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Should you look at your kid's phones or not?  Ahhh!  The big question today!  Listen in while I walk with you through my own opinions and experiences and give you the deets as to what is happening in the texting and social media world with our
Dr.Cecilia is a product of Self-Led Discipline and Leadership and what it looks like when applied again and again in life.  She is a pediatric dentist today and she will share what it looks like from her vantage point to see parents and familie
Life is unexpected.  Once you think you have everything grounded and you can sit down and watch for a while, there is a curveball and you have to get up and rebalance… again.   So, how can you prepare for the unexpected?  How can you build into
Do you remember the sweet innocent quizzes from the good ‘ol times? The ones that told you if this or that was the right shade of lipstick or what kind of car would be best for you? Today quizzes, like so many other things, are more personal an
Jessica is a loving, giving, hilarious human and I can’t wait for you to listen to her. While still in her 20’s she offers insight and wisdom that will move you to immediate action, warm your heart and invigorate your mind. She has worked with
When you hear the word “wellness” what comes to your mind? Has that definition changed over the years? In this episode, Nellie climbs through the web of wellness definitions in her own life and what she has discovered through her own walk and t
What if we cared just as much, if not more, about their mental state when they left the house than their physical state? What if they are leaving to play a sport, spend time with friends or even drive when their mental state is not in a good pl
It is so easy to just look at them now with our kids. What is happening today? This week? But, what happens when we have the whole picture from the beginning? Elaine Mayson is a successful woman in every way and especially in being a mom. Liste
The world is messy. I think we can all agree to that, but how can we present the world to our kids without having them leave the table with doom and gloom swarming their minds? This is a must listen to episode to help us navigate our family dis
“Set Your Kids Up For Success” is a great tagline, but what does it actually mean? What does it look like and what should you avoid?  There are 3 big NO’s and 1 big YES to accomplishing this task that I go over in today’s episode and a new tool
You are running around in a basic Tasmanian Devil like tornado of laundry, work, kid's taxi service, meal prepping, and helping the neighbor find their lost cat and your kiddo is just sitting there. When you ask them to help with something the
Professors are experts before they teach something. They go to school, get degrees and graduate in order to teach, but in parenthood, we have to teach as we are still learning. What are the 2 keys to doing this? Listen to this episode to uncove
When you are in a sport and trying to get better do you need a friend there just telling you, "good job!"? or do you need someone to guide you, refine you, protect your interests and challenge you to give birth to your unique passions, abilitie
I saw this sign... "People say all the time, 'I'd die for my children.' Okay, but would you live for them!? Actually live. Make better choices. Take better care of yourself physically and mentally. Your kids don't need you to die for them. They
In this episode, Nellie and Angela discuss how growing up surrounded by different levels and flavors of leadership affected her personal path in her life and how her own story affected her parenting decisions and journey. You will hear about th
Our future leaders are falling asleep in the herd today and the practice of critical thinking, at a time we need it most, is being lost. Definitions are being blurred and confusion is on the rise. How can we recognize this in our kids and what
Do you know what a bow and arrow has to do with parenting? Ha! Stop it! Not what you may think. Do you consider yourself an architect? Think again? Have you heard of Self-LED Discipline? Probably not. But, I promise you want this in your life f
This is the story behind the creation of The 6570 Family Project Podcast! How did it start? When did it start? WHY did it start?  We were going along in life, checking all the boxes and still feeling unchecked until a big wakeup call cracked th
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