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Episode 146: Everything is a Story

Released Friday, 25th June 2021
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In today’s episode, we wrap up the June theme of Indomitable Self-Confidence by returning to some fundamentals. I would like to remind you, brothers, of the most basic truth, which goes even deeper than the universal truth. When students approach me to discover themselves and learn about who they are and how to become the most amazing versions of themselves, I have a methodology to guide them along that path. 
What I wish to impart to you today, brothers, is that everything is a story. And the question is, where do your stories about the world and yourself exist for you? What are your convictions, what are the stories that you tell yourself about yourself, what are the stories that you tell yourself about the world? Most humans are seeking a better story, and that might be true for you also. That new story means different things to different people depending on their upbringing and conditioning. It could mean more money, a better relationship, or the safety of a stable job. Many of you already know from learning my methodology, that it’s not our circumstances that determine our feelings, it’s our cognition that does this.
In today’s episode, I wish to emphasize that the aim is not to create a new story. The true aim is recognizing that all the stories are stories, that’s the primary goal of the academy. Today I will discuss two problems many of us run into when we try to adjust our stories. The first is the problem of new stories not ‘sticking’ and the second is that stories only form a small part of the truth. We must learn to recognize that there is nothing in your life that is not a story. There is nothing that is keeping you from doing or seeing or achieving anything except for the story in your mind because the world doesn’t have stories. It only has the stories that you assign to it. 
Join me today as we delve into the nature of stories and wrap up our month of Indomitable Self-Confidence! 

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