look when forming partnerships.Weighing your priorities and identifying the ones that drive income or growth.Own 50% of success rather than 100% of a failure – The value of partnerships.Two obsessions to watch out for when entering entrepreneurship.…and so much more.About Stephen Olmon:Former KPMG strategy consultant and current serial entrepreneur, Stephen Olmon has one of the most challenging and fantastic goals for himself: build 50 companies by 2050. Some people, even prolific entrepreneurs, think it would be an impossible feat to accomplish, but Stephen is not the least bit fazed. Expanding people’s minds of what is or should be possible as an entrepreneur is another goal Stephen aspires to.Stephen began his career at KPMG, one of the Big Four accounting organizations, and excelled in the corporate world. He was also head of business development for a healthcare software company that was acquired for millions. Having significant success in a startup environment was a game-changing experience for Stephen, and pushed him to start building his own businesses. Stephen recently launched, a company designed to guide high school graduates and college students to launch their own businesses.You can find Stephen Olmon on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Clint McPherson and his guest, Dr. Steve Yacovelli of TopDog Learning Group as they talk about the importance of inclusive leadership and the difference it makes. In this episode, Steve’s years of experience and expertise in the field pours out as he tells all what he thinks are observable patterns of effective and winning leaders; all of those and so much more as you stay tuned in to this packed episode.In this episode you will learn:From Disney to launching a business during an unideal time.The 6 competencies of leaders that do great.The reasons why a business needs to be inclusive.Successful leaders are the ones who ask the questions and listen to the answers.Entrepreneurs: Know your biggest challenge, find the right resources to help you.…and so much more.About Steve Yacovelli:Dr. Steve Yacovelli has been in the leadership, learning and development, change management, and diversity and inclusion consulting space pretty much his whole career (about twenty-five years). In his consulting experience, he’s seen some leaders completely excel in their effectiveness, and some completely crash and burn due to their lack of competence in leadership skills. Steve’s desire was to help both types of leaders be more effective, through coaching, formal and informal training, and just generally being there to support their leadershippiness.A few years ago, Steve realized that the focus on specifically developing LGBTQ+ Leaders wasn’t really top of mind for many organizations. Sure, there were a few conference sessions, some random webinars, or even university-sponsored certificate programs, but nothing in a programmatic, cross-association, and at all levels within the leadership savviness scale. In short, a patchwork of effort and not necessarily a cohesive focus or movement.So, “The Gay Leadership Dude” was born. It’s Steve’s brand to “come out” and acknowledge the role he wants to take to give back to the LGBTQ+ Community: to serve as a “lightning rod” of sorts to start a movement to grow LGBTQ+ Leaders to be even more effective, in a consistent, thoughtful, and mindful manner, especially those up-and-coming Leaders within the broader movement for equality and fairness for all LGBTQ+ people and well beyond.You can find Steve Yacovelli on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees with his guest, Jennifer Thornton of 304 Coaching as they talk about talent strategy and everything about getting the right person on the team. In this episode, Jennifer shares her experience of building 304 Coaching and what she believed was the most important lesson she had to take to make her entrepreneurial life possible. Jennifer also discusses why she believes that every firm should have a talent strategy and not just depend on resumes. All of those and more as you tune in. In this episode you will learn:Growing up in the retail industry and waking up to KPIs. Provide experiences for your team, expand how they see their roles.Be honest about what work you need to get done to who you’re hiring.A leader’s role to grow and scale the team.Keeping everyone’s opinion out of your head and staying true to what you believe in.…and so much more. About Jennifer Thornton:Jennifer’s success came from her passion for developing strong talent strategies that enable business plans to come to life. The rapid growth of her consulting firm 304 Coaching has been largely due to Jennifer’s unconventional approach to building innovative workforce development solutions for companies who are facing breakthrough growth and accelerated hiring patterns.She is credentialed through the International Coaching Federation and holds certifications in several different coaching methodologies including Conversation Intelligence and Gallup Strengths.She lives in Texas with her family and three rescues. In her free time, she enjoys reading, historic preservation, remodeling her lake home and spending time with friends. You can find Jennifer Thornton on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with their guest Ashley Armstrong. Ashley is an authority when it comes to online businesses and utilizing the Amazon platform. She believes that in entrepreneurship, an individual must value his customer’s feedback the most and always examine how they approach failures. In this episode, Ashley details her experience prior to Amazon and how she handles her game. There’s a lot to learn so make sure to tune in. In this episode you will learn:Always have an exit strategy – get in and get out.How to leverage everything available and not just depend on one sale.Your customer’s word of mouth: More than its weight in gold.Working your way to good traffic organically and with ads.Entrepreneurs! How strong is your failure muscle?…and so much more. About Ashley Armstrong:Ashley's Amazon journey started when she decided to write and publish a book for her children – and a year later had 6 books and an Amazon best-seller to her name. This opened her eyes to the potential of Amazon … so she started to learn anything and everything she could about the platform and how to be a successful seller. Ashley educated herself about physical products and took every program and went to every event she could find to build up her knowledge base.Ashley invested in being mentored by the biggest names in the business and built up her own company as she went (to a value of over $1M in less than 2 years) all the while documenting the steps and best practices as she did so she could create a repeatable process.Ashley partnered with Dan Hollings, the marketer behind the success of the book/movie “The Secret”, to consult with clients, create online training, mentoring his students, and even assist in the development of software tools. It was an invaluable hands-on training experience to enable her to refine and hone her skills even further.You can find Ashley Armstrong on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson with voice actor and entrepreneur, Jodi Krangle as they talk about her years of experience with self-employment and voice acting. In this episode, Jodi talks about the difference of audio in the brand building when done genuinely and responsibly. She also discusses why and how audio branding serves as a refresher when reaching out to people in a culture where information is constantly given in bulk texts. All of those and more as you stay tuned in.In this episode you will learn:Put yourself out there, be ok with risks as an entrepreneur.Audio branding is an authentic medium to reach people.What your brand is in the words of other people.Outsourcing aids an entrepreneur’s mental health.Does an entrepreneur need to be productive all the time?About Jodi Krangle:Jodi's voiceover journey began with singing —since around the time, she started talking. (It’s still up for debate as to which she started first!) Music has always been a way her family connects. When she was little, her dad would pull out his trusty guitar and her mom would sing to her and her sister at bedtime.Fast forward to 1993. Through gaming (Dungeons and Dragons, to be exact), Jodi was introduced to “Filk” music—the music that’s played at science fiction/fantasy conventions. In 1994, she joined two friends from the fandom world to form an acoustic band called Urban Tapestry. In their time together, they’ve headlined at music conventions in Canada, the U.S., and Europe.Jodi's first voiceover work was in 1995 when she spent a year in a volunteer position with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) creating books on tape. And by tape, she means real “tape.”—reel to reel, baby. Several years later, she took the leap to venture out on her own, and boy, has it been rewarding.Jodi's done voiceover work in the healthcare, corporate, hospitality, political, and non-profit sectors, among others. No matter your specific need, know that she is a reliable partner in your business and she provides super quick turn-arounds – because she knows how fast your business moves. Jodi's number one goal is to make you look good!You can find Jodi Krangle on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Clint McPherson as he sits down with the bright minds behind Norani, Nora Mansour, and Ani Yemenidjian. Nora and Ani are best friends and business partners for 12 years now, and in this episode, they’ll be sharing everything it took to build their brand and business that overcame a ton of no’s along the way. Stay tuned as they tell their take on how you can’t always be in business with everybody, even though you generally share the same ideas, and why it is so important for respect to always play in the midst of a dynamic environment of diverse ideas.In this episode you will learn:Taking all the plunge and the risks in your early 20s – Milestones in entrepreneurship.Overcoming hardships as the core of work ethic.Making the business work + making it work for the people that matter.Business and best friends: You can’t have too many cooks in the same kitchen.Doing your own thing because you have your own prize – eyes on the prize. About Norani:What makes the Norani Swaddle different? It’s a modern take on the traditional swaddle blanket. Baby’s arms are inserted into specially-designed armholes and swaddled, and a Velcro attachment helps keep them tightly wrapped while making it difficult to undo themselves. The tight, cozy wrap reminds them of the comfort they felt when they were inside their mother’s womb, which, in turn, helps them sleep longer. Our innovative, patent-pending design is so effective, it is doctor recommended! The snugababe swaddle will keep your baby cozy, comfortable, and safe all night long, all while taking out the guesswork of how to swaddle correctly every time. And yes, that means even in the middle of the night when you’re bleary-eyed, exhausted, and need to put yourself down for a nap.You can find Norani on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and his guest Shawn Harper, former 7-year NFL player as they talk about the life of an athlete-turned-entrepreneur and winner. In this episode, Shawn shares why it takes fortitude and guts to make the right calls in pursuit and why it’s crucial to approach everything as a winner and ask the question: what is going to make you stand out as a winner? All of that and more as you stay tuned with us.In this episode you will learn:What a winner truly is: Success Mindset vs. Winner Mindset.Your belief is always grounded on your self-concept, your identity.Time is your greatest resource to capitalize on.What doesn’t get talked about often: The teams and their importance.The ability to make the hard call is the biggest challenge as an entrepreneur.About Shawn Harper:Shawn Harper is an experience packed with high energy and never a dull moment. Shawn rips phone books, rolls up frying pans, and carries humans on his back to deliver a winning keynote performance customized to fit your goals and audience. Shawn Harper knows what it feels like to encounter failures, roadblocks, and disappointments. Growing up on the south side of Columbus, Ohio, Shawn had to overcome failure, adversity, and learning disabilities. But he discovered the secrets to unlocking “The Winning Edge,” and now speaks all over the world training others to win in business and in life.When Shawn Harper steps on the stage, he unpacks strategies and techniques used by professional athletes to compete and win at the highest levels. His unique no excuses approach will leave your audience ready to win as individuals and in teams. Shawn customizes his keynote to fit your goals and audience. He has helped transform thousands of corporate environments, built leadership, trained teams, and impacted youth development in schools and programs.Shawn excites your attendees out of their chair and onto the playing field of the business of winning. He rips phone books, rolls up frying pans, and carries humans on his back to demonstrate the power of action. Your attendees will tap into the mental game of peak performance athletes, push through excuses, and set in motion their greatest potential to drive to the next level. You can find Aaron Shawn Harper on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with Doc Williams, the CEO, and Founder of Brand Factory Inc.,  to talk about his own milestones and the setbacks he had to overcome before he landed in the field of brand development. We also get to hear the strategy he uses before working with any company and one factor he looks into prior to forming his deals and collaborations.In this episode you will learn:Seeing people react to gifts and experiences - Entrepreneurship at a young age.No Code: Creating an application without codes.Doc Williams on leveling up his own business through live streaming.On helping companies with the “IT-factor” achieve it.The effect of planning and aligning actions to an entrepreneur’s journey and success.About Doc Williams:Doc got his start in digital marketing and entertainment over 10 years ago and has worked with a wide array of companies along the way, from ESPN to AppSumo and Vaynermedia.He has been a CTO and CIO in three different startups and began facilitating live streaming for brands in 2015.Since then, he’s been bringing his knowledge and expertise to a wider audience with his streaming show, Build With Me, where he builds 3 businesses in an hour with one tech tool.Doc knows firsthand the power of live streaming and building brands, and he’s here to share how you can use it to its full potential.You can find Doc Williams on:Website: can find That Entrepreneur Life on:Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with Adam Brown to talk about building a holistic digital marketing strategy. Adam is the founder and President of Sircle Media, a Social Media Strategy Firm based in New York City.  They help brands create content, monitor their engagement, grow, and scale their businesses through social media strategies. In this episode, you’ll learn:The importance of choosing the right category selection for your business.Avoid becoming complacent, have empathy, and become an offensive-minded entrepreneur.Adam dropped out of law school and years later found his way to starting his entrepreneurial journey.Getting your clients on your side, building that trust, and showing them success.You have to take a step back and understand the holistic point of view of these things in a marketing strategy.And more!About Adam Brown:He has worked in and around digital marketing since 1999 and has held various positions on both the client and vendor side. This has given him tremendous insight into how these relationships work best, which has allowed him to develop a keen understanding of what businesses really need. He takes this expertise and knowledge and applies it to his clients each day.At Sircle Media, he works with brands and businesses to help them navigate through Social Media and all of their other digital needs. The Internet is a constantly evolving medium that is nearly impossible to keep up with, especially while trying to run a business. Adam and Sircle Media help clients do both simultaneously.Adam's writing has been featured on websites such as Social Media Today and The Salesforce Marketing Cloud and he regularly teaches classes on Social Media in New York City.Specialties: Social Media, Startup Strategy, Social Strategy, SEO and SEM, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and Digital Branding You can find Adam Brown on: Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: Connect with That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with Sarah St. John to talk about building an online business on a budget and the power of podcasting. Sarah is the host of the Frugalpreneur: Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget Podcast. She shares the different tools and resources that people can use to manage a business on a budget.In this episode, you’ll learn:Applications to consider using when planning to do giveaways for your podcast.SendFox, a powerful email marketing platform made especially for creators.Sarah started her entrepreneurial journey with a photography business then transitioned to focusing more on podcasting.Podcasting is the new blogging. Every business needs a podcast.Through podcasts, it can help build our relationships with other people all around the globe.And more!About Sarah St. John:Sarah is an entrepreneur, podcaster, author, animal lover, and world traveler. She has created several startups throughout her entrepreneurial career of over a decade. Through her books, blog, and podcast, her goal is to show people how to launch and manage an online business on a budget.“It’s completely possible to start on a very low budget without hindering the odds of success.” – Chris Guillebeau.Her goal is to show you various ways to start and manage an online business on a tight budget. Many of the tools Sarah discusses in detail are the ones she uses for her own businesses, and the majority are either free or inexpensive. Sarah shows you how you can reserve most of your business budget for marketing and advertising.You can find Sarah St. John on:Website: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: https://w, with That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show (
Join Clint McPherson as he sits down with Mike Oellrich to talk about giving music artists the recognition they deserve, overcoming adversity, seizing the opportunity, and not giving up. Mike is a former failed rapper, drummer producer who really loves music. He started a platform called Drippy K Song of the Day. They find new music, play these songs, and help music artists gain fans. In this episode, you’ll learn:At a young age, Mike knew he loves music and realized his talent in it. Compared to platforms like Spotify that features more than 100 artists a day, they feature one artist for a whole day.Mike was in a band making really good music but failed due to creative differences.They don’t care what genre of music you’re in as long as your songs give them goosebumps and something they can resonate with.Mike finally found what he is good at after years of continuous struggle.And more!About Mike Oellrich:Mike is a detail-oriented, extremely hard-working individual that's well versed in many different areas that are vital to any business. He is a strong lead by example guy who works hard for you no matter the task given. His objectives are to become prominent in the areas of music and sports. Mike is gifted at recruiting, research, brand vision, marketing, social media, and big picture ideas. You can find Mike Oellrich on:Website: with That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with JJ Ramberg to talk about her journey as an entrepreneur and the latest projects she is working on.  JJ is an entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a podcast host, a television host, and a mom. She is the co-founder of the companies Goodpods and Goodshop. In this episode, you’ll learn:JJ started a new company and created a podcast application.She came from a family of entrepreneurs with a lot of different businesses.Kim Kardashian loves listening to podcasts and posted about Goodpods.How were they able to get well-known and interesting people on this app?The importance of using feedback to correct mistakes and make a product better.And more!About JJ Ramberg:The Sister:  Over the last 13 years, JJ has hosted a show for NBC News called Your Business, a podcast called Been There Built That, and a series on BBC World News called Follow the Food. JJ received her MBA from Stanford, has three kids, and partnered with her brother on Goodshop, an online coupon site that has donated more than $13 million to charity.  Sounds like it's time to kick her feet up and listen to some podcasts!You can find JJ Ramberg on:Website: with That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees as he sits down with Jaryd Krause to talk about buying established online businesses. Jaryd is the founder and CEO of Buying Online Businesses, teaching people how to buy website businesses, scale, run, and grow them. He is an online business professional, coach, mentor, and investor. In this episode, you’ll learn:Transitioning away from the life of working for someone else to becoming an entrepreneur.Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. There’s a lot of pressure and responsibilities.The background story of how he started his own website business.The important things to consider when finding the right business to buy.All problems are just opportunities in disguise requiring solutions. And more!About Jaryd Krause:Throughout my years I have gained knowledge, experiences, and great success through purchasing online businesses and teaching people how they can do the same. My mission is to teach 1,000 people how to replace their current income, quit their job, and live a lifestyle they absolutely love.You can find Jaryd Krause on:Website: Connect with That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show (
Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with Amanda Ma to talk about the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and how it can help your business succeed. Amanda is the founder and CEO of Innovate Marketing Group. She’s been an entrepreneur for fourteen years and specializes in multicultural events.In this episode, you’ll learn:Why KPIs and ROIs are needed for marketing purposesDo virtual events help scale engagements?Tips for planning a virtual eventHow to make people want to come to your eventsThe most difficult things about being an entrepreneurAnd more!About Amanda Ma:Amanda is the founder and CEO of Innovate Marketing Group. IMG is a live and virtual event agency located in Los Angeles. Some of their clients include Tik Tok, Honda, and City National Bank.Amanda's entrepreneurial journey officially started about 14 years ago and she thinks her dad had a lot to do with that because he was also an entrepreneur. She saw how hard he worked, as well as the benefits because of the formation of his hardware. Growing up, Amanda knew one day, that she also wanted to be an entrepreneur. When she was a little kid she actually tried to sell stuff at home and tried to sell dry Mango to her neighbors. Her parents would say "You know what? Other people don't eat that because it's more of an Asian thing, you know"? She didn’t care, she just made it.Amanda loves being an entrepreneur, because it's all about, coming up with fresh ideas, and every day the journey is different.You can find Amanda Ma on:Website: with That Entrepreneur Life on...Website: the show (
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Jan 23rd, 2020
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