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Episode 149: Transformation

Released Saturday, 17th July 2021
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Welcome back, brothers, to The Alpha Male Coach podcast. In today’s episode, I’m going to be delving into the concept of transformation and the process of inner self-discovery. I will be sharing the concept of the momentous leap and how it applies to the self, transformation, and society. First, we must remember that everything is created from an idea, that it always comes from a concept, imagination, and inspiration. However, the only way we can communicate and manifest this idea is by using spoken or written language. This is why the concept of the story is essential for communication.
Today, I’ll unpack why it is that we can only reach understanding and true communication when we meet on the same level at the same time. Listening is an art form, my brothers. When your real attention is being given to something and you are in a receptive state of mind, you can achieve understanding with clarity. Unfortunately, many of us listen through our own beta conditioning. This means we don’t listen with our belief system. Instead, we listen with prejudice through our conditioning. This causes confusion in many of us and we often turn to the beliefs of external authorities to alleviate that confusion. This is the trap that I will be addressing today, brothers, because when you repeat someone else’s ideas and somebody else’s truth, you cease to understand your own alpha state.
By appealing to external authorities, what we are really looking for is escape from confusion. When we do this, the inner authority loses significance and it is the outer systems that gain power and importance, which ultimately creates more confusion and suffering. We seek to escape through many things, like religion, work, or social activities. These are false realities. The truth is that there is no external authority. This is the transformation from the beta condition to the alpha state, the understanding is that there is nothing to seek. This is why today I will explain why there is nothing outside of you that will ever provide you with truth. I invite you to join me today as we shine a light on the metamorphic transformation that is possible for each of us and is the true evolution of our species!

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