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Episode 148: Everything Is One and Everything Is Love

Released Friday, 9th July 2021
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Welcome back to The Alpha Male Podcast! In today's episode, I cover two primary principles, thus completing the primary principle series. Two weeks ago, I created a foundation by establishing the fact that everything is a story. Everything begins here. This is the singularity. All things come from this very foundation of truth. In last week’s episode, I covered primary principle one, which is that everything is perfect. Remember, brothers, perfect means neutral. It means that all things are in balance. In our experience of duality, perfection is two opposites held together in a constantly unfolding moment.
All things exist at once in that moment and subjectivity only enters through our concept of time. By distinguishing the past from the present, we begin to experience cognitive suffering, which is what I refer to as self-imposed insanity. The present moment is the only place you can observe perfection, my brothers, literally see it, be one with it, and recognize that you were always part of it. It is only here that you can receive inspiration from the universal mind, the one mind, and come to understand the second primary principle; everything is one. We’re talking one mind, one time, one love, eternal and infinite. It is only when humans are ready to receive inspiration and creation that the individual mind accepts delivery from the one mind.
When you elevate your alpha, brother, you will return to the present moment, recognize the perfection of neutrality in that moment, and have access to the infinite oneness of thought from the universal mind that you can then use to choose the story that serves you the best. Now, I’ll remind you of the universal truth, which dictates that thoughts create emotions. As there is an infinite potential of thought, there is also an infinite potential of emotion. That brings us to the third primary principle: everything is love. Listen in as I share simple analogies to help you understand the three primary principles, the role that gratitude plays, and some practical applications for realigning yourself with your purpose!

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