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Episode 150: The Importance Of Presence

Released Friday, 23rd July 2021
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Today on The Alpha Male Coach Podcast we're going to talk about the importance of presence and being in the ‘now’. For many people, the past is a limiting force in their lives. Many humans are living a life where they are unconscious of how much they are allowing their past to affect them in the present. Of course, we know that the past doesn't really exist. Because it feels real, it drives that suffering so strongly. Today we are going to talk about how this illusion that creates suffering comes from the beta condition.
The past and the future are constructs of our own minds. The construct of how we imagine time has to be in a capacity to serve us when we learn from our past and set goals for our future. It can also hinder us when the beta condition escapes from the ‘now’ for an illusion of expectation around comparison or drives us into unconscious repetitive limiting beliefs.  Today I suggest that the beta condition is a function of escaping the ‘now’ and the mind can only be in the ‘now' when the alpha state is elevated. The mind wants to search backwards and forwards to make meaning and to seek for problems through the comparison of time. This is its primary function. We will discuss how this leads to the functions of escape and belief and how there is no place for the ‘not self’ in the present. Who you are not, cannot exist in the moment.
Today I will talk about the importance of being in the now and developing the skill of cognitive mastery to prevent misalignments between the mind and the moment that result in a form of suffering and escape. I will also talk about how the present moment is the doorway to self-discovery, and how we discover the truth of who we are in two forms, the conscious and unconscious self. There is no greater outcome for developing the skill of cognitive mastery than living in, existing with, expressing from, and being a part of the oneness of the present moment. Tune in today as we discuss this topic that is so important in the process of self-discovery.

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