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Episode 144: The Second Pillar of Indomitable Self-Confidence

Released Friday, 11th June 2021
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Welcome back brothers, today we continue our month-long exploration of indomitable self-confidence. Last week I introduced you to the three pillars of indomitable self-confidence and discussed the first of these pillars, the cognition pillar. In this episode, I discuss the second pillar which is the emotion pillar. I want to remind you all about the nature of emotions. Emotions exist in the realm of form and because they come from the brain, they are tangible chemicals and send messages to the body to act. This brings us back to the universal truth, that thoughts create feelings and those feelings drive action.
Emotions exist as one of the three pillars that form indomitable self-confidence. In exploring this pillar I wish to introduce you, brothers, to the concept that you are not your feelings. It is true that feelings indeed form part of the universal truth that informs your human experience, but this does not mean you are what you feel. In no way does this mean that we should be robots. In fact, I wish to emphasize that emotions are an essential part of the human experience, if we are here on earth to do anything it is to experience life, and emotions are integral to our experiences. After all, when life is good it comes from an emotional experience where we feel good.
Our emotions are not stagnant and as our language has grown and evolved so have our feelings. This is because of the simple fact that the more we increase our vocabulary to describe things and feelings, it grows our capacity for describing the specificity of our emotions, from its variation in form to different levels of intensity. As we come to better understand that our emotions are a product of the mind it is important to remember that you cannot control the emotions of others. You need to allow them to feel whatever they need to feel. We all have the capacity to be empathetic, but to be a true empath requires deep self-knowledge. Discovering this self-knowledge is integral to indomitable self-confidence. Join us today as we continue on that journey!

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