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This is the final episode of the Action Army podcast... We laughed. We cried. We had tons of real-talk about working for yourself and trying to get more things done (in life and biz!). I can't thank you enough for being a listener of this show.
We are just one episode away from the Action Army podcast coming to an end... BUT FEAR NOT! Just because the Action Army is ending, doesn't mean you won't get your weekly podcast-fix. My wife joins me on this episode to take a look back on our
Not only does this podcast episode take you behind every curtain and velvet rope, but my wife Caroline and I share a handful of stories from the past year and a half's journey of writing my upcoming book, Do It Differently. We laugh. We cry. We
No matter what you're creating, one of the most important things you can do to succeed is to stand out from everyone else. Think of every successful person or business you revere, and there's always something unique or different about that pers
What happens when you think you're making social responsible purchasing decisions, only to find out you've actually been giving money to a company/people who are the worst offenders? IT SUCKS! Hah. In this episode I explore the VW scandal, the
If you were to pick ONE thing to focus on in business, it should be the idea that whatever you're creating is incredibly useful. Everything else is a supporting tactic to showcase the usefulness you're putting out into the world. I'd argue that
What in the world does me playing Nintendo Switch have to do with helping you take more action (and live the life you want)? Well, it's actually a pretty direct correlation. Have a listen to the episode to find out why I've been forcing myself
As a creative person, when a new idea hits you it can be all-consuming. This is both good and bad. It's good, because it means you have an idea you're excited about and could create new opportunities for you. But jumping into something new can
Piggybacking on episode 91 (3 phases of content), I wanted to explore the idea that you don't NEED social media to promote your business. I believe the majority of business owners are wasting valuable time posting on social media, when they cou
"Content" certainly seems like a buzz word these days. You have to create content! What's your content schedule? Do you have a content strategy?? Content, content, content. In this episode I thought I'd break down this large nebulous topic into
This is not a podcast episode that explains cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, no no. This episode talks about my experience and my thoughts on if you should or should NOT invest in Bitcoin. I also share my real world experience as someone who has act
I've been having some frustrations about the consistency of episodes of the Action Army podcast and then it hit me: Why am I so frustrated? I don't need to be as consistent with this podcast as I do with other, more important, things in my life
I answered written interview questions about my habits and processes and decided to turn those Qs and As into this podcast episode! Because of the awesome response my weird habits and processes received I thought it would be fun to elaborate on
You, today, could get your next paying customer if you are willing to go the extra mile and do unsolicited (and unpaid) work. Does that sound scary? Does it sound like you’re wasting your time (or could be)? On the contrary, can you flip your t
Once upon a time I focused on trying to get more fans and followers. What happened after all that work? I was left struggling to keep my business afloat. If you're running a business of any kind, you need to put your focus on customers first. H
I'm not usually big on the "5 steps..." or "12 tricks..." type headlines, but there are only so many characters in a podcast episode title! This one just made sense, and it's a process my wife Caroline and I have spent years honing. We go into
It's launch week around these parts! Caroline and I chat about what goes into launching a big project (BuyOurFuture). We discuss the good, the bad, the scary, the not-so-scary, and share stories from amazing entrepreneurs who've made huge chang
One of the things that I strive to NOT do is to sell the dream. But one of the things I'm realizing I need to do more is sell the reality. Selling the dream is selling someone unproven results. Selling the reality is selling someone actual expe
Listen, in the grand scheme of life, our email list getting attacked is not a big deal. Folks around the world are losing their homes, their livelihoods, and more. But... if you listen to the Action Army, you come around for the business chats.
This is our second update and behind the scenes look at a (free) 5-part series we created called Future Finding. In this episode we talk about how much bigger the project has become AND how much more time its taken (and why). There's a definite
The week this podcast episode went live, my wife Caroline and I launched a 5-part series called "Future Finding." The idea of the series is two-fold: #1 Create something of value that can help you break through to the next level in your busines
Not many people can say they've had the honor of being featured on The Today Show. I wanted to pull back the curtain and share my experience and some lessons learned about getting big media attention. Spoiler alert: getting press is never as am
The last time I recorded an Action Essentials episode my wife Caroline was my girlfriend Caroline. That's neat. But also, it's been way too long since we've recorded one of these segments... Get ready to take more action in your life, your bu
During a recent content audit of articles on my website (JasonDoesStuff.com) I came to a realization: My old writing sucks. But... I'm not ashamed of that. My old writing should suck. I've improved. I've spent years honing my writing craft. Dis
This episode was recorded right after finishing my sixth social media detox (which means I've successful spent 6 months OFF social media in the last 3 years!) I've watched my business grow and my mental clarity increase, and I can attribute tho
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